How to Clean Your Shower Head to Keep It Working Flawlessly

There is nothing as disgusting as taking a shower from a shower head all full of soap scum and residue from hard water but that is not the only reason as to why you need to know how to clean your shower head, there is a whole lot of other reasons as we shall see in in this post. Cleaning of even the best shower head keeps it in perfect shape and makes it perform flawlessly for a much longer period of time. The shower head cleaning process is very simple and will not take up too much of your time, however, you must keep yourself well protected while cleaning by wearing gloves and ensure to cautiously flow the direction on the cleaning product that you are using.

Have all the necessary items ready: To avoid wasting too much time, have all the necessary items nearby so that whenever you need to use any of them they will be available within arms distance. Some of the necessities will be gloves, cleaning product most preferably a commercial one. In some instances, you will need baking soda, vinegar, together with a spray bottle as they help to remove that residue that may seem hard to remove.

Read the cleaning instructions in your manual: Before you go ahead to clean the showers please ensure that you have read the directions provided in its manual to avoid any danger. Some shower heads are not mean to be cleaned with certain products so check in the manual to find that out.

Soak or spray the shower head depending on which cleaning solution you want to use: Some people use homemade cleaners, others use commercial cleaners and some people use vinegar. For those of you that plan to use a home-made cleaning solution it is best that you try the solution on a very small part of the shower head to see what reaction it will bring. For those that plan to use vinegar, using a spray bottle is much better and lastly when you are using a commercial cleaner it usually comes with a certain set of guidelines that you should follow.

Remover any build up or residue: Like I said before if you have read the manual you will definitely not go wrong. So to remove any residue you will need a brush  to scrub away any dirt that might have remained on the shower head after soaking it. For shower heads that do not get clogged you can just wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

Turn the water on: This step is what helps to thoroughly rinse away any cleaning product that might have remained. Some cleaning products contain chemicals that may damage your shower head with rust that is why it is very important for you to thoroughly rinse your shower head.

Using vinegar to thoroughly clean the shower head: Cleaning your shower head with vinegar is one of the most effective way in which you can clean your shower head. It is very simple so below is the simple procedure that you can use to clean your shower head with.

Detach the shower head: If you have a fixed shower head, you have to first remove from the wall and if you have a hand held shower head then just disconnect it from its hose because this method requires soaking the shower head. If you installed you shower head by yourself then removing should not be a problem.

Put the shower head into a plastic basin or container: You can use a bucket, basin or container that major issue here is to find something that is just big enough for the shower head to fit. But do not use a very basin that is too big as you will end up wasting your vinegar.

Add enough vinegar into the basin: Pour vinegar that can soak in the shower head and leave it in for not less than 30 minutes. As you let it soak the acids that vinegar contains will suck out all the mineral build up and dirt in the shower head.

If your shower head it too dirty or if the residue seem to stubborn to remove you can leave it in for longer. The longer the better the results especially if your shower head is made of stainless steel.

Rinse the shower head: Use clean water to rinse and look close enough to see that no residue or build up is left on the shower head.

Wipe off any water with a clean cloth: To avoid causing build up and rust endeavor to wipe away any water; do this gently on all sides of the shower head.

Let water run for a short while: This is not just a waste of water; it will help to drain out even the smallest bit of residue that remained with in your shower head.


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