How to Get a Close Beard Shave

Anyone can shave their own beard but there is a big difference between just shaving and having a close beard shave. A close beard shave will come with a lot of irritation or razor burns if done recklessly so you must be very careful while doing it. Besides giving a very smart appearance a close beard shave also comes with a very smooth and silky skin and more importantly hair grows back at a slower rate. Try these steps to have a really close beard shave without getting razor burns.

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Check you razor:I will insist on using a manual razor because they are known for giving the closest shave. So before you go into any step of shaving, check your razor to ensure that the blades are sharp enough, if the blades are not sharp please change them first. The sharper the razor and the closer it comes to skin; the less the risk of irritations and infections.

Wet the beard: wet facial hair or a wet beard is weak and can easily be removed which means that each pass that you take will leave a smooth skin hence limiting the number passes. Either take a warm bath before the shave or rinse your face and hold a warm moist towel against your face and this will help to make your hair really soft.

Apply shaving cream: look for a good quality shaving cream, apply it on your face and wait for a few minutes. The essence is to make the beard extremely soft and wet so that the razor can smoothly glide along your skin. Shaving cream also helps to provide maximum protection to your skin thus reducing the risk of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, nicks and cuts. For best results use a shaving brush and make circular movements while applying the shaving cream at it lifts hairs up making then easier to cut.

Start shaving: It is best to shave in the direction of your hair growth. I know some people advise shaving against the direction of hair but this is very risky as you can easily cut yourself and the chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs are higher. Hold the razor in one hand and the other hand to pull the skin so that the area is very flat. Pulling the skin enables the blades to come really close to skin.

As you shave, endeavor to take short and slow strokes so that you avoid missing out some hairs. This will also prevent you from making multiple passes that cause irritation. Do not use pressure when shaving, remember the skin is very soft so if you use any pressure you will definitely cut yourself, just let the razor do what it is supposed to do.

Rinse your face with cold water: Cold water soothes the skin and closes your skin pores reducing the risk of getting infections. Dry your face by gently patting with a completely dry and clean towel.

Apply after shave lotion: Your skin has just gone through a lot of strain therefore you should apply after shave to calm it and keep it moisturized. Stay away from lotions that contain alcohol in order to prevent getting irritated.

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