How to Choose the Best Shower Head to Buy – Shower Head Buying Guide

A successful and beautiful day starts or should end with that refreshing and soothing shower which you can only have if you have the best shower head. But what really is the best shower head? That is what we are about to find out as I give you some of the things that you must consider before buying a shower head. Before getting into the market to buy a shower head, you will probably think that it is very easy to choosing one but with the very many types available currently; it will be such a challenge finding the best of the best shower heads. Nevertheless, the buying guide that I am going to bless you with in this post will make you get into the market with all the confidence to pick out the best shower head since it entails all those really important aspects that make a shower head the best.

The type of shower head: There are basically two types of shower heads, the fixed shower heads and handheld shower heads. Fixed shower heads are those that are permanently attached to the wall though they are sometimes made adjustable to suit different people’s desires. The second type is the handheld shower heads and these have a hose that connects to the wall and allows you to shower from your favorite spot in the bathroom. Therefore, if what you want is a hands-free shower then go in for the fixed shower head but if you enjoy convenience and flexibility then it is better to buy a hand held shower head since they can also be used for showering kids and pets.

Various and easily adjustable spray settings: A shower head that offers many spray settings that you can easily adjust even when your hands are wet and soapy is definitely the best shower head.

Water efficiency: A shower head designed with a water saver or cut off valve will help to limit on wastage of water without necessarily giving up the kind of shower that you get. Such a shower head will give you the best shower while at the same time limit the costs that you will be spending on water bills.

Shower head’s flow rate: A standard model shower head must to have not have flow rate that is beyond 2.5 gallons every minute. Buy one at this rate so that you can minimize not just the amount of water used but also the energy.

Ease of installation: You should be able to attach and unscrew your shower head by yourself; shower heads that come with their own tape are the best because they make installation much easier for you. Buying a shower head that you cannot install on your own will be very frustrating and costly since you have to call up someone to help you install it every other time.

Exterior design: This is another really important factor when it comes to buying a shower head. Here you can look at how its handle is designed, how light or heavy it is among others factors. A shower head with an ergonomic handle is definitely the best buy reason being it provides you with easy grip and comfort as you shower; you will never worry about the shower head slipping out of your hands.

Cost of the shower head: Just because a shower head is low priced does not mean it is cheaply made and it also not guaranteed that a highly priced shower head will perform best. Even shower heads that are not highly priced sometimes work much better than those that come at very high prices.

Durability: It is not simple to tell how durable the shower head will be but there very many things that will give you a clue for example the shower head’s warranty and reviews. If you go through the customer’s reviews about the shower head you will definitely be able to know if the product is durable or not. A really good shower head can be used for years and years so save your money and be very careful when buying the shower head.

Cleaning ease: It is best to buy a shower head that will not give you hard time when it comes to cleaning; some shower heads are anti-clog which means that they will not get clogged by residue or mineral build up. If you buy such a shower head, cleaning it will take you just a few minutes since it only need to be wiped to make clean.

Additional features: You can also look out for some extra features that will make your shower head different from the rest take for example a shower head with a wireless speaker or with LED indicators that show which temperature you are using such extra features make the shower head worth buying.

Length of the hose (for hand held shower heads): If your shower head is the hand held types then always consider how long the hose is; a shower head with a long hose makes it very easy to clean the bathroom and move around with.

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