Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Manual Men’s Razor Blade Refills

To make Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Manual Men’s Razor Blade the best for sensitive skin; the makers of this fine product have redesigned with low cutting force, thinner and finer edges. They feature low resistance coating which enables the blades to efficiently and painlessly take care of your beard. They also have that blade stabilizer which does not only allow blades to easily conform to any man’s face but also maintains maximum blade spacing. Even too much shaving cream will not prevent you from getting that close shave because these blades feature the streamline comfort guard channels which stretch the skin and enable blades to get into contact with the your skin. Its lubra strip is instilled with mineral oil and lubricating polymers which enables blades to smoothly glide over skin even on repeated strokes.

 Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills

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  • They give a close shave that is not painful because of the thinner and finer edges which smoothly move along the beard area.
  • They have anti-clog slots which make the shaving your beard a process much faster and reduce the possibility of infections and irritations.
  • It also contains lubricants and mineral oils that help the blades to move smoothly on your skin through the shaving process hence reducing chances of irritations.


They are extremely expensive but perform better than those ones that do not cost as much as them. Many people are not ready to pay such a price only on blades. But for some people this is no big problem since they are just too perfect at what they do.


  • Low cutting force blades: They use very little cutting force to reduce the possibility of cuts; these blades are redesigned with thinner and finer edges. In addition they have that low resistance coating that cuts through your beard.
  • Blade stabilizer: This simply maintains maximum blade spacing for added comfort while at the same time enabling blades to easily contour to your face.
  • Streamlined comfort guard: From these blades you will get nothing but the closest beard shave, because this guard removes any excess shaving gel or cream so that blades come into close contact with the skin giving you the most comfortable close beard shave ever.

  • Enhanced precision trimmer: No matter how much shaving gel you might have applied these blades are still able to come really close due to the anti-clogging rinse slots hence leaving you with an entirely clean skin.
  • Advanced closeness: Using these blades with a handles that features flex ball technology will give you the closest shave ever. The advanced closeness that these blades have ensures that no single hair strand of your beard is missed in each and every stroke.


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