How to Choose the Best Hot tub Spa

This is the most exciting feeling ever. You will be like finally I can get to have my own hot tub spa…finally I can get to have a spa in my own home and comfort…finally I can get to invite all my friends and loved ones, every time, for a quality spa time at almost no cost. But before you just choose one because of its beautiful outlook or low price, there are some things you should put into consideration like the amount of energy required, accommodation, heating capacity and many more as we are going to see below.

How to choose the best hot tub spa

  • Brands; this is very important because the brand really matters. This is because some brands have been there for so long in the market and the reason is because they create the most durable and best hot spas in the market. Newer brands might not be a bad idea but they are most likely not to last in the industry. The older brands are the best because they will have passed all the safety tests, they are actually certified and might have won very many rewards overtime. So make sure to do your research perfectly well for the best oldest brands.
  • Water Filtration; when choosing a spa you should consider how often the spa can be filtered. And when you find it is regularly then that is the best buy ever. This will definitely make the hot tub spa very easy to care for especially when it comes to cleaning, removing out unwanted rubbish so the chances of blockage are out ruled. Another thing about filtration is that the pump provided should be able to do that work efficiently. Additional filters should be provided to but make sure your spa does not require constant change of the filters.
  • Energy effectiveness; make sure you do some more research before you go out to buy one because am sure all the sellers will convince you how their spas are the most energy effective but not all that being said might be true. So, insulation is important here. This is because spas that are properly insulated will not easily lose out on the heat after it’s turned on compared to the ones that are not. Another thing is that it should be able to meet the standard spa energy regularities that are provided by most countries for example, the State California has got one.
  • Therapy; why else would you have a spa if it can’t provide some relaxation to you. Sometimes when you have been out working all day you get strained and your muscles will need to be massaged and the best way to do that is in your own spa at your house. The spa should be able to have enough vibrating massage effect for your body produced by the jets. This will not only bring healing to the body but to the mind and soul to in the long run.
  • Simple water care arrangement; without water, a hot spa bath would not exist or even be fun and if the water care system for a particular spa is so costly because it will be very costly for the end user. So whether you are looking forward owing a traditional spa or the inflatable spas you should put into consideration a spa with the easiest and cheapest options like a dispensing system for your cartridge in the spa, a corona set free ozone scheme, a chlorine/bromine based schedule and to mention but a few.
  • Size; consider this as an important factor especially when you want to have your spa for a very long time. We meet new people often and some of these people end up staying in our lives forever. So you should plan for a bigger spa that can accommodate about 4 and over people so when you invite people in, there is usually enough space. The advantage of the smaller spas is usually it is very easy to maintain them as compared to the larger ones. With a larger spa, you won’t have to purchase another one in future when your crew or family expands.
  • Entertainment options: what is a fun moment without some entertainment unless of course you are looking towards only quiet spa moments. Its said music heals so why not chose that spa that comes with some of those best options like the wireless iPods that can be placed anywhere while you use the remote from your spa to play the music you desire and increase/reduce on the volume. This way when you invite some of your friends for a spa moment they won’t get bored when you all run out of conversations.
  • Comfort; there is absolutely no point in owing a spa that does not provide comfort because you definitely will not enjoy your spa moment and it won’t last. Uncomfortable situations are the reasons for most back aches. So you should try out the spas especially the seats because that is where you will be for a long time plus the ones that are cushioned actually provide better options. Another thing about comfort is there should be enough room for you and the other person in that you should be able to stretch your legs comfortable and your knees shouldn’t be able to touch the other persons unless of course you are in for a romantic spa time.
  • Warranty; make sure you get well informed about the warranty package on the spa before you purchase it. For example, does the warranty include the full package of the whole spa system or it is just partial, and if partial which components are those? Then again how long does the warranty last and what conditions are attached to that period? And for the newer brands especially on the market you should ask what will happen to the warranty if the company closes (this also goes to the old manufactures). Don’t shy away from asking about any question you need to know about the warranty before you purchase the spa.
  • Budget; you need to be financially disciplined when choosing a spa though sometimes you might have budgeted little compared to the costs of the best spas in the market. So while at the stage of choosing a spa, do research on the internet to find out the spas that have the qualities that you need and how much they cost. For example you can choose to do away with the spas that have inbuilt speakers and colored lights to reduce on the costs.
  • Reference; even when applying for a job, a reference is very essential and so it is when choosing a spa. If you do not have anyone you know close enough to refer you a particular type of spa or to the best dealer then you might have to check online. The person referring you will have used the spa for a very long time and should be able to tell you more about it. When you go online you should be able to check on the customer reviews from different people around the globe and from there you will get to pick the best hot tub spa products with good reviews and are five star rated.







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