Homax Inflatable Spa 158 Gallon Review, Round Portable Hot Tub Spa.

This is absolutely where the party will start because it can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Even your friend’s pals are invited to join in on the fun relaxation. This product is so easy to put out that all you need is one touch and everything is put on point. Thing about this hot tub spa is that it is among the best hot tub spas on the market simply due to the fact it can remain intact for a very long time despite all the movements both in and out of the house. Please do take pleasure in tightening your body parts like the muscles that have been stressed all day as you work for your money. Time spent in this spa is so rewarding you will enjoy every single moment. Just like the name suggests Homax spa is just simply an inflatable hot tub spa that is so easy to set up and carry. The physical outlook of Homax is of black outer cover with a white inner side that looks gorgeously put together.

Homax Inflatable Spa 158 Gallon Review, Round Portable Hot Tub Spa.


Homax Inflatable 158 Gallons(600 Liter) SPA 4-Person 130 Air Jets Include Accessories Square Portable Hot Tub SPA Easy Plug N Play

Product quality:

Homax spa is made using great quality PVC laminated material that covers almost the whole outer and inner material of the spa. This material is to ensure that the spa obtains durability for years even when it comes into contact with some harsh circumstances overtime. That is not all, because it also comes with some other qualities like an inflation connection pipe, test strips for water, a repair kit to mention but a few more accessories that will be helpful for future use. These and more are enough reasons for you to purchase Homax spa.



  • Easy maintenance; Homax spa comes with some additional filters which are actually two of them and is used to help when you need to replace after a while. This is important especially for proper drainage system ridding off unnecessary rubbish from getting in the drainage.
  • Water treatment; this system is actually inbuilt in the system to help treat the hard water that is placed in the spa before use. This is more reason for you to get this product because you will feel great having a clean bath that is easy to heat up and nevertheless gentle on the skin.
  • Little lift weight; Homax inflatable looks heavy but we all know looks can be deceiving sometimes. It is just so low in weight you will thank your God you own one. This makes it so easy to shift from place to place anytime.
  • Large water ability; this can go up to about 600 ltrs of water at a time. Who wouldn’t like that. It means there is no limitations when it comes to relaxing in water massage hot spa with a few of your colleagues.
  • Zip thermal covering; the cover of the Homax spa contains some zips that is helpful for closing the spa and maintaining the heat through the thermal material.
  • Quiet motor; when producing bubbles, some hot tub spas in the market will produce a very loud sound that is irritating to the user but with the Homax spa, there will be completely no motor sound at all. This makes this product very peaceful to the user hence full mind relaxation and soul healing.
  • Works well under low temperatures; even during the winter you can still place outdoor product out and you won’t worry about it losing out on the heat. It can accommodate all those low temperatures without the water in the spa cooling down to the outside temperature.


  • No seats; there are no specific seats in this spa where you are supposed to seat on while enjoying the Homax spa but nevertheless it contains materials that are very comfortable when seated on directly. With the mat material present, you won’t need a seat because you will feel the same comfort with someone seated on a cushion.

Features overview:

  • Plug in spa; Homax is simply a plug in spa that does not require a lot of energy or electricity to work out. All you do is to just insert it in a simple household socket or any outlet and you are good to have fun.
  • Inbuilt heater; this is one specialty to always look for when choosing a hot tub spa and Homax inflatable got it. This inbuilt heater always produces enough amount of heat at a time so that the whole amount of water is fully heat up and there is no escaping from the spa during use.
  • Homax control unit; the panel contains about six buttons that are used to increase or reduce on the amount of water temperature, turn bubbles off/on, filter light to show that the water is absolutely clean and finally a button to let you know if the water is being heated properly.
  • Ground PVC mat; this is placed in the floor of the Homax interior so that when you sit it is so comfortable and at the same time this mat protects the heat from escaping from the spa no matter where you place it.

Who does it benefit?

Older people; growing old just got better with the Homax inflatable to spa because it will cool you down through those muscles making you look much younger. Old age comes with a lot of strains like back ache and general body pain but this spa has a great massage effect that is gentle on the body with a great massaging effect releasing all the pain off. Buy this present for your older friends or yourself and enjoy all the younger memories that you can remember while growing up.

Younger people should not be discouraged as they can also enjoy using this inflatable hot tub spa as well.

What else do you need?

  • Oh Yuk healthy cleaner; this product is used to totally clean the spa and water from all those unwanted residues and bacteria that can be harmful to both the spa and user at all times.
  • Allied precision sink tank; this product sinks low in the tank and is used to ensure that is helps in heating the water especially when the spa is being a little slower or is losing out on heat quickly. This product will solve that heat problem immediately without doubt.


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