How Alcohol Affects Your Body

Many people take in alcohol for pleasure without knowing how harmful alcohol it is to the body. The moment alcohol gets into your blood it absolutely goes to each and every part of your body but may not cause any negative effect there and then. Alcohol remains in your blood for juts two hours after it is consumed so its concentration in your body at the time is still on the low bringing about positive feelings like happiness and relaxation. However, the more alcohol you take the harder it becomes for your body to absorb it and that is why excessive consumption later becomes very harmful to your body. Otherwise, just a little bit of alcohol may not be of any harm to the human body.  This is exactly why I have come up with this post that will teach you more about the components of alcohol and how they affect the different parts of your body, if not taken in moderation.


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Alcohol is mainly found in beers, wines and liquor the chemical used in these drinks is ethyl (C2 H5 OH) and each of those drinks has a different concentration of the chemical. It is made by fermentation to form beer or distillation to form the different types of whiskey. The body breaks alcohol down into two waste products i.e. carbon dioxide and water after 10-12 hours from the time it is consumed. Alcohol contains empty calories that are not of any value to the body but just stored in the body as fat.



  • 5 bottles of beer, 10 whiskeys or 1 liter of wine each add 150mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood leading to loss of temper and quarrelsomeness.
  • 6 bottles of beer, half bottle of spirits or 2 bottles of wine each add 200mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood which in turn leads to double vision, staggering and poor memory.
  • 400mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood can lead to coma.
  • 500mg or 600mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood can lead to death.
  • It causes 40% of all murders, 80% of criminal damage, 75% of assault cases and 80% of turbulence’s of peace.
  • 1 bottle of beer, 2 glasses of wine or double whiskey adds 30mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood hence increasing the risk of an auto accident.
  • 1 and a half bottles of beer, 3 whiskeys or half bottle of wine add 50mg of alcohol per 100mls of blood leading to impaired judgment and too much joyfulness.


How Alcohol Affects Your Body

The body has very many different parts that are affected by consumption of alcohol so I will break down the different parts and how they are affected. The amount of alcohol you absorb will determine how bad the effects will be to your body.
The Brain;

Too much alcohol causes changes in the way the brain works reason being it obstructs the communication pathways of the brain. As you know the brain is what sends signals to all the other body parts giving them direction on how to react to different situations. However, when you drink alcohol it becomes hard for the brain to send out different signals the way it is supposed hence causing the change in moods, reactions and behaviors. A drunken person is more likely to shoot someone dead without knowing what they are doing. This is because consumption of too much alcohol over a long period of time slows down in a person’s way of thinking in fact in the long run you brain could suffer permanent damages.

The Heart;

Some studies show that small amounts of alcohol are actually a good in the prevention of different heart diseases. However, if you consume very high amounts of alcohol at the same time they become toxins in the blood hence causing heart diseases. Some of these effects include strokes, high blood pressure, abnormal heart beat, heart attack, heart failure and slows down the entire functioning of the heart. Women are found to be more prone to heart damage as caused by alcohol as compared to men.

The Bones and Muscles;

For your bones to be strong enough to sustain the body, they must go through a process in which they are renewed but taking in alcohol makes this very difficult. This in the long run results into bone fractures and greater risk of thinning bones. When it comes to muscles, high alcohol levels in the body cause cramps, makes the muscles weak and wither hence the inability to link the bones strongly together.

The Pancreas;

The pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes that help in the digestion of food and also help to control the level on glucose and insulin in our bodies on that not consuming excessive alcohol instead makes the pancreas to produce toxic substances. These toxins make the pancreas function wrongly that is why many of the alcoholics end up suffering pancreatic diseases and swelling of blood vessels in the pancreas which makes food digestion very difficult. This also causes a great imbalance in your blood sugars due to lack of insulin which puts your life at great risk.

The Liver;

The function of the liver in your body is to break down toxic substances and make them less harmful to your body. However, excessive alcohol in the body stops the liver from functioning and in the long run will cause liver cancer. The moment you liver stops functioning, it means that all the toxic substances stay within your body which is a great threat to your life. Women’s bodies are weaker in dealing with alcohol consumption unlike men that is why it is very easy for them to get affected reason being women’s bodies take much longer to process the alcohol.

The Nervous System;

This involves your hands, feet and eyes; alcohol damages the nervous system bringing about pain in the legs and instability hence making walking difficult; you may even fail to walk completely. Excessive alcohol in the body makes you move the eyes at an abnormally fast rate and also paralyses the muscles of the eyes due to insufficiency in vitamin B1.

Excessive alcohol levels in the body also bring about confusion, lack of vision and fear. A person who is so addicted to alcohol tends to be extremely nervous about everything even when it is not such a big deal because they have a mixed way of seeing things. Sometimes they cannot see clearly because of the damage on their vision this is why it is very important that you must not drink and drive; you can easily cause car accidents.

The Immune System;

Over drinking is one of the main things that badly damage your immune system and make it completely weak as we all know the immune system is what helps your body to fight against all kinds of diseases. People who drink alcohol are more likely to easily contract disease as compared to people who do not drink alcohol at all. Studies discovered that many of the people who have been drinking too much alcohol for a long period of time also suffer tuberculosis and pneumonia because their bodies are not able to fight all these infections off.

Reproductive Health;

Men who abuse alcohol are found to suffer from infertility because alcohol affects the functioning of their testicles hence hindering the production of hormone and their ability to erect. However, this may not be seen in the early stages of alcoholism but as time goes on and you are still consuming alcohol in great amounts; this is exactly what happens.

When it comes to women, excessive alcohol becomes even more dangerous as it causes infertility to women who haven’t given birth yet, when you have just started drinking you will notice that your menstruation cycle starts to change. In the long run it will completely stop and make you unable to have children. In pregnant women, it may cause miscarriages, delivery before time and in worse cases it may even bring about still birth. Sometimes the unborn child can end suffering physical abnormalities, emotional disorders or even difficulties in learning.


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