Tips on How to Deal With Back Pain

 As you grow up you go through a lot of different changes in your life and what one thing that is for sure is the fact that 80% of the population has suffered from back pain at some point in their life. This however, does not call for an alarm, if it is your first time to suffer from back pain a lot of things run through your mind. You probably want to run to the doctor because you are afraid it could be really complicated but this is simply because you may not know how to do to deal with it. Back pain can be caused by very many different things but what causes it is not the main problem; the bigger question is what you should do in order to stop the back pain. This is the major importance of this post, to show you some of the things that you can actually do to deal with back pain.


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Tips on How to Deal With Back Pain

  • Ensure to sleep really well; having a good sleep entails many things such as a very comfortable and flat surface and a nice sleeping posture. These will help you to rest all your muscles and relax all those strained joints that may have caused your back to hurt. Even if you are not used to sleep on the side you should try it out to prevent the back pain from getting any worse. Have a really comfortable pillow to sleep on or place your legs as you sleep so that your back can stretch out.


  • Do not just sit back and rest; suffering from back pain does not mean you should just sit back and rest and wait for it to go away. It will just make the back pain worse instead. That is why it is better advised that you engage in some simple exercises for example, walking and making very slight stretches. These will help you stretch your back but remember that you cannot be too hard on yourself. Do not go in for very harsh exercises; just a little stretching of the back will help to stretch your muscles out hence helping you to reduce the back pain or take it away completely.


  • Try taking yoga classes; yoga is one of the most important exercises that is good for you and has been found to be one of the best ways to relieve back pain as it helps to improve fluid movement in the spinal cord. One of the reasons that could be causing back pain is the slow movement of fluids in the spinal cord and poor breathing. Yoga also helps to make breathing more effective hence causing relaxation in the nervous system which eventually brings about relief with the back pain. If you haven’t bought a yoga mat yet, it is now time to keep yourself prepared by investing in one For example the Sivan Health and Fitness Extra Thick NBR Foam Yoga Mat.


  • Massage the back with an ice pack or warm water bottle; place a pack of ice on your back or lie on the floor and ask someone to help you put the ice pack on your back. It will help to reduce the swelling if there is any that might be causing your back to hurt. On the other hand, the warm water bottle helps to reduce on those muscles contractions and cramping but you must be very careful to ensure that the water is just warm not too hot otherwise you might end up making the situation worse.



  • For the start, take some pain killers; it is not advisable to self-medicate but in situations where you may not be able to access a doctor and other methods are not working then you it is okay for you to take some pain killers. The commonest anti-inflammatory pain killers are aspirin and ibuprofen but you also must keep in mind that abuse of these drugs can cause great damage to the liver therefore the moment you try them out and they don’t work just run straight to your doctor.


  • Lie down on your back; lying on a completely flat surface with your back nicely stretched out and your legs completely straight can also help to relieve back pain. This allows all your muscles to relax without any pressure exerted on to your nervous system, breaks all the contractions in your muscles hence giving your back time to gain relief from all that pain.


  • Take breaks and sit upright; sometimes you may feel pain in the back area but because of your tight work schedule you may not be able to call the day off. So as you sit at your desk all day long you should take breaks in between in your hours of work to stretch and sit upright so that there’s fluid movement in the spinal cord. Sitting in one position for very long hours could be your cause of back pain.


  • Go for a massage; t I am sure there are so many good massage parlors in your home town so why not make use of them. When you get there explain to the technician on the areas where you feel most of the pain they will know what to do and by the time you are done you will feel great relief in the back.



  • Go for swimming; for those of you who know how to swim I am sure you have experienced how good and relaxed your body feels every time you go out swimming. Swimming opens those stiff and swollen muscles while at the same time giving your heart a very good treat. Whenever you feel some back pain just grab your swimming costume and jump into the pool.


  • Get yourself a pet; it has been proven that people who own pets get more time to exercise and spend more time up and about instead of staying in one place as compared to people who have no pets. Owning a pet helps to lower tension and high blood pressure as you get to play around with the pet hence helping you to deal with back pain easily.



  • Try talking to a physical therapist; the therapist will help you find out what exactly is causing your back to hurt and know the right program that will help to heal that back pain. They know the best physical exercises that will be effective thus they will help you find the best therapy for your back pain.


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