How to do Back Exercises| The Guide to Back Workouts

Your body depends mostly on the back, so you have to be very careful when exercising this part. You can use a combination of back exercises to strengthen your back.


Back Workouts



  • Stability Ball Workout: – This is a great back exercise/workout for both women and men. It does not require too much energy, yet the results are tremendous. Start by lying on your stomach over the stability ball. Put your hands forward but make sure they touch the ground firmly because you will use them the same way you use your legs to walk. Stretches your legs but bring them close to each other, the arms have to be under the shoulder: this will give you enough support. Wait to make a move, take a deep breath and see how much air your abdominal can hold.

Walking Stage: – Choose a direction to walk too and make sure the surface is flat, dry and smooth. Please don’t use stability balls on slopes or slippery floors. Now, start moving with your hands on the floor, belly lying on the stability ball and legs above the floor. Walk to the front until the ball reaches the foot and then walk back until the ball gets back to the belly. Do as many reps as you can, but be gentle in your moves.

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  •  Superman’s workout: This nature of workout will target different parts of the body and these include: back, hips butt and shoulder. There is no equipment needed to perform this exercise, so you can do it from home.


Start by lying down flat on the floor, if possible, you can put a soft yoga mat on the floor; this will reduce on the pressure between your body and the floor. Make sure your legs are well stretched and the toes are supposed to point to the ground. Stretch your hands out while facing in the floor. Now move both the hand and legs upward as the head stays down. You can do both a downward and upward phase to get the best results.


  • Bird-Dog:- This type of workout will target your abs, hips and back at the same time. It is one of those full body workouts you can do from home. However, you should do it while on a yoga mat, because your knees will be supporting your body.


Start by kneeling down, put both hands down and bend to form a box shape. Your face will look down but the head has to remain parallel. Make sure your fingers point forward; this will give you enough support.


Now start engaging both the core and abdominal muscles. Your back has to be straight; this will ensure that your spine gets no injuries. Lift your right hand at the same time with the left leg, push them upwards and bring them back in the position they were in before. Before changing to the other hand, make at least 10 reps and also do the same number of reps with the other hand & leg. If you wish, you can use a mirror on the side to see how perfect you are.



  • Front Plank: – This type of exercise will target only two parts of the body and these include; the abs & back. Almost all workouts for the back can be done from home and they also workout out other parts of the body.

Start by lying down on the floor on your stomach. It is better you get an exercising / yoga mat, because the floor might be too hard for your elbows. Now fold your hand so that the elbow is directly under the shoulders. Let your palms & fingers face downward. Keep your legs and body stretched, you will some pressure on your abs once you stretch then hold the posture and sustain the pain because that is the only way you can work on abs.


Upward and downward Phase: – After bringing your elbow below the shoulder, your arm will be in a 90 degrees format. Now start pushing your body upwards and downwards, as you move up; the arms and foot will remain intact on the ground. You will feel intense pressure on the shoulders, back and butt, don’t stop and until you feel tired. Rest for some few minutes and do it again. Please, remember to keep the legs and torso intact and you move your body.


  • Cat-Cow: – When I was still a kid, we used to play a game which required us to dance like a cat; this workout has reminded me of that game. A cat-cow works out the back and the chest thus there is no equipment needed for this exercise but I will recommend some music in the background in order to enjoy this exercise.


Get down to the floor, fold both your hands and knees to the floor but put a soft yoga mat on the floor so that you don’t hurt your knees. Make sure the fingers are pointing to the floor.


Start to move like a cat while in one position as you will be moving your chest and stomach up and down while leaving both hands and legs on the floor. However, as you move the chest up, it will fold inwards and push the back upwards as the stomach moves up. Your head will move inward, close to the space left between your hands.


  • Limb Rises: If you don’t have energy to do some of the exercises I have listed here, you can concentrate on this simple exercise; it doesn’t require a lot of energy.


Start by laying down flat on the floor; make sure you put a soft mat on the floor to avoid any injuries that might occur. Stretch both hands and legs straight and the face has to look down. After that, start by moving your left hand at the same time with the right leg, keep them straight and do the same movement with the right hand and left leg. Do as many reps as you want. You can rest for a while and repeat the whole process. Make sure the number of times you do with one side is the same with the rest if the side. For example, if you lifted your left hand and right leg 10 times, you do the same with your right hand and left leg.


However, as you lift both your legs and hands, the stomach and chest will remain flat on the floor; this will put some relevant pressure on the back. This type of back workout/exercise also works out your hips and shoulders.



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