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There are very many different types of allergies (indoor or outdoor allergies, food allergies and may be animal allergies) that different people suffer from but what exactly do we understand by the term allergy. Allergy or allergic reaction is simply referred to as great sensitivity to a variety of substances or simply one substance that usually cause no major harm to an average normal person. Scientists have found that allergies are by defined mechanisms in the body though many different people have their own stories that explain as to why they are allergic to particular substances. There are very many things through which people get exposed to substances that they are very sensitive to and these involve things like inhaling of airborne allergens that cause respiratory allergies such as asthma, eating foods that you are allergic to which causes sneezing and skin rashes, bee stings or injection with medications that you are allergic to.  Now depending on what brings the allergy, there are different ways that can help you deal with the allergy and these are what we are going to look at in this post, check through for details.


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  • Know what you are allergic to

The best way to deal with any problem is first of all finding out what exactly the problem is, then you will know how best to deal with it. If each time you eat a particular type of food you end with a skin rush or it makes you sneeze, then you will know that you are allergic to that particular and stay away from it or know what to eat it with so that it does not bring the allergy. This also applies to environmental allergies, if you react sensitively when exposed to some environment then you will identify that it is the environment causing you the allergy.

  • Be very careful with what you are allergic to

If you know that you are allergic to cold weather then you do not have to test yourself, if your friends are inviting for a cold night out then you must be able to refute for the good of your health. Or if you are caught up in the situation make sure that you have all equipment that can keep you safe from the cold for example sweater, scarfs etc. For those of you that are allergic to cats, however much you love the cat, you must stay away from it. You should not play around with things that you know you are allergic to.

  • Desensitization

Some allergies cannot be completely avoided but at least there is always that possibility of making the person suffering from the allergy less sensitive to it and this is what is defined as desensitization. This is usually used by doctors therefore if you are under this kind of treatment you must be able to visit your doctor really often because the treatment needs very close and constant monitoring. In this treatment, you are injected with small quantities of the medicine and after a certain period of time your body learns to become more tolerant to what you were allergic to before.

  • Drug treatment

Doctors have found different drugs that can help to make the symptoms or reactions you get from a certain allergy less serious. Such drugs neutralize that particular substance that you are allergic to, these include many of the antihistamine drugs that help in all allergies whether they are respiratory or skin allergies. Cromoglycate is also one of the drugs that have been found helpful in relieving asthma allergy in children and some of the food allergies.

  • Beware of the season in which you are traveling

During mold and pollen season traveling might not be a very good idea because in such season you are more likely to get into contact with substances that you are allergic to. However, if you have chosen to go ahead and travel in this season then you must be very careful to keep the windows of your car closed or travel during hours that are less harmful for example early morning or in the evening. Also, traveling to very cold areas when you have respiratory allergies such as asthma is not so advisable.

  • Dust your house frequently

Dust is one of the main causes of allergies and there is no way you can avoid it apart from dusting the house often. Be very careful with spot like windows and curtains because this where most of the dust hides and clean them perfectly. Always wear something to cover your face when dusting to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes and your nose.

  • Take all medicines as prescribed by your doctor

When your doctor prescribes certain medicines then you should take them and follow all the instructions as given to you by your doctor. Do not take medicines because a friend or family of yours with the same allergy has told you so, what works for someone else may not be what works for you. Before you start self-medicating for any type of allergy(indoor or outdoor allergies, food allergies and may  be animal allergies) you must see the doctor first to get yourself tested the he or she will prescribe medicines accordingly.

  • Protect your eyes from pollen

Mold spores and wind borne pollen are one of the major causes of hay fever to many people therefore protecting your eyes will help to keep a large amount of pollen away from your eyes. The best anyone can protect the eyes is by wearing shades, this even keeps them safely guarded from the sun that irritates most people with eye allergies.

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  • Hygiene is also very paramount

Wash all your beddings at least once every week in hot water in order to kill any dust mites which are one of the commonest causes of indoor allergies. Washing with hot water helps to kill these dangerous insects, you are also advised to dry the beddings in hot dryer for best results.

  • Purchase a humidifier or air conditioner

These will always help to keep the humidity in your house at around 50% hence making the breathing condition in the house good enough to prevent you from the allergy. Take perfect care of your air conditioner by changing often and always ensure to fix any leakages in the house as soon as you notice them.





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