Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity-Tracker Review

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity TrackerWhen it comes to keeping your health in good condition, there is one device that you need to have all the time; it’s a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. This is a very essential activity tracker because it keeps records on how many steps you have taken during any given day, burned calories distance covered and so much more.

You don’t have to wear it as a watch, simply attach it on your pocket and get moving; it will track each and every activity and automatically sync this data to your computer for easy reading and sharing with friends. In this review, we shall look into all major features of Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and see how relevant they can be.


  • It is a perfect fitness motivator which will change your life; you might not use a pedometer again if you try out this ZIP wireless activity tracker.
  • It automatically syncs your fitness data to your Iphone, all you need to install is a FITBIT mobile App and the rest will be done automatically. There is no need of a USB cable, just concentrate on things which matter.
  • No maintenance required. Yes, you have hard me right and I guess this is a very important thing. Unlike other activity trackers on the market which require you to press buttons or do all sorts of things to transfer and read data, this Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity-Tracker is exceptional, you don’t have to do anything except turning it on and attaching it on your pocket. Old school pedometers would require you to reset them or use a USB cable to transfer data, everything was being done manually, so just imagine what lazy people like you and me would deal with a manually operated pedometer.

It is a very good motivator especially for lazy people. When data is transferred to your mobile App, it will be organized inform of graphs making it very easy for you to read. However, days you have been inactive will show up in red and the curve will go down meaning you did not achieve anything during those days. Automatically your brain will wake up your body to be active so that the graph shows positive data; in that way this Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity-Tracker will act as a motivator.

  • It is portable and light, men can clip it on the pants and ladies can clip it on their bras / tops. You will have more than one color selection when you shop from Amazon and data can be synced without touching on the device.
  • Great support from FITBIT Company. At least you don’t have to stop on buying this activity tracker, FITBIT support team will work hand-in-hand with you, they will send you weekly emails about your performance, this data will include your highs and lows, burned calories, weight lost and suggestions on what you can do to get better.

fitbit ZIP



  • All-day activity tracker: – On a glance it looks like a very small gadget but what it does is next to impossible. It keeps track of each and every activity you do during the day. Not necessarily that you have to jog all day long. But instead of taking a taxi to a restaurant for lunch, walk that distance, instead of using an escalator or LIFT, take stairs, move around the office and stay fit. At the end the day, this Fibit Zip wireless tracker will record each and every step you took during the day and at the same time calculate total number of calories burned.
  • Wide display: – We have many wireless activity trackers out there on the market, but majority of them have slim / small screens. It’s possible to read data displayed on these screens but you will need to strain your eyes to see data clearly. Fitbit Zip has standard screen size like that of a digital sports watch; you can read your data very well or know time of the day on instant without straining your eyes.
  • Water Resistant:- Chances are high that you will get caught up in rain while jogging or walking. But there is one thing you should not worry about, it’s WATER. Because this ZIP activity tracker is rain and splash proof so you don’t have to stop exercising simply because you have caught by rain, keep moving and the device will keep on tracking those movements and at the same time calculate distance covered and calories burned. However, ZIP FIBIT activity tracker is not swim proof, so don’t dive into that swimming pool with this device.
  • Long battery life:- You can replace its battery every after 4-6 months. The type of battery used in ZIP is 3v coin battery which you can buy from AMAZON or The battery will work for 6 months without recharging, at least this will give you enough time to work out even more.
  • Set goals and challenge your friends:- You can use FITBIT mobile application to set goals and challenges with friends. As you workout, the device will automatically sync data to your mobile App and your friends will have access to this data if you agree to share it with them. You will also be in position to access their fitness data and create a competition among your selves; this is a great option because it keeps you motivated throughout the year.



Sometimes your tracker might get stuck and the only option you have is to reset / reboot it. Follow steps outlined below:

  1. Look at the back of your ZIP tracker; you will see a battery door. Open it up using a small sharp tool and remove the battery.
  2. Wait for at least 10 seconds before placing the battery .
  3. Place back the battery and close the battery door. The 10 seconds are enough; your Fitbit will have reset and it will be ready for use.


After placing your order today, you will find the following items in your box.

  • Fitbit Zip™ tracker
  • Replaceable battery (it works for at least 6 months)
  • Wireless sync dongle Silicon clip
  • Battery door tool (use this tool every time you want to open that battery door)

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