Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Did you actually know that getting some results about your daily activities that include your sleep as well could make your fitness days much more interesting. May be many people have never even considered owning an activity tracker because they think it is not important to them but after trying out this fit bit wireless activity tracker you will realize that it is actually important to track your activities. Some results from your steps and sleep give the most accurate and reliable results. The tracker will help monitor your all your movements hence help you know better about your health. The most amazing thing about the fit bit sleep tracker is that, it is a wireless device therefore you do not need to worry about wearing it on only your hand like the watches which make your nights uncomfortable instead as it can track your steps from wherever you may choose to place it. As you toss and turn around all night long the tracker will be able to give you results on each and every one of those movements so when you get up in the morning you will be able to know how well you slept the previous night. It is now time for you to find how many times you made movements during your sleep, how many calories you burned through the day and make daily comparisons as the device automatically stores all your data to your computer or your android phone.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker,


  • It is wireless and automatically stores your data; no matter where you may choose to place your device it will still track all your steps because of its wireless technology. It does not only stop at that, it also automatically syncs all your data to your computer or smart phone so that the next morning when you wake up you are able to access your results and know how fit or healthy you are or better yet compare your results from the previous days. You will surely have perfect results al the time simply because the device is super accurate. You will also have the ability to share your fitness results with your friends after the data has been synced to your computer or mobile device.


  • The band that comes with the tracker is very weak; it will probably break within the first or second week of using it. There is no doubt that the tracker will still work well even without the band but all the same such a great product is always expected to come with perfect bands. Strong bands are expensive in other stores and are not that easy to find. This becomes frustrating as it makes you spend more than you had already planned therefore the company of this fit bit tracker needs to look at that problem and make better adjustments with the bands.




  • It is multipurpose; as small as it looks, the fit bit one will do several things all at the same time because of the extra unique technology used in constructing it, leave alone those old pedometers that could only do one or two activities. With the fit bit one, every day that passes by, you will be more encouraged and motivated as it keeps track of your daily steps, the stairs you climbed, the distance you moved, the number of calories you burned, how long you slept and how well you slept and what else can you possibly ask for from a fitness activity tracker. The device is made with fit bit’s best accelerometer and altimeter and bases all its calculations on your personal profile, this way you can be rest assured of getting the most perfect results.
  • Automatically stores all your data; the moment you create an account with fit to register your device, your device will automatically start to sync data with your computer, phone or ipad. Opening the account is actually free and immediately after doing this you will be able to access all your information on the fit bit dash board with the exact time in which you did each of the activities.
  • It features a really accurate sleep tracker; did you know that how you sleep or how long you sleep also contributes greatly to your fitness, just put the device on your wrist band before you go to sleep and see how amazing it can get. The fit bit is made with the ability to measure your entire sleep cycle therefore as soon as the data is synced the graphs will show you the number of times you woke up, how long you slept along with the quality of your sleep. It does not only stop at that, it also comes with a wake up alarm that will wake you up whenever you wish without causing any distraction to anyone else.
  • It awards motivational badges; to help you work more and achieve all your goals. The fit bit one will award with a badge whenever you achieve a new goal or have an outstanding performance. You will never get tired or bored of working out with the fit bit one.
  • You can share and compete with friends with the fit bit one; you will be able to do comparisons with the other members on fit as you monitor your progress on your different set goals. It also shows how close you are to achieving your goals hence helping you understand you health much better and what you can do to improve it .
  • Logs a really wide number of data and activities; using the fit bit online tools you can be able to log all your desired information and activities take for example your work outs, weight, type of food you eat into the fit bit database and still be able to easily access all that information. At the end of all this, you will definitely be able to have a full picture of what your health is like.


  • Perfect design and shape; the fit bit one is made with a sleek shape which makes it possible for the user to place it anywhere and still get accurate results. You will even forget you are wearing it because of its weightless design. In fact, no one will notice you are wearing an activity tracker depending on where you place it. In other wards the fit bit one is very comfortable to move around with all day long.
  • Amazing durability; because of its great construction you will use the device for years and years without finding any problems with it. With its great technology there is almost no possibility that you will find an activity tracker better than the fit bit one. Even when you have used it for some time, I will still operate like the very first day you started using it. Unlike the old pedometers that would stop working after being used for two or three weeks. It will be you to get tired of the fit bit one because it will work for a really long time period.
  • Keeps all information well stored; even if you do not check you results daily you will still find them even if it’s after a week or a month so if you do not feel like taking a look at the results that very day you can just wait and check them whenever you feel like. They will still be as accurate as they were at the time when they were recorded. You will be able to access your data whenever you feel like.
  • Does what it is supposed to do quite perfectly; the fit bit one will work exactly as advertised, it will track the distance you travel, the stairs you climb, the amount of calories you burn each day and gives you accurate results of all those activities you do through the day and even during the night.
  • Keeps you active and motivated; as you share your stats with your friends and make comparisons with other members on fit you are able to keep track of your progress on the set goals so this way you will how close you are to achieving your goals and what you to get better results.








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