Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Review

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Review

Yoga is a relaxing experience itself and if your yoga mat is not comfortable enough there is surely no way you will achieve any positive results. Just like you need comfortable shoes and trainers; having a good quality yoga mat is another very important thing that you need to get results from your yoga classes and it does not matter whether you are the teacher or the student. When I talk about a really good quality yoga mat, I talk about Gaiam Print Yoga Mat because of the huge number of people that have continuously reviewed positively about this yoga mat.

The mat is not only very comfortable but also very attractive with beautiful designs and a huge variety of colors you all customers to have something that perfectly suit their demands. With the right level of thickness and cushioning the mat has the ability to improve alignment while remaining really comfortable during all types of poses. Now for all the yoga lovers out there, here is a review of one of the best yoga mats one the market that will turn your yoga into a whole new experience.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat



The mat is extremely beautiful light weight and latex free so for anyone who is allergic to latex this mat is very perfect since it does not cause any kind of harm to people with the latex type of allergies. And the fact that it is lightweight makes it very easy to carry the mat from one place to another without going through too much of a hustle. The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat has over 20 different extra ordinarily attractive designs in fact choosing one mat out of the many will be a very difficult decision for you to make because all the designs have the same beauty.


The mat’s cushioning is just average; the Gaiam yoga mat is 3mm thick but even with all this thickness it does not have the right amount of cushioning which makes its traction average. One of the things that you must look out from a yoga mat is the great traction. With such average traction some pauses become a bit uncomfortable. However, if you are more careful on the mat you surely not find any problems with it.




  • Light weight; being very thick the mat is still not that heavy so you can carry it with you to yoga classes every single day without complaining about its weight. If you are looking for a light weight mat then you cannot look any further than the Gaiam Print Yoga Mat.
  • Well textured non slip surface; in order to do all those pauses during yoga you need a mat that will offer excellent traction and with the Gaiam yoga mat this surely what you will get. The mat has a perfect texture that provides firm grip all through your work out so you will not have to worry about slipping off the mat or suffering any accidents.
  • Free yoga work out download; if you want to try yoga for the first time then you will surely love this yoga mat because it comes with a work out down load that you can follow. It is not only those that are experts with yoga that can own a yoga mat anymore. You can now work out on your own with this Gaiam yoga work out download since it is completely free.
  • Free from many harmful ingredients; since many of the yoga mats are made of plastic they are made with ingredients that are harmful especially to people with allergies and very sensitive skin. The Gaiam print yoga mat is free from latex and phthalates such as DIDP, DNOP, DBP and many others.
  • Comes in several designs and colors; with the Gaiam print yoga mat you have a whole lot of variety to choose from when it comes to colors and designs, all of which are very attractive.
  • Dimensions; the Gaiam print yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide which makes the really spacious for all pauses. It is also 3mm thick for you to enjoy comfort the mat provides throughout your work out



  • Durable; what every buyer looks out for buying a product is how long will the product last and with the Gaiam Print Yoga Mat you can rest assured of amazing durability. It is made with great quality and long lasting rubber material that allows you to use the mat even for long hours; this makes the mat worth all the money you will spend on it.
  • Extremely beautiful; if you are looking for a really beautiful addition to your gym; this yoga mat is definitely what you are looking for since it has really beautiful colors and designs that will make any room look really attractive.
  • It is very comfortable; the mat is thick enough; has enough space and is well cushioned to ensure that your whole work out is filled with nothing but a lot comfort. The only way you can be able to achieve a really great yoga work out is if your yoga mat offers all the comfort your need.
  • Super affordable price; with the mat coming at just twenty dollars on Amazon anyone can be able to afford the mat. This does not it is cheaply made; it is made with great quality and works just like those very expensive mats but its price is really amazing.
  • The odor it produces is completely harmless; the moment you un-wrap the mat it produces odor that may be quite unpleasant but this is typical of any plastic mat. The difference with the Gaiam print yoga mat is that the odor is totally harmless but before using the mat you are advised to leave it open for around three to four days before you start using it.


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