Hair Loss Treatments for Women


There are very many causes for hair loss in women mostly associated with hormonal changes, stress and so on but now when you are in such a situation; what hair loss treatment do you use to deal with the problem.  You should know that some of these hair loss treatments won’t work well if you have a permanent hair loss but otherwise enjoy having beautiful thicker hair after trying the tips below, after all a woman’s beauty starts with her hair.  While using these treatments, make sure you diet well, stay away from stress and so on so the treatment is more effective. Follow these steps below to treat your hair loss problem;


  • Natural home remedies for hair loss; these are the ones that involve only natural methods that you can do it yourself from home. However, you should make sure that the oils being used are all natural with completely no harsh chemicals placed in them. Some of these home remedies include jojoba oil great for hair loss especially when rubbed directly in the scalp, Rosemary mixed with almond oil, licorice and saw palmetto which helps prevent dihydro-testosterone, and emu oil which help stimulate hair growth as well moisturize it. These natural home remedies that I have just mentioned won’t fail because they have been proven scientifically to be effective and they have also been used for many centuries to help prevent hair loss or rejuvenate healthy hair growth in women.


  • The Topical solution; this is known as the Minoxidil under the brand name of Rogaine and its one of the best treatments for hair loss for women only that has also been approved by the FDA. However, you should know that it comes come in different dozes like in 2 and 5% formula of which only the lower percentage is recommended for women. It has a simple way of using it like only massaging it on the scalp and if done regularly like almost daily then better growth results will occur within a short period of time like in less than six months time. So you can use it till you gain the thick longer hair and then you can choose to stop or continue.



  • Hair transplants; this is very important to treat hair loss especially when you are having almost a permanent hair loss and then even thinning as well. It’s a formula done by specialists whereby some hair is removed from a particular part of the scalp and then it is implanted in the places with hair loss. By the way only tiny follicular units that consist of only 2-4 hairs are transplanted and then the head will be fuller with hair again. This process is quite expensive as compared to the rest of the hair loss treatments for women.


  • Prescription therapy; for some cases especially when your body does not respond to Minoxidil then you can be prescribed an anti androgen medication by a doctor. These treatments have the ability to help stimulate the re growth of hair in most women and it will also minimize on the hair loss process. However, some of these medications like finasteride can only be used by women that have already clocked menopause because it had dangerous side effects of causing birth defects and that is why it is FDA approved for Men.


Conclusion; while taking any of the above steps, always make sure that you find time daily to regularly massage the scalp because this will help improve on the circulation of blood in the scalp that is very convenient for boosting of hair growth. Then massaging the scalp also after you have applied the natural oils like almond, jojoba and so on will allow them to sink deeper and be more effective.




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