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Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate MonitorGarmin’s FR70 is a 3-in-one device; it works as a fitness watch, heart-rate monitor and as an ordinary digital watch, so you can do more with this fitness watch. When you buy this watch, you will also get a chest-strap which makes heart rate reading easy, so you just have to concentrate on working out and let this device do the math for you.

But as you workout / walk, Garmin FR70 will be calculating calories burned, speed and heart rate. It’s price has been reduced to about $100, and I’m sure it will go down with time.  The other feature of calculating speed can only work if you buy a foot pod and attach it on your sneakers, this will sync distance data with your Garmin watch. This small feature can be of great benefit to  most runners  because you can easily know how many miles you have run



  • Strong and soft Rubber: – Garmin FR70 has a durable and soft rubber; it feels so good and comfortable when you wear it. Some fitness watches are heavy on the hand, making it difficult to wear them while running but this Garmin FR70 is light and nice looking. The rubber is a little bit elastic which makes it easy to wear.
  • Water proof:- You can wear this fitness watch to a swimming pool or run when it’s raining without worrying about this Garmin baby. It will still function well; show you reports about your heart rate and distance covered.
  • 3-In-One:- You can tell the  time and date of the day, know your heart rate stats, sync it with a mobile fitness app, and the same time calculate burned calories. So, that onetime fee is really cheap compared to what you will do with just one sports watch.
  • Easy to read:- The screen of Garmin FR70 is a little bit wider from that of Garmin 405CX, this detailed screen will display bold text which is very easy to read, saving you from straining your eyes.

 Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate Monitor




If this is your first time to shop for a fitness watch / heart rate monitor, then you should shop for this Garmin, it’s an exclusive fitness watch which is very easy. Actually, you might not read the user manual to learn how to operate it, that is how easy it is. But if you want to be clear of each and every feature of this watch, take off some time and read through the user manual, it will show you how to operate the watch, but if you have very little patience with fitness gadgets, just use one feature at a time and you will get it all right in a few days.


Technical Details:


  • Weight:- This watch weighs 1.6 ounces, this is quite light compared to most fitness watches I have reviewed. At least you will not feel this weight when running.
  • Product Size:- Garmin FR70 has a standard dimension of 0.5 x 1.5 x 2.2 inches, so it can fit any hand as long it’s not for a child. The rubber strap can be adjusted to fit any arm.
  • Display Size:- Garmin FR70 features a standard screen size which makes reading of data very easy. Its display size is 2.2 inches
  • Battery Life:- We have many types of fitness watches on the market but most of them can’t keep power for long, so you have to charge them often. This one can keep power for 8760 hours and  that is quite enough time. You don’t have to be bothered with charging it all the time because if I do the math, 8760 hours equates to 365 days.


  • Stay Motivated: – Not everyone has a workout partner, so the possibility of getting stuck on the road is very high. However, if you want to get the best results, you need to stay motivated all the time. This Garmin fitness watch has a way of keeping you on the road, it’s wide screen shows burned calories, distance covered and heart rate. All these 3 stats will push you to work out more.
  • You can train from any where:- It does not matter where you train from; it could be indoors or out door, this fitness watch will perform as expected. It will track all your workout data, this will include; burned calories, heart rate, and time. At the same time it can connect with other ANT+ compatible devices to track and report more data.
  • Keep track of your health:- FR70 is compatible with Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale, so you can use it to monitor your health more. Once these two are paired together, you will be in position to track your  weight/ body fat, body water and so much more. Data tracked will be stored in this FR70 fitness watch but at the same time it can be synced to a smart phone.
  • Connects to a wireless heart rate monitor:- During extensive workouts, you need to know the status of your heart, at least this will save you from over exercising. FR70 tracks your heart rate stats automatically and displays them on the screen for easy reading. If your heart rate is too low, you can increase on the intensity of the exercise and if it gets to high, reduce on intensity.
  • Connects with a foot pod:- This device is bought independently and one of its functions is to measure distance covered while running. However, reading this data, you need a smart fitness watch like this FR70 , it will connect automatically with the foot pod and show you instant results about distance covered while jogging.
  • Recommended to Bikers:- Unlike most fitness watches which can’t track activities when performing certain exercises, this FR70 can collect data any time, it does not matter which exercise you’re doing, as long as your body is in motion. All you have to do is to pair FR70 with a speed/cadence sensor which you can attach to a pedal.

Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate Monitor



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