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Chest exercises are commonly done by men, very few ladies work out this part, but as a lady, you can do simple chest workouts/exercises for the sake of getting fit, and then for the men; you have to balance your body weight. I say this because many guys concentrate on their chest muscles and ignore other parts of the body. To me this is completely wrong because working out your chest only will make you look bigger at the top and very small at the bottom. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and see some of the best chest exercises you should opt for.

chest exercises

Push-Ups:- This is a very simple intensive exercise for your chest, it is very effective and it can be done by both men and women. Parts to be exercised include arms, shoulders and chest. The good thing with this type of chest workout is that you will not need equipment, though, if you do pushups from the gym, you might need to put a few weights at the back just to increase on the intensity of the exercise. You should use very heavy weight because your back might get injured. Push-ups are basics to working out but I will not assume that everyone knows how to do them. So let’s go through some essential steps and see how you can work out the chest perfectly.

  • Step 1:- Get into the starting position by putting your body flat on the floor, lift your hands so that the body is raised up, your fingers should be firmly on the ground and this will give you enough support as you move your body up and down. But as you raise your chest up; your legs have to be parallel to the back and butt. Your feet should be on the ground and the face has to look down. Make sure your legs are brought together; this will give you enough stability as you move the body up and down.

NOTE: – People with too much weight might do fewer push-ups especially when don’t run. Their bodies are too heavy for their bones, so if weight a lot and fail to make more than 10 push-ups; include jogging on your exercise chat, mix both exercises to get better results.

  • Step 2:- Start pushing your body up and down, don’t rush, you will get tired so first. The best option is to take things slowly; that gradual up & down movement causes intensity and it will put enough pressure on your chest and abs. As you make the movements, your back, legs, hips, and butt, should be left straight because once you bend them; the all exercise will be messed up. If this is your first time to do push-ups; start with a few times and increase on the number of push-ups with time. Personally, I do between 30 – 50 push-ups, but I know of guys in the gym who do 100 push-ups nonstop.


Standing Cable Flyers: This chest exercise is very effective on the chest, but it’s better for men because it outlines the chest very well. However, you can only do it in the gym because it requires selectorized equipment and this comes at a price. Most advanced gyms have this selectorized equipment and paying for membership is not that expensive. A standing cable flyer exercise will work out only one part and that is the chest. You will do it while standing but I will explain in detail below. With this type of workout, two types of equipment are needed and these include; weight machines & selectorized machine. Now, let’s see what you can do to get a better chest using this program;

  • Step 1:- A Selectorized machine uses weights at the back; these can be set to different levels. The higher the level, the more intensity it gets. But as a beginner, I suggest you start at level 2 and this will take up only two weights. The intensity won’t be that serious but these small weights will warm up your muscles and chest. Never make a mistake of starting with heavy weights; this can harm your back. Now after setting the right level, you can stand between the selectorized machine and the cable with your hands, one cable will be in the left hand and the other cable will be in the right hand. Before pulling the weights, you have to put one leg at the front and the other at the back, this will give you enough support and it will also reduce on pressure at the back.
  • Step 2: After getting the right posture with both cables in your hand; start lifting the weights using both hands. Pull the cables to the front slowly and pull them back slowly but make sure your hands don’t go behind the armpit and when you pull them to the front, they have to be parallel to your chest. When you pull and press your hands together, your chest will be folded in the middle. This pulls it together and makes chest muscles firm.


Lying Dumbbell Pec Fly: – I always do this exercise after a bench press like I was once told by my trainer and that it’s one of those effective sets for working out a chest. So after lifting some 100 KGs on a bench press, I get down to a dumbbell pec fly. In most cases, I start with 8kg, even though I was lifting 100kg on the bench press. I start small because this is a new exercise even-though it works out the same muscle. When you do a lying dumbbell pec fly, you will be working out two body parts and these include the chest & shoulders. Equipments needed for this particular workout include; dumbbells and a bench.


  • Step 1:- Set the bench so that it’s flat. Most advanced workout benches can be adjusted to different lengths. For example, the bench I use to make a half bench press is the same bench I use to make this lying dumbbell pec fly. It has adjustment settings at the bottom which you can use to make it flat.
  • Step 2:- Lie down on your back on the flat bench, you will need should be on the ground, if not, you can raise them off the ground using a raised platform, however, this is optional. Your back has to be flat and straight on the bench, this will protect your spine from injuries. Ask the gym instructor to hand you two dumbbells, hold one in each hand. But make sure they’re of the same weight and the weight should be easy to lift. Don’t worry about the intensity; this will build up as you do many reps.
  • Step 3:- After holding the dumbbells, pull your hand up; they have to be vertical but in the same level with the chest. Remember, you’re going to fly those dumbbells up and down, so your hands should not go below your shoulders. Push both dumbbells upwards, your hands should be straight as they go up and down, but once they reach up; bring them close to each other so that the dumbbells interact. After the separate the dumbbells by flying them down. Remember to be slow when moving dumbbells up and down; this will create enough pressure on your arms and chest.

Stability Ball Dumbbell Fly: – It is very rare to find men in the gym using stability balls because it’s mostly ladies who use these balls. So I will dedicate this stability ball dumbbell fly exercise to ladies. It works two body parts and these include; abs and the chest and then for the equipment needed include; dumbbells and a stability ball which you can easily buy from Amazon.

  • Step 1:- You will start by sitting on stability ball holding two dumbbells in your hands; by this I mean one dumbbell in each hand. Your feet will be the ground, the same way you sit on a chair. After that, start moving your feet to the front and this will push away your butt from the ball. Keep on moving your feet until the upper back rests on the ball. Your knees have to be well bent to form a 90 degree with your thighs plus the torso and feet have to be firmly on the ground. This will distribute weight all over the body and give you enough stamina for this particular exercise.
  • Step 2:- Now pull both shoulders to the back as you hold the dumbbells next to the chest. Make sure the weight of the dumbbells is relative, not too heavy or to light. Breathe in and take your first push; lift the dumbbells upwards and make your hands straight but these dumbbells should interact with each other once they get to the top. After that separate your hand and push them down, but don’t be too fast; you will get tired very quickly and results will not be that promising. Repeat the whole process again; push dumbbells up and down as your upper back rests on the stability ball.



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