How to do Leg Exercises| The Guide to Leg Workouts

Upper Leg Exercises

A full body workout is very essential for your health; you need to work out each and every part of your body. So, let’s also see how you can exercise that upper leg perfectly.

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DUMBBELL FRONT SQUAT: – This nature of leg exercises can be done by both men and women; it is very effective workout for your upper legs. Target body parts for this workout include; upper legs, back, butt / hips and full body. You will use two dumbbells for this front squat.

  • Step 1:- Get into a starting position by standing straight holding a dumbbell in each hand, make sure both dumbbells have the same weight, your legs have to be straight the foot have to get flat on the ground because most of the stamina and support will come from the feet.
  • Step 2:- Start squatting, your legs have to be parted away from each other; this will give you enough support. Bend down slowly while holding the dumbbells to the shoulder; don’t remove the dumbbell from the shoulders as you move up and down. As you squat, your back will tilt to the back and your butt plus the upper leg will form a 90 degrees angle with the lower legs. Stay in that posture for a while to build some intensity and then move upwards slowly as you hold the dumbbells.
  • Step 3:- After completing the first set, you can change dumbbells and opt for heavier dumbbells. When you lift heavy dumbbells, more pressure will be exerted on your shoulders / hands and upper leg. However, the number of reps might decrease as weights increase but the effect will be great and rewarding.


BARBELL DEADLIFT: – This exercise is commonly done by men and it involves lifting heavy barbells. If this is your first time to do this exercise, I suggest you start with very small weights but the bar should be at least 10 – 20 KG. Body parts to be worked on include, the back, hips/ but, legs, thighs and full body. You will need only 1 piece of equipment and that is a barbell.


  • Step 1:- Stand straight on your feet as this will give you enough support as you lift the barbell. However, your feet have to be spread away from each other but not too wide. The barbell has to be next to the feet but on the ground and your face has to look forward not down. But make sure you start with light weights; at least these will warm up your muscles very well.
  • Step 2:- Squat down and pick up the barbell, hold it firmly but make sure your back is not over bent. Hold the barbell the same way you hold motorcycles handles; your thumb has to be wrapped around the barbell. Lift the barbell and stand straight, also your hands have to be straight; the chest has to be pumped out and the back has to be straight.
  • Step 3:- Lower the barbell by squatting again, let the barbell reach the middle of your lower leg as this will build intensive pressure on your upper leg. Move upwards slowly holding the barbell and repeat the same process for as long as you can. If the barbell feels so light, you can add on more weights and more reps. Much as this exercise works out the all body, I suggest you accompany it with a squat barbell exercise.


BODY WEIGHT SQUAT: – Sometimes you don’t have to be at the gym to stay fit, you can do some simple full body exercises from home and stay fit. If you do it right, you will work out the following parts, legs, abs, butt, thighs, and calves. This body weight squat exercise does not require any equipment; all you have to do is to lift your body up and down as we shall see in the steps below.

  • Step 1:- Get in the starting position and start by standing straight; part your feet a little bit wider (away from each other), let your hands be straight, take a deep breath and this will prepare you very well for this exercise. Wear light clothes because this exercise which involves lifting your weight, so wearing more heavy outfits will add more weight on you which will make you get tired so quickly. Make sure your back is straight and the chest has to be lifted very well.
  • Step 2:- Start with a downward phase, slowly move your upper body down, but remember this is a squat workout, it aims at exercising upper legs (thighs). So move down by pushing your butt to the back but your back will bend just a little bit, though, it has to be straight as you move down. Your stock will move inwards and your upper leg will create a 90 degree angle with your lower legs. As you get to that 90 degree position, let your hands go to the front, making another 90 degree with your upper arm. If not, you can push them straight to the front. I have also tried out this workout, during the first reps; you will not feel any pressure. I only felt some pressure on my upper leg when I reached 15 reps. Do as many reps as you can to get better results. For guys, you can hold dumbbells in your hands and fly them to the front as you go downwards and that will create more intensity and give you the best results.


LOWER LEG EXERCISE: – We have been learning how to work out that upper leg, now let’s also see what you can do to work out that lower leg part as well. Remember, you should always perform a full body workout; this will give you a balanced body shape. So let’s see what you can do.

lower leg exercises

SINGLE LEG SQUAT: – This is one of leg workouts that does not require any equipment; it is a very simple exercise which you can do at home without any instructor. Simply follow steps below:

  • Step 1:- Get into the starting position and stand straight but let your one of your foot be at the front the other at the back. With this nature of exercise, you will work our one leg at a time. But once performed as instructed, you will work out the following body parts; lower legs, thighs, butt, calves, shins and hips. One foot will be firm on the ground and the other foot to be moved will be on its toes. For example, if you want to work out the right leg, its foot is supposed to be flat on the ground. Let most of your body weight be supported by the right leg because I want that leg to get more pressure as you move up and down and then the other left leg has to be on its toes. This leg aids movements because it’s on its toes and it supports less weight.
  • Step 2:- Start moving down and up and the leg being worked on will be supporting your body weight so it requires the feet to be firm on the ground. Move the other leg to the back and let it be on its toes. Start moving down and up with your hands straight. Keep them tight on your thighs as you move downward & upwards. Do as many reps as you can and then switch to other leg but make sure the number of reps you do with the right leg equal to those done with the left leg.

BOX JUMPS: – This is a very simple lower leg exercise; it will require you to have a raised platform box. But as you jump, each and every part of your body will be worked out, so you can put this simple exercise on your full body workout list.

  • Step 1:- Start by placing a 6 x 12 strong platform box on the floor and make sure it can support your weight as you jump. Otherwise, it can break into two during your first attempt to jump. I’m sure you know how to jump so there is nothing unique with this workout. Simply jump from the floor to the platform table. Lift your body at once as you raise your hands to get you off the floor. If you’re too heavy, try to use a shorter platform box table.



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