How to Choose an Epilator


A lot of people have found themselves returning the epilator they have bought because of different reasons like failure to deliver or hating themselves for buying the worst thing that never met a bit of their expectations. The one that got lucky were given a better one while the unlucky ones just counted their losses and moved on painfully. Well that happens especially if you haven’t received the best advice or recommendation.  You will need to buy an epilator that will fit all your needs or at least the majority of them. Then also you first have to consult about your hair type, how often you will epilate, your skin texture, especially if you are a woman you cannot purchase the ones meant for the men because they are much stronger and rougher for your smooth skin. Then another important thing you should do is go online and check out on the product reviews written by people like you that have bought the product and used it for long. Those ones are usually honest and say it like it is with nothing to lose. Allow me explain to you below some of the best ways on how to choose an epilator then you can decide from there.

How to use an Epilator


  • Type of epilator; the epilators come in basically three different types like the rotating disc, the rotating springs and finally the modern multiple tweezers. However, with all these types mentioned I would rather recommend that you buy the latter which is the modern multiple tweezers. In these ones, the plates will definitely move together at the same time as the head and hence creating a tweezing effect that is much effective and fast as compared to the old traditional methods. However, at the end the different types will still epilate the hair off your body.
  • Dry/wet epilators; there are dry epilators that only work well when the skin is completely dry epilating all the hair deep in the roots while there are those that work under both conditions of wet and dry. In this era most people especially the ladies will prefer the one with both because it is usually less painful to epilate while the skin is completely wet. But when you compare the two; dry epilation will epilate better than the wet because it sinks in deep and it won’t miss any single hair including the messy ones.
  • Usage; this is in terms of what places you want to use them exactly; like do you want o use it all your full body including the very sensitive areas or you would just want to use it on particular parts like the legs and arms. Some epilators are designed for full body usage and they usually have special delicate heads while others are meant for only particular places like the facial epilators, bikini areas and much more that are contoured to care well about the curves and also soft on such areas.
  • Number of tweezes; when you decide to choose the one with tweezers then ensure to go for the ones with the highest number of tweezers or the ones that really have many. This is because where one misses the other will satisfy and the end results will be much faster and smoother as compared to the other types that have lesser or none at all. Another thing also with lesser numbers of epilators is that fact that since they are faster it means the pain wont as be as terrible as the ones with few of none at all.
  • Portability; an epilator should be light when being used and should be able to reach every part of the body that is to be epilated. There are two types of epilation under this and they include the corded and un corded ones. The un corded ones are usually more preferred because they have no wires to limit your movement while epilating, they also can easily be traveled with, some use battery while others use power but after charge you can use if off power for long. The corded ones have to be used when connected to the socket and some of them have short wires which can limit a person. Under this I would recommend you to buy the cordless epilators.
  • Cooling pact; do not let anyone lie to you that the process of epilation is painless, they all are painful but you have to be able to choose the ones that come with options to provide lesser pain so it’s not a very scary experience especially; if it’s your first time. Some epilators provide a cooling pact that the user can apply minutes before epilating using wipes so that the skin is softer with the hair and epilation with less pain.
  • Speed setting; in this modern era most of the epilators come with two speed settings and that is an advantage over the ones with one speed settings. This gives you the option of being able to use a lesser speed on the delicate areas like the bikini areas, under arms and so on. So when you require to epilate the areas with less hair you will go slow on the speed and increase on areas with thick coarse hair.
  • Light and sound; the ones with light settings on them especially the LED lights are a much advantage because you will be able to clearly see the surface you are epilating and notice all the stubborn hairs that could have missed out. This way you can go back and forth with the epilator creating a smother road of skin. As for the sound you will find that most of them make that loud sound during epilation but however some are exceedingly loud and so annoying. So make sure you choose the ones that don’t make as much loud sound letting you have a peaceful epilation.
  • Pricing; allow me conclude with this option. Before you go out first get to know what your budget is and search within that range. If you like one that is a little higher as compared to your budget then you could be patient and wait for discounts, or you could go for option B but when all that fails then you will have to save some more and buy the best. Good luck!

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