Easy Ways to Slow Balding that you have always ignored – Men and Women

Are you balding at a much earlier age than you really expected or you just have hair that grows at extremely slow rate that it even gets annoying sometimes? Well here is the solution to all that frustration that has been giving you sleepless nights. These tips will help to speed up the rate at which your hair grows. May be you have not been taking good care of yourself and this is what is affecting you hair growth. It could be the styling methods that you have frequently used are the main cause. Now, it is high time we found out ways that will give you a full head of thicker and longer hair.



How to Speed Hair Growth

Mind your diet for better hair growth; the foods we take into our bodies account a lot for the different parts of the body develop and that involves hair as well. When you eat poorly you will definitely suffer from stunted hair growth or rapid hair loss so that is why you are advised to eat a well-balanced meal of protein foods (fish, milk, chicken, beans and eggs), Vitamins (A, D, K and E), enough of Vitamin C, fruits plus enough zinc and iron. The combination of these in your body will stimulate hair growth straight from the roots making it grow thicker and faster.

Avoid excessive styling; over styling will make your hair look really adorable at first but in the long run this is what causes most cases of hair loss. Styling involves a lot things that is to say combing, use of heat tools, doing intricate styles such as braids, adding chemicals to your hair for example coloring and relaxing; all these cause a great deal of strain to hair causing it to break and grow at an extremely slow pace. It is therefore advisable to leave your hair alone once in a while. Practice healthy habits like air drying and you will notice a great change in how fast your hair grows.
Keep your stress levels on the low; high stress levels have been found to cause very many dangerous diseases that are harmful to your health and when it comes to hair growth stress still does the same great damage. Make sure that you have enough sleep, avoid dwelling on self-made deadlines, and when you are experiencing changes in your life just learn to accept them; this will keep your entire body healthy which gives the body enough strength to make hair production faster.

Pay great attention to the products you use to clean your hair; the shampoo and conditioner you use to clean your hair will be of great effect on how fast or slow your hair grows. Products that contain natural ingredients like avocado, coconut oil or olive oil will make your hair grow thicker and fuller. Also ensure to always clean your scalp thoroughly as it will help to create the perfect condition for blood flow and production of oils in the scalp hence making hair growth much faster.

Do exercises regularly; exercises like swimming, jogging, and going to the gym help the body to process all foods taken, makes different systems in the body relax and operate at a faster rate and as a result make your hair production faster and fuller.

Consult your doctor; If all these remedies, mentioned above, are not working you must visit your doctor to look out for any infections on the scalp and better treatments.

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