Hair Re-Growth; Step by Step Process


Thinking of growing hair all over again? Then you are in the right place as am going to provide you with a step by step process of how to re grow hair so well no one will ever believe you just grew it back. But I should inform you that these steps though effective will take quite some time.  After all,  in normal circumstances we only grow an inch of hair per month. It doesn’t matter how you lost your hair but these methods will work for all and are a lot cheaper as compared to the use of chemicals, surgery and so on. Let’s start looking at hair re-growth process step by step below;

  • Oil massage; you will constantly like not less than once a week have to massage the hair with rich oils that are natural especially essential oils as well. Massaging the scalp allows blood to flow beneath it so well allowing the hair to even grow faster than before. All you require is your finger tips to do the massaging. Some of the oils you can use to do that include; castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, lavender, rosemary, argan and so on. These oils when massaged constantly in the scalp help promote growth of healthy hair quickly and they will also unclog the pores that might have been blocked allowing hair to grow easily while the skin is free from infections.


  • Be selective with shampoo; you don’t have to completely stay away from using shampoos but you need to do research on some of the best shampoos and then stay completely away from those that have harsh chemicals and also contain sulfates in them. The reason why you should stay away from sulfates is that though commonly used in shampoos, they have the ability to strip the hair of the natural oils making it very dry and weak. So the type of shampoo you invest in should be very gentle and made entirely with natural products only. Also remember not to wash hair daily maybe once a week is enough because regular washing will wash away the natural oils that are great for hair strength and protection.


  • Alter your diet; most times what a person eats is very evident in the way their hair looks and in this case of hair re-growth you will have to completely change your diet for healthier foods that boost growth of healthy hair. For starters you will have to increase the proteins in your body, commonly found in some hair growth products  and by eating protein rich foods, omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and iron are basically the foods we are looking at here. All these foods have the ability to quicken the growth of strong, healthy, thick and beautiful hair and on the skin and body also has to remain hydrated by taking lots of water that will promote moisturized hair as well.


  • Low heat; actually you are supposed to stay away from heating tools that are designed for the hair but if you really have to then the heat should be really low. This is because heat weakens the hair and funny enough even if you decide to use a hair protectant, it won’t be very effective when you use high heat on the hair so stay away from heat if possible.


  • Don’t wet brush; if your hair is still wet please do not brush otherwise it will easily break off because that is when hair is very elastic and will easily break off. But instead invest in a comb with wide toothed and use it in the gentler way to comb through the hair from the tips going gently down till you reach the roots.


With all those steps in mind make sure that you always stay away from stressful situations or thoughts and always get enough sleep and you will have a full hair re-growth that is simply amazing .










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