How to do Full Body Exercises – Full Body Workouts

A full body workout/exercise will keep you healthy and at the same time balance the shape of your body. Some people think that lifting heavy weights is the only way of getting fit and healthy, that is a wrong concept because weight lifting is for muscle strength, the more weights you lift the stronger you become, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’re fit. While in the gym, you have to alternate those weights in the way you use them in order to achieve a full body workout and also skip the rope to improve on your heart rate.

If you want your body to be in perfect shape, you have to select the right exercises for your body. Don’t copy what everyone is doing in the gym; people have different intentions, so you also need to define yours. If you’re new to this field, ask a gym instructor for guidance. Explain to them your goals; this will help the instructor tailor for you the right exercising programs basing on your body profile.

If it is also your first time to exercise, you should start with simple exercises and then go for hard rock ones as time goes on. Avoid vigorous training as a beginner because you might get tempted to get that nice body similar to someone you saw in the gym. That person might have a perfect body but getting to that stage does not happen overnight. Have it in mind that they started just like you. Don’t expect miracles in the first week; be patient, persist, eat well and also rest for enough time.

Here we shall learn different full body exercises you should consider, you can do them from home, or go to the gym and get inspiration while working out.

How to do Full Body Exercises – Full Body Workouts

Full Body Workout Rules:

  • Lift Heavy Weights: – Now, most of you are shocked when you hear about heavy weights, you don’t have to lift them all the time. Start with small weights and upgrade with time. When you lift heavy weights in an extensive workout, you will rest for 2 – 3 days without lifting; this resting period will help your body repair and build its muscles. Small weights are used to warm up the body, and then heavy weights are the ones for building muscles.
  • Do one Exercise for Each Muscle: – When you go to a standard gym, you will find different equipment’s for specific body parts. To get better results, you should always exercise one part of the body at a time. For example, you can dedicate 30 minutes of extensive workout for each body part, if you want to start with legs, do squats for 30 minutes, if you want to pump the chest, try a bench press and so much more. This means in 1 hour you work out 2 different parts.
  • Keep track of your progress: – It’s important to keep take note of your performance while exercising. An activity tracker will do a good job here because it records your activities over time and will provide you with feedback on your performance. This tracker will track your activity while you take the stair, walk around the house, do your full body workout and as you sleep. All you have to do is simply put it in your pocket and your will have all the records when you need them.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep-Tracker


  • Monitor your heart; – There is no other gadget that will do you good service here than the heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor like the one below comes with a heart rate sensor strap that will ensure that you get the most accurate results. The results should portray a picture of the impact of different exercises to your heart. It is imperative to monitor the heart rate so it stays within the acceptable limits to avoid any damage to the heart and the entire body.



Polar-RS300x Heart-Rate Monitor


  • Keep it brief: Much as you want to get quick results, it is not good to over work your body, it is better to keep your workouts brief, do a little bit of hard work but limit the hours.
  • Rest For 2 Days without Exercising: – Over exercising your body is not good. Experts in fitness advice you to take a break from the gym after an extensive full body workout for about two days. During these two days, your muscles will start will undergo repair. You need to rest for enough time and at the same time eat nutritious foods which support muscle growth. However, during the resting period, you can warm-up the muscles a little bit by skipping a rope, have an evening walk, jogging which will ensure that your cardiovascular system works better.

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy: If you burn out during the exercise session, you can boost your energy and keep on going. Intensive training brings the best results, so don’t feel sorry for yourself, no pain no gain.  This 5-hour Energy drink is sugar free; it’s packed with Vitamin B and all essential nutrients. When you drink it during an exercise session, your energy levels will go up.  


Samples of How to do Full Body Workouts:

Before working on any specific part of your body, you need to fix your strength. We shall cover different exercises for each body part in this post, but if you have no strength, you might fail to do them.


  • Squats: You can do this  full body exercise while at home or at the gym. If you’re at home, there is a possibility of not having a dumbbell or metal bar, so you can make squats by stretching your hands straight, let your head look forward and your legs should make an (L) In brief, your body will make a shape like that of a chair. This is a free style squatting method; you don’t hold anything, just hold your breath and start squatting. However, don’t over stretch your back, it might hurt. As you slightly lower down your body, pause for a few seconds and then rise up again, you might feel some little pain, but that is normal, keep on repeating the process until you feel worked out. Rest for a few minutes and do more 3 sets.


If you go to the gym, use some weights while squatting. However, get weights that seem comfortable to you, because squatting works on the all body, so lifting a heavy weight will put a lot of pressure on the back bone and the rest of the body while working on several parts on your body.


Bowflex SelectTech-552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech-552 Adjustable Dumbbells


Start with small weights, for example, the bar might be 10Kgs, put two 15Kgs weights on each side of the bar, and then hold the bar from the shoulder. Before squatting, separate your legs just a little bit, and then start squatting slowly, make sure your feet is flat on the ground and the chest moves forward as you squat, this reduces on the pressure the weight is inserting on your back. Do 3 reps and then add on more weights, but the more weights you add on the bar, the lesser reps you do. You might need someone to stand behind you so that they assist you when things don’t seem fine.

This exercise will target your legs among other body parts and for more information on how to do  leg exercises, click here….


  • Push-Ups:


This is a classic traditional full body workout. Unlike squatting, push-ups can be used to exercise particular body parts, so let’s see what you can do to get a total body workout by trying different techniques of push ups.


(a) The Wide-Grip Pump Technique: This style is a chest workout/ exercise. Simply lie down flat on the floor spread your legs a little bit wider than the shoulder length. When you do this, the chest will be forced to lift you up from the ground. Start pushing your body up and down, you can start with a few reps and increase as you gain momentum. For more tips on how to do chest exercises, click here…….


(b) The Narrow-Grip Technique: – This is the opposite of the above technique and it’s an arm exercise or workout. Instead of widening your legs, bring them closer but keep them a few inches apart. It is a classic push-up style which everyone does; there is nothing special about it. With this technique, you will be working on the arms and triceps in particular. For more ideas on how to do arm exercises click here….


(c) The T-pushup Technique: – This is a full body workout technique; trust me, if you try it out once in a day, by the end of the month, your body will be in a cool posture. It’s not that easy, but practice makes perfect. First, do a normal push-up, both hands and legs on the floor and body pushed up. Now, take the one hand off the ground and stretch it straight up in the air, your body will make a ”T-shape’’; make sure your eyes are focusing on the raised hand. It is better to switch hands on each rep you make. This exercise is good for the shoulders among other body parts but to get more information on how to  do  shoulder exercises, click here…


(d) The Single Leg Pushup: – It’s quite intensive but much simpler compared to the ”T-push up”. In this case, you will put both legs and hands on the floor just like a normal push up. Now lift one leg up but keep it straight, look at the front and start pushing up and down, supporting your body with one leg and two hands.

  • Lying Leg Raise: If you want to have a perfect and full body workout, this type of exercise should become a routine. Every gym instructor recommends this nature of exercise; it’s the best workout for abs (lower abs). You can do it either from the floor or bench. Let’s see how you can do it perfectly. For more tips on how to do ab exercises click here….

Adidas Flat-Bench


No Bench: – Lay flat on the floor and bring both legs together and straight. Stretch your hands straight and put them on the floor too. Then lift both legs up while they’re attached to each other, bring them straight to create 90 degree angle. Now, low them back, but do it slowly and make sure they don’t reach the ground, as you do this, you will feel intense pressure around on your stomach and will exercise your abs and back among other body parts, don’t give up, do more reps, but make sure the back is pressed flat onto the floor.  Using the floor does not mean you have to lie on the bare floor. You may use a mat like the one provided below. This exercise will also be go for the back area so to get more information on how to  do back  exercises, click here…


Gaiam Print Yoga Mats



  • Bicycle: This is my favorite full body workout technique, its great when you want to get abs. Simply lie down on the floor, keep your legs straight and let your hands hold the head from the back. Bend a little bit, but keep the back on the floor. Now start twisting the legs to different directions, bring them towards the head.


  • Full Plank Hold: At first it might seem simple, but the longer you hold, the more intensive it becomes.

Get into a normal push-up position: When you get into this position, bend your elbows to form a 90 degree. You will feel a lot of pressure exerted onto your hands, but to avoid injuring the elbows, make sure they are directly beneath the shoulders; also the body has to be straight. If you have a timer, it will be of great use at this moment, set the timer and hold onto this position for as long as you can. Parts worked on will include shoulders, arms and the core.


How to Improve Your Plunk?

I have also tried out this exercise, but at my first attempt, I did only 15 minutes, on my second attempt I managed to hold for at least 30 minutes. I guess the only way you can improve on this plunk is to persist, don’t give up, keep on trying and also learn to hold more air. Once you learn how to hold for long, the back will get used to the position. I think this exercise can relieve back pain.


Using Weights:

You should only add weights to your back after getting used to this exercise. Start with small weights and see how it goes, if you can still hold the position, ask someone to add another weight, but don’t exceed 15kgs, you might injure the back bone. When you add weights to your back and hold for a longer time, your Abs will form better.


Full body workouts  provided on Exercise DVD sets

Listed above are just a few of the full body workouts available out there. Some fitness experts have devised means to get your much need exercises by providing exercise DVD’s, like the one below that I encourage you to check out.

Zumba Fitness Total-Body and Transformation-System DVD Set

Zumba Fitness Total-Body and Transformation-System DVD Set


What Are The Benefits Of A Full-Body Workout?

  • Good Body Shape: If you want to have a well-shaped body, exercise each part accordingly. Don’t concentrate on one part only. I guess you have seen men with wide chests and big arms, yet when you look at their lower part, they look more like a pencil. To avoid such wired body shapes, you need to perform various exercises; you can give each body part at least 30 minutes of exercise. I know this will burn you out but the results after this type of workout are tremendous. On this list, I have featured different types of full body workouts you can try. Good enough most of them don’t require you to go to the gym and you can do them from home.
  • Improves General Health: A 60 minute squat exercise will improve on your cardiovascular system and contribute to the well being of other body systems. For example, some critical illness cases result from poor cardiovascular system which could likely be caused by lack of sufficient exercise or activity in one’s life. When you exercise the whole body, your blood flow increases and as a result will improve on your cardio system.
  • Whole Body Fitness: When you do a full body workout, the entire body gets the exercise it needs and consequently the whole body will be fit. You will not experience weakness in one part and strength in another because you would have worked out the full body.


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