How to Avoid Going Completely Bald


Going bald can really be painful to the extent that you starting asking a lot of ‘why me’ questions and you might even lose a lot of self-esteem especially when you are a young man. Some people even start having the stress because of the balding. Sometimes it’s a situation that is hard to avoid especially if every man in your family has gone through the same while other times it just caused by some things like medication and so on. A full or thick head of hair is usually associated with youthfulness and everyone wants to be placed in that category as hair loss is associated to old age as well and no one wants that. So how do you avoid going completely bald?


  • Try to figure out the cause of baldness; you cannot deal with something if you don’t know the cause otherwise you might end up using the wrong formula and there will be no change or even worse. So you need to identify the cause of your baldness earlier like could it be hormonal, hereditary, side effects of medication, malnutrition especially lacking proteins, underlying health issues and so on. Now if your hair is usually only on the middle top and the sides of your head making the center form ‘m’ letter then that is the most common form of men baldness. However, if it’s just thinning and spreading over the scalp and avoiding the temples or crown that you should know that is usually related to underlying health issues. If you are confused about the cause, then ensure to first consult with a dermatologist.


  • Change your shampoo; have you ever contemplated that your shampoo could be contributing to your hair loss hence balding? This is because many shampoos are falsely advertised as hair thickening shampoos and yet most of them do lack ketoconazole which is the only ingredient that will preserve your pate. It is an anti-fungal that minimizes or prevents dandruff and it might save your balding by minimizing the creation of a testosterone DHT in the hair follicles that leads to hair loss. This ketoconazole if used regularly like at least twice a week will greatly help minimize hair loss within a short time like 6 months.


  • Diet with nutritious foods; you have to start eating smartly if you want to make your hair mush healthier and hence avoid hair loss. Stay away from fried foods so that the oil clad activity may be reduced so that the switch from T is not changed to DHT. It has been proved that if a person consumes a lot of sugary foods then testosterone release is triggered making DHT available, it leads to rampant hair loss leading and eventually balding. So if you eat well, you will avoid all these things and enjoy a thicker head of hair.


  • Hair transplants; yes, this is also a very effective way of voiding to go bald. It requires the skill of a specialist that will obtain hair from some other part of the back of the head then planting it in the areas balding. For example, there is a follicular unit extraction (FUE) that is effective and also the other method is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT). However, the first is better because this second method usually leaves scaring on the scalp. However, both methods are not cheap at all and will require you to invest highly in the operation depending on the specialist you are seeking.


  • Dump the comb; some combs can be rough to the hair so sometimes it’s just best if you dump the comb and have a short hairstyle that doesn’t require one. This is why most times men with shorter manes usually have a fuller head as compared to men with longer hairs.
























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