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With the feet having to give stability to the entire body during different body movements especially for people who spend long hours standing; there is definitely no better way to cater to aching feet than a well deserved foot massage. Prepare for the foot massage well and you will be able to deliver the gentle and comforting experience of a foot massage. With the tips and techniques provided to you in this post, you will no longer wonder what is required on how to do a foot massage thus you will become a professional in your own way.

Steps on to how give a foot massage

 how to give a foot massage

Prepare well for the massage: Let the person receiving the massage sit in a very comfortable position and wash the feet in warm water for about eight to ten minutes to clean the feet well and make them soft. Washing the feet before the massage also helps the person relax and get ready for the session. You can then apply massage oil or lotion particularly designed for the feet. Hint: Pick one that does not have a very strong scent.

Start by rubbing the foot: Hold the foot in your hands and rub with pressure starting from the top going downwards to the sole. As you approach the sole use more pressure compared to the pressure you use at the top. Reverse on your way back to the top and when you reach the upper part cut down on the pressure.

Massage the heel of the foot: This area is usually hard compared to other parts of the foot so you should use heavy or at least medium pressure while massaging it. Use the thumb to make small circular motions around the heel; make several movements for exceptional results.


Apply cross-fiber friction on the heel: Place one of your thumbs on the upper part of the heel and place the other just a few inches below then push the heel up and down. As one thumb pushes the heel, let the other push downwards; this will improve circulation in the foot.

Massage the ankle area: This is an extremely delicate area so take great precaution while you apply pressure on this area. Use both hands to make circular movements around the ankle and when you are finished use finger tips with very limited pressure and rub the ankle on top.

Try ankle rotations: Hold the foot with both hands; with one hand holding at the top next to the toes and the other holding just above the ankle then begin to gently roll the foot. Turn the foot clockwise for about ten times then roll it clockwise the same number of times you used before.

Massage the arch of the foot: This is the middle part of the foot where muscles usually get strained; use a fist and directly apply pressure to the area. Keep kneading the foot with the top part of your fist by moving it forward and backward.

Move on to the toes: You have to massage each toe individually, gently pull out the toe and for each toe you massage and rub in the space between the next toes but try as much to be gentle. Use your thumb to rub at the base of each toe; keep doing this until all the toes have been massaged.

There are many other techniques you can use to massage the foot such patrissage, milking stroke, or you can better yet use an electric massager or any of the applicable massage tools to massage the foot that will make your journey on how to give a foot massage, flawless.


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