How to burn more Calories through daily activities

Even the simplest activities provide opportunities to burn calories right from sleeping, standing to breathing. However, not all activities provide a similar opportunity to burn calories because the amount burned varies with each activity; some activities enable you to burn more calories than others.


  • Leave the car at home for short journeys. For example, if you are taking a trip to your favorite ice cream or coffee shop that is not too far from your house; leave the car at home and walk till you get there. This is also an awesome way to burn some calories through daily activities.


  • Do not send emails or call work mates on the same floor or even within the same building. If you have something to say to a work mate, simply get up and walk to their desk, office or cubicle. I agree that it is would be very convenient to just call or shoot an email about a simple request but I urge you not to waste the opportunity to burn some calories with a daily activity that is not too hard after all. This opportunity will be easy to take advantage of if the workmates are closer and the interactions are more than usual because it will creates a chance to burn lots of calories.


  • Meet over a walk and talk session rather than sitting down for a drink. If you have to meet with a friend who should also be open to the idea of a simple walking exercise then it’s advisable to take a walk as opposed to sitting down for a drink.


  • Talk walking breaks during adverts while watching T.V. Take time to walk around and stretch every time the ad comes on. In addition, each time you have to change the channel; do not use the remote control, get up and manually switch the channels. Some studies suggest that every time you switch channels from your sofa, you conserve up to 10 calories. These add up quickly to a significant amount each year so get rid of that remote and create more chances to burn off those calories.


  • Going up and down the stairs. This simple exercise may burn as many as 100 calories in about 10 minutes. Let us say you just came from grocery shopping and you need to get all the bags in the house; leave the stuff at the bottom of the stairs and take the stuff up one by one. Instead of piling the things to take at once, take up one thing at a time to ensure you get a good say 10 to 20 minute workout at the end of it all.


  • Park further from the mall or office complex entrance. If you are going to work or if you are just about to enter into any building; why not have a simple walk before you get there? If it’s the mall or supermarket, you will have a further distance to carry your bags or push the shopping cart.


  • Stand and move around when using the phone. Instead of enjoying your phone conversation while seated, move around as much as you can as you talk on the phone. Walk around carefully so as not to interrupt the ongoing conversation.


  • Walk to you lunch time destination. Assuming that you have lunch at a place close to your actual place of work; walk as an alternative of driving to lunch. Try as much to walk a little further than your workplace in order to benefit from the exercise.


  • Be active in bed. With all the activities that could possibly go on between the sheets, you will have less to worry about burning calories. Kissing alone has been studied and found to be capable of burning up to 50 calories per hour. Additional activities such as a zealous sex session or a lengthy pillow fight, a sensual massage session will give your body enough exercise to enable you burn a significant amount of calories.


  • Spare time to play with your dog or pet. One common exercise here involves throwing the ball for your dog to chase. In the process, do not simply throw the ball and sit back; run after the ball yourself and you will burn some calories while at it.


  • Do not stand on elevators and eschew lifts. You have an option of walking while on the elevator so make sure you use it. Instead of just standing while you wait to get to the bottom or top; walk and you will surely be able to burn some calories.


  • Light housework. Cleaning the house through activities such as mopping, scrubbing and sweeping will also aid in burning more and more calories. Unknowingly, one may be able to burn about 40 calories in hour.


  • You may choose to redecorate your house which will require you to move furniture around and will burn some calories in the process. Painting alone may help burn about 200 calories per hour.


  • Use the bus or train stop just before your house. If you are using public means, do not use the stop that is closest to your destination but a stop or two further away so you use the opportunity to burn some calories by walking the rest of the distance.


  • Take a walk as you watch the kids play or practice. When you take the kids for basketball practice or for another game; use the same opportunity to sneak in a walk as you wait. It will be another perfect opportunity to burn some calories.


  • Other simple activities include; Cooking, doing dishes, cleaning around the house, playing with children, carrying a baby around, walking the dog, gardening, cleaning the home lawn, mopping the floor and washing the car.


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