How to Care For a Full Grown Beard

Having a full grown beard comes with both advantages and disadvantages. A full grown beard  that is well taken care of will make you stand out and give you a high social profile as everyone will look at you as mature and respectable. However, the big job comes in when it’s time to care for that full grown beard. I will be completely honest with you; caring for this kind of beard is not a walk over because it needs extra attention compared to other types like the stubble or goatee. Sometimes even a good trim is not enough to make your beard look good therefore as you purchase a beard trimmer to keep you full grown beard looking good, also keep in mind that you will need other things like beard oil, conditioner, shampoo, so on and so forth. To make this post easier for you to read through, I will separate it into two where the first part entail how best to trim a full grown beard and the second bit will be about the best tips to care for your full grown beard.


Trimming a fully grown beard:

  • Like I mentioned before trimming a long beard is not that simple but with some guidelines you will be able to go through it with ease.
  • Invest in a really high quality beard trimmer; the better the tool the easier it will be for you to trim the beard
  • Ensure that the beard is clean and dry. If you are sure that your beard is thoroughly clean then simply comb through so that all hair is in the same direction it grows.
  • Grab a pair of scissors and cut off all stray hairs that make the beard look untidy.
  • Clip a fine toothed comb into the beard and trim off all hairs that stick through the comb using a beard trimmer.
  • Use the comb as your guide to ensure that the entire beard is at the same length. So continue trimming off the hairs that pass through the comb until the whole beard is covered.
  • Comb through the beard again so that you can be able to spot any missed stray hairs. And if you see any, trim them off until you have a completely even beard.
  • Apply a good quality beard oil to give the beard a shiny and well groomed appearance.

 care for full grown beard

Caring for a fully grown beard:

Now that you know how to trim or shape that full beard, here some tips that will help you maintain a healthy and extremely attractive beard.

Wash the beard with a good quality beard shampoo: Most men will not wash their beard with shampoo, simply because they do not see this as important or they claim not to have enough time for it. But if you invest in a good quality beard shampoo you will sure love the results, especially if it is moisturized. This helps to prevent your beard from running dry and also keeps the skin in perfect condition. Avoid washing the beard with regular bar soap that you use on your body. This soap contains chemicals that dry out your beard causing it to brittle. You do not have to shampoo the beard daily just every once or twice a week is good enough.

Condition the beard: There are two ways that are encouraged for conditioning the beard; the first one is where you apply conditioner, let sit for a while and rinse it out after. The other is using a beard leave in conditioner, so it all depends on which one you prefer. The main importance of conditioning the beard is that it prevents the beard from becoming wiry, gives the beard that attractive shiny appearance, makes it very smooth and soft.

Make use of other products: There is a whole variety of products on the market that can help to keep your beard looking fresh and kissable. Some of these products involve beard oil, balm, wax and many others. These help to moisturize the skin hence preventing it from becoming dry and they also help to kill dead skin cells that cause dandruff and make the beard itchy.

Be careful with the products you use on your beard: Each and every product you apply on your beard will definitely get on your skin so if you use just any cheaply made products with a lot of chemicals they will damage and dry your skin. Natural and organic products are the most recommended products for your fully grown beard as they keep it well moisturized and prevent brittle hairs.

Make use of beard moisturizers: Buy a good beard moisturizer, apply it daily and use your finger tips to fully massage the moisturizer into the beard. The good thing with moisturizer is that it not makes your beard look good but also prevents the skin from being itchy.

Trim the beard: Just because you have a full grown beard does not mean you do not have to trim it although you should not trim as often as those with say a short beard. Have your beard trimmed at least every after two months to maintain its shape.

Always comb through the beard: Before you walk out of the house, take off just a few seconds and comb through your beard. This will help to evenly distribute oils through the beard and also prevent it from becoming too wiry.

Live a healthy life: Even if you use the best beard growth products without being healthy personally, there is now way you will have a good looking beard. This means there are basically two most essential things that you must do.

  • Maintain healthy eating habits, always eat a balanced diet, it will make your whole body strong that includes your full grown beard as well. No particular food diet will take good care of your beard better than a balanced diet.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of rest; sleeping is very significant in the growth of your beard. If you have full grown beards to care for ensure to have enough sleep and you will love the outcome.

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