How to Enjoy a Spa Treatment in a Hot Tub Spa

The reason you will go for spa is majorly because of enjoyment but its also important to know of ways that you will make you have the most fun of all times. Spa treatments do vary from type to type and are for different purposes; some even come with pleasant scents for the more romantic date setting,others come with skin treatment properties, among others. Spa treatments, in general, are supposed to bring healing to one’s body through healing, relaxing massage of the body and mind through bringing calmness and erasing all the pain that you might be having. Have you ever heard of stories of people that dread hot tub spas? Well most of them do usually because of the bad experiences that they had and would never want to be involved in it again. All I can say is, don’t be them because with the right knowledge you will have the time of your life ever and that is why you need to go ahead and read this article for tips on how to get the best spa treatment ever. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoor/outdoor or whether you are using an inflatable or portable hot tub spa/ traditional spa, the fun will be unlimited.

Now here’s how to enjoy a spa treatment in a hot tub spa;

  • Choose a comfortable spa; comfort is everything when you want to have the best time otherwise your spa time won’t last and you might end up developing  aches instead. If you haven’t yet bought a spa make sure to choose the ones that are cushioned or have comfortable sitters. And if you already own one that is not very comfortable then you can go out and buy spa cushions for that extra comfort. When you sit comfortable the back will also be placed well and the massage will occur throughout the body. The comfort will be too much and you will stay in for much longer.
  • Choose the right chemicals; spas especially hot spas do need chemicals for different purposes and if you choose the wrong ones you won’t enjoy. When you have the right chemical you will enjoy your spa treatment to the maximum because the water will be clean, crystal clear, bacterial/ fungal free and definitely more safe. These chemicals include chlorine, bromine and many more. Also ensure to do research about the chemicals in case you have a very sensitive skin that easily reacts to chemicals. With this sorted am sure you will have the best spa treatment ever.
  • Right amount of heat; make sure to set the right amount of temperature in the spa that you can handle and this way you will enjoy the best spa treatment ever. Some spas need to be set on hours before you can get in so the water fully heats up while others need to be covered most of the time so the heated is retained. The best kinds of spas are the ones that have control panels to allow you limit or increase on the heat. There is no spa enjoyment with cold water so make sure the heat is just right.
  • Safety first; a spa environment has to be safe for all the users including children and pregnant women so it’s enjoyable. The spa has to be safe enough so it’s not slippery when some soap is added in, the power cables have to be safe when in contact with water, the water levels doesn’t have to be too high for the children and many more. When all those things are safe then you will enjoy the best spa treatment in a hot tub.
  • Entertainment; the best moments are usually the ones with music in the background after all its proven music provides healing to body and mind. If you have a spa that contains a built in music system then good for you just turn up the music and have the most enjoyable hot tub moment. While if you don’t have an inbuilt music system then you can provide your own so even your friends won’t be bored when words seem no more.
  • Invite family or friends; am sure no one wants to be lonely and no one wants to enjoy a moment alone. Share all these spa moments with someone else and this way you will forever treasure those memories. When you have someone else in the spa there won’t be boredom as you will use that time to catch up on all the previous events or you can just use that time to bond especially when there are children involved. Imagine a no expense fun in the comfort of your home….call it hot spa enjoyment time.
  • Keep the covering on always; most of the hot spa covers are insulated to help maintain the heat inside the spa. Another reason is that when you keep the cover on, it will avoid entry of unwanted substances this way you will be assured to enjoy your spa time. This way you will have a blast with your friends and family.
  • Have a bubbly scented affair; there is no age limit when it comes to playing with bubbles especially when it’s in a spa and plenty. This will provide you with the real spa experience that you always longed for. To make it even much better ensure to add in some scents that smell so well so you also enjoy the water environment with the beautiful scents. This way you will leave the spa feeling very fresh and charmingly scented.
  • Make it a party affair; who wouldn’t want to have a hot tab party? You won’t need decorations and event planners in this kind of party because it’s all in the spa. All you will need is some other people and a few drinks plus a BBQ if hungry later on. As for the drinks please buy a cup holder for your spa so you don’t have to get out of the spa in order to have a sip of your drink. This will be an almost no expense party with lots of enjoyment.




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