How to do Ab Exercises| Ab Workouts to get your Six Pack Abs Instantly

Both men and women want to have well shaped stomachs. Losing belly fat is the first thing you have to do before trying out any of these exercises, because, once your belly fat is too much; your six pack abs might take a while to come out. The ways you can use to get rid of fat belly is by jogging, reducing fat in your diet and rope skipping.

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Stability Ball Knee Movements: Most ab workouts/exercises will require you to have equipment. For example, in this particular workout, you need to kneel on top of a stability ball, however, this ball rolls, so to avoid accidents; put both hands on the floor to give you support and also put the feet on ground, so the ball will be below the thighs.

Once you have established a good position, you can start moving; your goal is to work out those Abs, so you have to make sure that you walk with your hands slowly. As you move forward with your hands on the floor, your legs will get off the floor and roll over the ball. When the feet gets to the ball, stop there for a moment, you will feel some intense pressure on your stomach, which is what you should to feel.

Now roll back to your feet by walking your hand backwards: do this gently so that you don’t injure the hands and knees. You can take a break after the first rep, and do more reps until you burn out.

Seated Ball Trunk Rotations: Both men and women can also do this exercise to improve on their general fitness and at the same time workout out their Abs. You can use any type of ball to do this exercise; however, most trainers will encourage you to use a medicine ball.


Start by sitting down on the floor in a normal way. Put your feet together and bend your knees off the ground. In this case, your whole body will be super imposed but your butt and heels of the feet. Sit straight and breath in deeply; this will prepare you very well for this workout.


Now hold the ball with both hands, but make sure the ball is glued to your torso, don’t allow it to go forward because your aim is to exert pressure on the Abs. Move your hands and the ball to both sides (left & right), count the reps or find someone to count for you, do it until you sweat and take a few minutes rest and then repeat the whole process again.


After finishing the first 3 reps, you might find the exercise very simple, so now, take things to another step. This time your back will not be straight so try to lean back a little bit. This position will require you to use more energy therefore you have to try it only when you trust the strength of your back. As you lean back, you will feel a lot of pressure exerted on your stomach, because it will play a big role to keep you in that lean position.

Once you get in the lean position, continue what you did before, and rotate to both sides holding the ball firmly.

Inverted Flyers: This is a free style exercise for abs, but it also works out other parts like the legs, thighs and the whole body. It is a very simple exercise, but it requires some stamina.

 Start by standing straight; make sure you wear flat light shoes. One foot will remain on the ground and the other foot will get off the ground, push the foot backwards, but your leg should stretch straight, as you move the right leg to the back, you will also need to move your right hand straight to the front, as you make this move. The left hand will move towards your hips and this will ensure that the stomach & Abs get stretched.

Body weight Squat: – During our first introduction on how to perform a full body workout, I mentioned squatting as an effective full body exercise. There is no equipment needed when performing a body weight squat. You will start by standing straight with your feet spread a little bit wider, put your hands to the sides of the body, this will help you establish a perfect body weight squat.

Start squatting, but this time; you don’t have to stretch your hands as we did in our first squat. This time, you will be lifting your body weight using your legs and stomach. This means, you need to hold your breath for a while and this will give you the strength to hold your body weight for long.

Push your upper body down like it’s done in a normal squat, but let your hands swing in a free position. This will ensure that your hands don’t support you at all thus the exercise will be between your belly, butt, hips, back, and shoulders.


Glute Lunges: This type of exercise will target your abs, hips, legs and thighs. It is more of a full body workout, though its most effect is felt around the Abs. You don’t need any kind of equipment to do Glute activation lunges so all you need is to move your body in different directions as we shall see below;

You will start by standing in a normal posture but put your feet together and raise your arms so that they’re in line with the shoulders. Make sure you stretch your arms very well. Those elbows are supposed to be straight in order cause some intense pressure on your hands. But that should not stop you from going on. It’s that pain and intense pressure which bring quick results.

Now, let’s go to the most intense part of this exercise. While your hands are still stretched and feet put together, cross over your foot by stepping forward, this move will create an (X) between your legs. Then squat down , the leg which moved to the front, its knee will point forward just like it would be when you do a normal squat and then the other leg left behind should go down and its knee will go up to the floor. While twisting your legs, the hands have to remain straight, but move your body to the other side in conjunction with your hands.

I have tried out this workout myself, but I have notice that the hand will flow easily to the left side if the right leg is the one at the front and the left leg is the one at the back.

During this movement, the head should look where the hands are facing, in that case, your stomach will be stretched and this will strengthen your abs.

Partner Body weight Assisted Squats: This will be my last exercise when it comes to this Abs, but it does not mean I have finished them all. But in my second series on this blog, I will tell you more Abs exercises you can make while at home or gym.

This exercise will require you to have a partner, if you’re at home, you can do it with your spouse of a person with enough energy like you.

Start by standing straight facing each other and both of you should stretch hands and hold each other while hands are stretched. Your hands have to be in line with your   shoulders and you have to look into each others eyes. Space your feet a little bit wider and start squatting. Body parts to be worked on here include abs, hips, legs and thighs, so it is a good full body exercise for two partners. When you have no energy to exercise; I suggest you get a partner and start with this nature of workout, by the    time you finish 20 reps, your body will have gotten into action and ready to try out different workouts.

Follow the time tested tips above so you do not resort to what the guys below had to do to show off their six pack abs…

six pack abs


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