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The foot log massage roller has been scientifically designed to massage and exercise the feet to relieve it from that harsh experience it goes through each and every day. With the foot log there is absolutely no reason for you to have knowledge about reflexology or even believe in it. You just have to enjoy the foot massage that this tool offers and the relaxation that comes from using the instrument. It also gives your feet a tickling feeling from each session, just the way you feel when someone massages your feet. It requires little maintenance as caring for the foot log has been really simplified due to its soft and flexible material. You will also love its lightweight and exceptional durability.

Foot Log Massage Roller with Card and Booklet

 Foot Log Massage Roller With Card And Booklet


  • Comes with a mini reflexology chart: This simply indicates the different reflex points inside and outside the foot area as well as the reflex points at the bottom of the foot.
  • Durable material: It does not matter how many times you use the foot log, its durable material allows you to use it for as long as you want even if you use it daily.
  • It is soft and flexible: Rolling your feet on the foot log gives your feet the right amount of relaxation it needs, owing to its soft and flexible nature. Even if you have never used an instrument like this before; using the foot log is just too self-explanatory.
  • Massage and exercises the feet: Your feet go through a lot of hard edges and surfaces as you walk and run through the day so the foot log is designed to massage and exercise the feet thus soothing them with relief from all that tension and strain.

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Product quality:

  • Stimulates not just the legs but the whole body: This is specifically designed to massage and exercise the legs because too much pressure is exerted on them by the body. However, as you use it you will not only feel relief on the feet reason being it stimulates the whole body.
  • Very easy to care for: Unlike other massage products, the foot log does not require any kind of maintenance as you only need a little detergent to wash it then leave it to air dry; it is that simple.
  • Very effective device: This is a very simple device but it is very effective to all different reflex points in the foot. Using the foot log will not require you to know where the reflex points are; you just roll your over and feel the impact of its pressure on all points of the foot.


  • It is lightweight and durable; the foot log massage roller is designed with a light weight which makes it very easy to carry from one place to another. This simply means that you can use the foot log wherever you feel like. Thia foot massage tool  is made with a really long lasting material that allows you to use it for quite long.



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