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Delta shower heads are currently some of the best selling shower heads on the market because of their modern technology. So if you are looking towards an upgrade then you have an option of where to turn to. They all come with awesome finishing and some have ergonomic handles that are user friendly. But the best part is they all have the ability to allow the user switch into different shower settings instead of the traditional one shower policy. The icing on the cake here is there are all very affordable and flexible in regards to placing on the shower arms. Check out the best delta shower heads I have selected for you and I am sure you will be able to make a choice.

Delta 58045-RB Hand shower Showerhead, Venetian Bronze

Let’s now talk real quality with Delta 58045-RB Hand shower Shower head. It’s got a number of other qualities that make it the best two in one shower like for example its ability to have a pause feature allowing the user to control the water flow while they do something else. This single water head comes with different options like the full sprays, massage, full with massage and then the slow spray.

Detla Shower head 1


Can run separately; this means that you can easily detach them apart and they will still be able to deliver water to full capacity. This way you will feel satisfied knowing you have two different objects that can deliver and if need be you can use both at the same time when sharing a shower moment with your partner with one person using the other.

  • Contact clean spray holes; this option allows you to easily wipe away build up caused by hard water with just your fingers; as you will simply wipe it off easily. This will allow you always have clean water and also be able to unblock the holes that are usually caused by mineral build ups.



  • It doesn’t have a water flow restrictor; this only means that you will not be able to control the amount of water that flows out and the water bills might go up. However, you can choose from one of the four options provided that outputs lesser water and that way you will have saved a lot.

Features overview;

  • Innovative pause; this is one rare function that you will only get with the best delta shower heads and hand showers like this one. It will ensure that the water output level is reduced to a drip which will allow you save water while doing some things like shaving your body or even while just lathering up.
  • Six-foot hose and diverter lever; this six-foot hose will allow you to guide the water to the exact to place where you want it to go at the moment allowing you properly clean yourself while the diverter lever while allow you also choose some options like set the head only and so on.


Delta Faucet 75700 Universal Hand shower, Chrome

Looking for a present-day design in a shower head then this is just about it. This gorgeous shower head will deliver far beyond your expectations when it comes to performance. It got a number of qualities that makes it one of the very best delta shower heads like its ergonomic handle, seven spray massage, a long hose that is very flexible and comes with a vacuum breaker for water supply.

Delta Faucet Hand Shower



  • Shower arm mount; this means that you can be able to enjoy your shower hands free by just mounting it over to the arm provided with it. This is actually very awesome especially when you want to scrub your body then later enjoy the water flowing over your body washing the bubbles off.
  • Anti clog; it contains anti clog formula to help you eliminate all the mineral form up from the shower head allowing you have a free flowing output of water.


  • The drizzle setting; this setting once activated is very slow to the extent that you will feel almost no amount of water drops at all.

Features overview;

  • Six-foot flexible hosepipe; this is to ensure enough adaptability to the user of the shower arm. This way you will be able to use it well without complications allowing it to be very flexible.
  • Massage sprays; consider yourself lucky because you will have to option of the massage sprays that you can activate during the shower moments. It will release multiple sprays massaging each section as they on drop on gently.
  • Trickle setting; this setting is made to help with the soaping up of the whole body or just shampooing the hair.


Delta 75152 Adjustable shower head, Chrome

This shower head is clog free and with definitely awesome water environmental requirements with only 2.5 gallons of water realized every minute spent in the bathroom. Surprisingly, that is enough water to create a drenching pour making you feel more like in a spa. It comes with a 100% user friendly mechanism that takes a short time to work it out.

 Delta Adjustable shower head


  • Dense spray pattern; now this is one plus that will be hard to resist; I mean who wouldn’t find that so tempting especially after a long sweaty day of hard work. Bathe yourself with the most amount of water that will clean you completely of all possible dirt.
  • Dual pour of water; this is through its ability to provide a large sample of water per minute which is up 2.5 gallons.


  • High pressure; the level of pressure pushing out the water is a little bit high allowing a lot of water out which can be expensive in the long run.

Features overview;

  • Chrome color and finish; this color was completely polished making it look very expensive and will blend perfectly once in the bathroom. It is resistant to water so be assured you will have that same color for ages.



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