How to do Arm Exercises|The Guide to Arm Workouts

Your arm has two essential muscles which need extensive workouts and these include biceps and triceps. Since your arm lifts almost everything while in the gym or out the gym, it will be exercised on a daily basis. However, you need to give it some special treatment; the more time you spend working out those two muscles, the better your arm will look. It is important to note, our needs for muscle strength differ, what a woman needs is not what a man needs so you will lift different weights and your results will differ. With that in mind, let us see some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your arms.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press: This type of arm workouts/exercises requires you to use dumbbells like the Select-tech adjustable dumbbells featured below and a bench. It can be done by both men and women, but the weights to be lifted by these two genders will vary. I suggest, you start with small weights and increase gradually.



To start, lie down on the bench, it has to be flat. Your feet have to be on the floor and your spinal cord has to be in a neutral position. Take a deep breath to gather some start-up energy and hold small weights to start with. Hold dumbbells in your hands and stretch your hands straight, make sure the dumbbells touch each other while raised and then bring down your hands separating the dumbbells, don’t be too fast, you will burn out easily.


Pull those dumbbells up and down and make as many reps as you can. Make sure you hold the dumbbells with your palms, as you take them down, your elbows should be fully extended and the dumbbells should reach the chest.


After doing your first 3 reps, you can alternate and go to bigger weights, go back to the same position and push those dumbbells. The number of push-ups will decrease as you increase on the weights, but that is normal. What you need is to feel that intense pressure on your arms and shoulders. You will also feel your chest in action. Actually, whenever I do chest workouts, I have to do a dumbbell press; it composes the chest very well.


  • Dumbbell Triceps Kickback: This is a very interesting workout, I like the way it puts pressure on the arms.


Start by holding the dumbbell in one hand, let’s say you use hold it in your left hand. Stand straight and then get into a sprinters posture, one leg will be pushed to the back and the other the front.


Bend a little bit and put the other hand which is not holding a dumbbell on your thighs. While in this sprinter posture, your face will be looking down but the head has to be aligned the spine and your feet firmly on the ground.


Now start moving the hand with the dumbbell, however, the upper part of your arm should remain parallel and stiff; only move the lower part of the arm (It starts from the elbow and it stretches down to the fingers).


Do as many reps as you can and switch the dumbbell to the other hand, but make sure the reps you did with your left hand are the same reps you do with your right hand. Increase weight as you get comfortable with the exercise.

Body-Weight Dips: – This kind of arm exercises will involve lifting your body without putting your legs down. This exercise will work on both arm muscles, but it’s so intense in-that you might feel some resistance in the beginning, but do a few reps until you get used to using a dip Bar. If you’re working out in the gym and you see someone doing more dip bar reps than you; don’t freak out. Just know that they have the experience and they can hold their weight; it takes some practice to become perfect.

Target Muscles:   (Triceps & Biceps)

Equipment: – Dip Bar


  • Step 1:- Let’s start with a starting position: Get a dip bar and stand between the two bars, hold the bars firmly in your hands. Take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes. After that lift your body and legs from the ground, be in the position for while so that your hands & muscles warm up. You will feel some intense pressure on your arms because they will be supporting your body weight. For better results, you should cross one leg over the other leg; this will create some level of stability and make it easy to lift your weight altogether.


  • Step 2:- As your legs are crossed and lifted off the ground, gently bend your elbows and push your body downwards but make sure your legs don’t touch the floor. What we need is intense pressure on muscles, so don’t try to cheat or feel sorry for yourself. Now pull your body upwards and elbows straight, your head should be lifted well, don’t look down and the chest has to be pumped out well. Repeat the same process as you count the reps, you can do 15 to 20 reps in your first round and increase as you get used.


Standing Dumbbell Curls: – This exercise is not as intense as a dip bar exercise; yet, as you increase on the weight, the intensity & pressure also increase. You will work out both muscles but to get better results, you have to lift heavy weights. However, you have to start with small ones as your arms & muscles warm up.

Equipment: (Dumbbells)


  • Step 1:- You will start by standing straight, part your legs to get some stability when lifting dumbbells. Now hold two dumbbells in your hands; dumbbells should be straight but in a vertical angle and your hands should be freely straight but in a parallel angel. The head and neck have to be well aligned and your shoulder have to be relaxed but stiff because they will act as a focal point for energy as you pull dumbbells up and down. Make sure your back is straight, it should not bend or arch as this may lead to some injuries.


  • Step 2:- Start moving the dumbbells up and down. During this process, you will move half of your arm; the upper part of the arm which has biceps & triceps muscles will remain stiff. You will then move the lower part and the elbow will move up and down. Lift your weights slowly for this should create enough pressure on your upper arm. You can move both arms at the same time but make sure weights in one hand are equivalent to weights in the other hand. During your first round, you can use small weights but do more reps to warm up the muscles, and then increase on the weights in your second round, however, this time you will need to reduce on the reps.


NOTE: If you go to the gym and workout next to a person who lifts heavy weights, don’t jump on the wagon, those people have been exercising for a while and their body can take in heavy weights. Like with most workouts, arm exercises require that you start small and improve with time. You might not get instant results, but persistence and hard work pay off at last.

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