Edwin Jagger De89lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

If you are a fan of the traditional double edge safety razors then you surely cannot afford to miss out on this super fantastic Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor. Since it is designed with the latest precision blade, it has become one of the sharpest of the best safety razors offering a really accurate close beard shave especially for those who love wet shaves. The quality of shave that this razor gives is comparable to original straight cut throat razors. Its traditional line pattern detail balances the razor to make it perform perfectly so that it gives close results without causing ingrown hairs. It also comes with 5 derby safety blades therefore you can shave your beard there and then.

 Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

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  • As one of the best safety razors, it gives the most excellent wet beard shave there is about wet shaves. Not only are they protective of the skin but they are also very soothing and comfortable so for those that insist on using wet shavers, you know which razor to buy.
  • It is made with exceptional quality yet it comes at a very cheap price. Now more than ever, even those with low budgets can get to enjoy the smoothness and closeness of a quality safety razor.
  • It has a really flawless finish so you don’t just enjoy the great close beard shave but also add an attractive manifestation.


If you are not so careful, you will get cut because this razor is as sharp as a cut throat razor which means that using it will take a little bit more time to shave your beard since you have to be very careful.



  • Attractive chrome finish: Its solid brass handle is finish in shiny chrome plated solid brass which is extremely attractive so if you are buying this safety razor expect to add the classy appearance to your bathroom.
  • Strongly built: All you have to do is change the blades otherwise you will use this for a whole life time due to its overly sturdy construction. This is not one of those razors that will get cracked or broken even after falling down.
  • Perfectly balanced: You don’t have to worry about nicks or cuts since the razor is well balanced to come close to skin but only to remove your beard or facial hair and not your skin. There is no need for you to use any pressure when using the DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor as it just does what it is built to do with great ease due to its incredible weight.

Product quality:

Close comb head: Since the razor has very sharp blades they are covered under this head comb so that you can remove the beard off without cutting yourself. This razor comes close to skin without causing ingrown hairs.

It is very sharp: Similar to those traditional cut throat razors, this Edwin Jagger safety razor is sharp enough to cut even thick, tough and long beards without finding any difficulty. In other words it delivers a really comfortable shave.

Excellent for wet shaving: People with extremely sensitive skins tend to prefer wet shaves which makes this a really perfect shaver for wet shavers. And as we know, wet shaves are very protective of the skin.

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