Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch Review

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport WatchGarmin Forerunner 110  is a unisex watch, but it is mainly focused on mainstream runners, however, also bikers can take advantage of its features but it might do better when you’re running.

It comes with plenty of storage but its battery life is not that amazing, according to its technical details, I can see that this sports watch can keep power for only 8 hours, that is a very short time especially on people who exercise on a daily basis, However, you can recharge the battery using a USB cable, but still 8 hours is not enough.




  • Perfect Display:- It has a 1 inch screen display which is a default dimension for most digital sports watches. Judging from the picture above, everyone can be in position to read data displayed on the screen without straining their eyes. The watch as a back light button which you can use to see data displayed on the screen clearly.
  • Soft Durable Rubber:- By default all sports watches have rubber straps, because rubber can withstand any condition, this Garmin forerunner watch has a soft & light durable rubber strap, it’s not heavy in the hand, so you will feel comfortable when running.
  • Standard Product Dimension:- Size is a very crucial factor when shopping for a sports watch, it should not be too big / too small, just something reasonable with a good weight. Garmin Forerunner has a dimension of 7 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches, this is a standard dimension for a sports watch, it’s ideal for both men and women.



  • Accurate Records:- This is a Gps enabled watch, it will perfectly track covered distance, time and pace. All this data can be stored in the watch; you can download it later and store it on your computer, phone or mobile app. Every trainer needs accurate records, because they help you gauge your fitness level.


  • High sensitive GPS receiver:- This watch has been designed in such a way that when it gets close to a satellite receiver, the GPS stays locked, this feature ensures that the GPS records only accurate data, saving the user from inaccurate data. This is a feature you might see by yourself, but it’s integrated within the watch.



  • Connect it to Garmin Website:- After working out, you can upload data from this watch to Garmin website, you will find all essential features on your online account to help you view your data well and at the same time set goals.


  • Water Resistant:- Mother nature has no rules, it can change in a minute, so if you decide to run for long distance, you need to wear this water resistant watch, at least rain won’t stop you from completing that marathon. I also recommend this watch to professional marathon runners.


  • Free Data Cable: – All Garmin sports watches come with a data cable which you can use to transfer data from the watch to your computer. The same cable can be used to charge the battery once it runs out.


  • Track Distance: – I think have already mentioned something about this, this watch will help you track covered distance, so it saves you from running without a purpose. As a beginner, you should run for a short distance, I can’t judge how short it should be, but at least 1 mile is enough for beginners. If you don’t have this watch, you will not be in position to know if you have covered a mile.


  • Smaller and Less Bulky:- Now we get back to the weight factor. I just can’t imagine wearing a heavy sports watch, it can make you feel uncomfortable, and you will even get tired very fast. However, this 110 Garmin Forerunner is small and less bulky on hands. That’s to why they call it a unisex sports watch. When I compare it to Garmin 405, this 110 is a winner. When you wear 110 Garmin, it will feel like you’re wearing a normal digital rubber strap watch.


  • Bigger Display of Numbers:- I talked about the size of the screen and back light feature which enables you to see data even in darkness. Now, that is not enough, this watch also displays data in bold fonts making it very easy to read even when you’re running. Data displayed on the screen includes; distance covered/ time/ heart rate and pace.


  • Less Menus on Navigation:- I don’t if everyone wants to have a messy sports watch with lots of functions on the menu. I can talk for everyone, but I personally like simple gadgets and this Garmin has a summarized menu; very easy to understand and navigating makes this Garmin sports watch user friendly and good for beginners.


  • Uses Button Controls:- Forget about those sports watches which use bezel controls, I really don’t like them, I prefer normal button controls to bezel controls. Buttons are found on the sides of the watch, you can easily control the watch even when running.


  • USB Connection:- To some extent, I might not be a big fun of USB connectors, because it is very easy to lose the connector, this Garmin Forerunner sports watch uses only USB connection instead of wireless connection. We leave in modern times; this device should have both features to make data transfer easy for everyone. Just can’t imagine running 3 miles, get back home so tired and start connecting the device manually to sync my data.


  • Affordable:- When I compare 110 GPS runner with other models like 210 & 10, this model comes at a very good price. It competes with FR70 when it comes to price, but still people prefer 110 to FR70.


  • 1 year warranty:- After placing your order today, Amazon will ship this watch to your door with a receipt and warranty details. If anything happens to the watch, you will be covered by the warranty for 12 months. But this warranty might not cover some physical accidents; it only covers faults within the watch.

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch

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