How to do Butt & Hip Exercises| The Guide to Hip and Butt Workouts

Your butt and hip also have to be exercised preferably on a weekly basis. This workout is for both men and women, it helps shape your butt and hip firmly. Men and women don’t look nice with big butts that are just flabby, so they all have to take this exercise very seriously. Now let’s get down to business and see what you all have to do to get that but / hip in shape.

hip and butt workouts

Downward Facing Dog: – This is a very simple hip and butt workout/exercise which you can do while at home. It’s a 20 – 30 minutes exercise, so you can do it after jogging or after an extensive exercise. Target body parts will include: butt & hips, arms, legs and the all body. There is no equipment needed to perform this type of exercise, so let’s see what you exactly need to do.


  • Step 1:- Get down to the starting position, put both your hands and legs on the floor the same way you would have done when doing press ups. Stretch your legs very well so that they align with the back and the face should look down. Firmly press your hands on the ground because you will get most of the support from your hands and feet.


  • Step 2:- Start moving inwards , your head will move inward and your butt will be pushed upwards, a 45 degree will be formed when you move inwards, but make sure your back remains straight while in the 45 degree angle, avoid bending your back, it might get some serious injuries. Do as many reps as you can to increase intensity and pressure on your but& hips. I have also tried this exercise; I felt some pressure on my stomach so I guess it also works out the Abs.



Cobra: I’m sure we all know a Cobra (that is a snake), so with that in mind, as one of hip and butt exercises this one will require you to try to move your body like a snake. No equipment is needed when performing this type of workout, but you’re required to be concentrate and focused to what you’re doing. I have tried this exercise; it works Abs, back and the butt because as you pull your chest upward most pressure is exerted on the butt / stomach and the back.


  • Step 1:- Lie down flat on the floor / mat; both hands should be positioned under your shoulders just like you do when doing press ups. Your legs have to be straight and toes will be pointed to the ground.


  • Step 2:– Start with the upward phase by moving your chest up, inhale some air and let the back & arms give you support as you push up the chest. Only your chest and back will move but the butt, legs and feet will stay in one position. If you feel some pain at the back, do a few reps, at a time, until your back gets used. Move your chest up and down, your arms should remain in a 45 degree angle when your chest goes up and they will move out to make a 90 degree when your chest gets to the ground.



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