How to do Shoulder Exercises| The Guide to Shoulder Workouts

Shoulder Exercise: – A shoulder has lots of exercise just like legs. Though this part of the body is ignored by many men, it contributes to every weight lifter’s looks. You can exercise your shoulder with weights or without weights. Let’s go through some good examples of shoulder exercises and see what you can do.

shoulder workouts

Dumbbell Bench Press: – This much sought after nature of  shoulder workouts is good for your arms, chest and shoulders. Type of equipment to use include; dumbbells and a bench.

  • Step 1:- Lie down flat on the bench, your back has to be relaxed and flat on the bench to prevent any injuries that might occur during the exercise. Hold one dumbbell in each hand but weights of these two dumbbells has to be the same. Dumbbells have to be vertical so that one end of the dumbbell gets in contact with the other when you lift them up.
  • Step 2:- Start moving the dumbbells up and down, but as you do this, you arms should stretch out straight as dumbbells get to the top. After, move both dumbbells together in their vertical format and make sure you don’t twist your hands. This exercise is basically targeting your shoulder even-though it will also work out those arms by default.
  • Step 3:- As you move the dumbbells down and up; control the speed of movement because when you do it so fast, you will get tired very fast without getting any benefits. Slow calculated moves will build intense pressure on the shoulders and arms hence giving you the best shoulder press.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: – Unlike the dumbbell press which requires you to lie down on the bench, this lateral rise dumbbell  shoulder exercise is too simple but very effective. It will shape out those shoulders so fast. It’s a shoulder based workout so other parts might not benefit a lot. The only equipment needed is a dumbbell.

  • Step 1:- Stand straight holding a dumbbell in each hand and your hands have to be relaxed straight while holding dumbbells. Take a deep breath before making your first move; it helps in building start-up energy. However, start with light dumbbells, as you add on weights; it will become more intensive.
  • Step 2:- Raise both hands and dumbbells upwards and as you do this; your hands have to remain straight. Both hands have to be parallel to each other as they get to your shoulder length level. Do as many reps as you can but control the speed at which your hands move. The slower the speed, the more effective the exercise will be.
  • Step 3:- Change weights and do more reps but limit yourself to the weights you can lift.


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