How to Choose Hair Growth Products


Now the question of how to choose hair growth products is really tricky that is why many men and women have bought products that never seem to work for them in fact others are instead very damaging to the hair with very long term effects. And if you have been trapped in a such a category I can’t blame you because there is a lot of false advertising out there. Something might have worked well for a person you know and so you also decided to try it out but there was no significant change. So now the question of how the choose the right hair growth product is going to be exhausted in their article completely as there are different considerations to look at before you buy a hair growth product and these include;


  • Ingredients; this is actually the number one consideration when choosing a hair growth product because the nutrients placed in a product is supposed to be great at boosting hair growth. Some of these nutrients are the ones you have either failed to obtain from food due to poor dieting or you haven’t been taking in enough. The best nutrients for hair growth include; proteins, vitamin C and A, Iron, Biotin, Omega-3 and so many more I can’t exhaust here. So the product should have a higher amount or almost completely made with these nutrients and some of the best examples in this case include; Ultrax Labs Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, PURA D’OR Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, HairAnew (Unique Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin) and so much more.


  • Hydration; consult to make sure that the hair growth product won’t be able to drain out the natural moisture in the hair and skin but will rather make the hair and skin hydrated. This is because hair or skin that not hydrated won’t boost growth of healthy hair but rather weak and damaged hair leading to breakages, baldness and receding hairlines.


  • Texture of the growth product; yes, the texture of the hair growth product also does matter like for example a soft texture is far better than a harder texture because that means when applied to the scalp, they can easily sink into the skin as compared to hard texture that possibly might never or just melt off with the sun. In the same way smooth supplements like capsules are easier to swallow as compared to the rougher tablets.


  • Price; now this one is a tricky one because most people want to go with some of the lowest priced hair growth products but let me tell you that cheap is usually expensive in the long run as you will be looking for products to repair back the damages. Am not saying you should go for the most expensive hair growth product on the market but most of them are costly because time was taken to make them with high quality. Most expensive hair growth products have also been tested first to make sure they are safe. Even obtaining and preserving nutrients in any product isn’t cheap so be very cautious if a hair growth product is very cheap.


  • Expiration; on the bottle or tin or whatever the hair product is packed in; there should be clearly an expiry date with the date of manufacture as well. So if the hair growth product doesn’t have one nor has a date that has already passed or only has a few weeks then please don’t purchase that product. This is because it will be dangerous to the hair if already expired as the intended purpose of its creation is now long gone.

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