Use Soothing Music to Eliminate Stress

Are you tired and feeling depressed? Does that stress feeling seem like it has stayed forever and may never go away. Worry, no more… Soothing music is just the remedy you have been looking for..

It’s vital in all circumstances to identify what you think could be the stressing factor so you can easily eliminate the stress. Stress could be caused by a number of factors for example issues at work, home, and school while for some it might be the relationship that is stressing them. If you want to eliminate stress;  different people will choose a different ways.  Ways such as taking deep breaths slowly, doing yoga, eating well and sleeping well can be effective but I find cooling down or unwinding over soothing music more curative to .The remedies to eliminate stress are many but soothing music is just the one you need. Let us explore this out by examining how we can get over stress by listening to soothing music. Unknown to you; the stress therapy that you need is right there in your music library. Don’t hesitate; reach out for that great soothing ballad or soft music.  You and I know that music is known as food that nourishes the soul.


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Today,it’s hard to be stress free due to countless problems like failing businesses, family problems such as divorce, home foreclosures, and a lot more causes of stress. With this article, count on me you got the real therapy and this dosage is to be administered to you through soothing music.

When I talk about music specifically ballads, soft music and how such can be a cure to stress, some people can try to connect the subject very well for others will be convinced by the end of this article. There is  variety of music in the industry and everyone has a preference for the taste he/she feels like but allow me  to take you through an adventure of finding out how soothing, calm ,slow, ballads can help you out when stressed.   Soft music has been played for years and a wide population worldwide has at least heard it and understands it. For instance, in my world,  some artists and their great soft music will live forever; West Life ,  Michael Bolton, Celine Dionne, James Horner, Shania Twain and a lot more. On this note I would like to be clear on the fact that the list of these artists are not ranked so let there not be any misunderstanding over this.

I can presumably go on having it in mind that now you are all on board when I talk about soothing music. It’s vital to know the causes of the stress so you can look for perfect solution. For other cures, am sorry let’s hit two birds with one stone; curing the stress and being entertained. To exemplify, let me use one of the stress factors mentioned above, a fading relationship. After knowing that the stress factor is being broken hearted, then you should be careful that the message carried in the lyrics of the song in o tries to heal what you are going through not escalating the problem. It will be unfortunate to listen to the music which repeats the same problem you are going through over and over. What you need is that soothing music that in all ways will amend your broken heart and get you out of the depression. Imagine of a doctor who prescribes sugar to a diabetic patient.  If the track you are listening to, takes you back in moments that you used to have with your lover, which are no more, this in return will just scatter the broken pieces of your heart. For instance, Shayne Ward has a song known as “Damaged” though it sounds good, but with a broken heart it might do otherwise. In the above, it will in away affect the listener because he/she will be comparing circumstances at hand and what it used to be, by this, more stress will be created because trust me every time you continue holding on the situation which you can’t change, you will be straining your brain for nothing and in the end calling in what we are trying to avoid.

Looking at Bonnie Raitt’s track, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”; the message conveyed in this song offers some relief because it shows one’s decision to have a stand and that’s what matters. It saves the burden of reminiscence that will always strain your mind and in turn end up low emotionally.


Three things come to mind when I think about relaxation using music namely; where to get the music, the environment and the gadgets that you use while you listen to the music.

  • Music selection. If you do not have a CD collection at home with the tracks that you want, try the iTunes store or other online dealers who will get you the music on time when you need it.
  • Time and place matter a lot while relaxing as you are listening to soothing music. Have you ever imagined trying to listen to any music of your favorite taste and fail because you are in unfavorable environment? Actually for the right kind of environment; it has to be quiet and relaxing indeed. There should not be any distractions related to the stressors that may be giving you a hard time. In addition, you should set aside enough time to enable you to relax. Give yourself at least three hours and I bet you will be feeling better afterwards.
    I will advise you to stay in a place where you are comfortable preferably your home where you may use all the time you need. Then you can use either your bedroom or the living room depending on where you feel more at ease.

Beats by Dre Headphones

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  • Gadgets to use. It also matters what gadgets you have availed yourself to use while listening to this music. For instance there a variety of musical gadgets on market but there brands that have stood the taste of time, such as Apple, Sony, and Bose not forgetting the new comer, Beats by Dre. They are undeniably good, nicely designed and fashionable. Gadgets to use include but are not limited to head phones, ear phones, Blu ray payers, Home theatre and MP3 players. I will suggest just a few brands but you may opt for other as you desire. Just make sure you get the right quality that will deliver to your expectations.

I Pod Touch


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This one features a 4-inch retina display, A5 chip, Apple ear pods and Face time HD camera.

Beats by Dre ear phones

beats by dre earphones

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CineMate® GS Series II home theater speaker system

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Above is the CineMate Home Theater by Bose. It’s compatible with most CD players and Blu-ray disc players. It bound to deliver gripping sound for movies, games, sports and more but this time we will only need it to deliver that crisp sound of soothing music.


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While playing your ballads feel free to repeat some of those that reach your sublimity. In this you will soon discover that the more you listen to it the more meaning is revealed. Instrumentals also in the rhythm of soothing music beat are also good. For instance imagine this truck by Elton John entitled “Sacrifice”, just instrumental, with no word and it’s blended with just instruments. I don’t refute the fact that other genres of music are as good as soft music but you will bear with me that like it or not, since we are looking forward to relaxing, to calm down and get composed or freshen up our minds, we won’t opt for any other kind.

Remember, stress begins with the mind and then it’s carried down to your heart when your brain fails to raise the immediate solution.  But look no further, you just need to stock some of that soft music in your music library.You might not be a great fan but once in awhile when you feel some stress, try out soothing music when you need to relax, you will never go wrong.


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