Conair Waterfall Portable Foot Spa with Lights Review

Massaging your feet in a hot spa bath is never forgotten with the Conair waterfall spa. It is a mixture of sky blue and white in color making it outstanding. There is no amount of stress or stain that will remain on your feet after using this product. The floor of the spa contains a soft place where your feet will feel smooth whereas the sides contain some lights specifically LED lights that make it easy for you to look inside the spa  as your feet sit in comfortably. It is so user friendly in a way that you will use your toes to control the spa through the on and off buttons for the bubbles, waterfall and definitely the temperature too. Get rid of those dry looking cracked heals, unhealthy top foot skin and toes using this Conair waterfall and let your feet be lovable as you wear those sandals with high esteem.

Conair Waterfall Portable Foot Spa with Lights Review


Product quality:

Conair waterfall was assembled using the best technologies like the dual rollers (these can be removed and placed back) and strips on either sides of the inner spa. The control panel uses a three-toe technology whereby you can just use your toes to turn up or down the heat, bubbles and the waterfall spa that is also featured on it too. For better visualization, the inner parts of the spa contain LED blue lights that are arranged beautifully inside to provide you with the best water reflection that is so peaceful. Buy this product and your feet will forever be soft like a baby’s feet.



  • Additional requirements; they include a soft scrub brush that you will need to scrub your feet with as they spa removing all the hard dirt, a pumice stone specially made for rubbing the heals and base of your foot and finally a soft touch massaging object meant to relax all the feet muscles while giving them an awesome foot massage effect.
  • Dual strips; these dual strips are located on both sides of the Conair waterfall spa so that you can conveniently be able to change the heat temperatures with just the use of your three toes. The same strips can also be able to turn on or off the waterfalls and bubbles created in the spa.
  • Sooth waterfall; the waterfall feature will not only make your feet feel so good but will also provide total satisfaction when it comes to making you relaxed. With this Conair foot spa, the top of your foot is not forgotten like the other foot spas in the market.
  • Highest bubble effects; Conair spas provide an option for you to be able to turn on or off the bubbles in the spa but when you turn them on, you will have the bubbles of a lifetime. They come in many and rubbing gently against your feet as they properly relax in.
  • Wider interior; unlike some other feet spas in the market, Conair provides enough room inside where your feet can sit so at ease. The core is so broad that however large your feet is; it will still be able to properly fit in so do yourself a well by choosing this product now.
  • No slipping; the base of the base where your feet rests contains a gorgeous material that is relaxing to step on but will hold your feet in position so they don’t slip off. Even with all the additional substances like soap, your feet will remain stable and smoothed.


  • Difficulty using control panel; this is because you will use your toes to control it but that shouldn’t stop you from buying Conair foot spa because once you master the art of how to turn it round then everything will be so easy for you. And remember the heat can still remain the same even when the bubbles have been turned off which is very unlikely in other foot spas.


  • Rollers; it comes with two removable rollers that are placed in the inside of the spa to different sides where your foot sits. When you rub or roll your feet against these rollers you will have won yourself a free total massage immediately healing the nerves/muscles making them much relaxed.
  • Toe touch digital panel; this involves a three toe option for you to adjust on some of the settings while using the spa. Unlike other spas, you will not need to first get up out of the spa making yourself uncomfortable to access the panel but rather you can just use your toes to tune them.
  • Pedicure attachments; these include; a scrubbing brush, a soften touch massager and a pumice stone to assist you acquire the beautiful feet that you have always desired. These attachments are very necessary when you want to remove all the dirt and the dead skin from your feet.
  • Blue LED lights; the lights are found in the interior of the foot spa and will offer you with a calming effect as you watch your feet being worked on by the hot water and bubbles created. You can only get this with Conair foot spa that’s why you need to own one as soon as possible.


Who will it benefit?

Adults that spend all day in shoes; this will be a great way for you to massage your feet tenderly after locking them all day in closed shoes, moving around for long or even the ladies that strain their feet in high heeled shoes all day. The Conair waterfall spa will release all those muscles that have been aching through tender massage as you use your toes to work on the control. With this you will long for the moment to head back home to your spa so you can fully relax.

Sports persons, usually the most infected part when playing sports is the feet, they get to remain grounded all day and that is why you need to do them a favor at the end of the day and treat them to a gorgeous spa time. Massage them well in the Conair spa so the blood can get to flow perfectly well all day when you are working hard.

What else do you need?

  • Relief Epsom salt lavender; use this product by mixing it in the water that you place in the spa before soaking your feet in. it will help you release all the stiffness and physical exertion that you might have experienced before you soak up.
  • Tea tree oil foot soak; if you have been feeling uncomfortable in your feet like strained, infectious like bacterial or fungal then this is the right product to insert in your soak spa. All the dirt and tiredness will completely be erased from your feet instantly that’s why you need to purchase this to while using the Conair waterfall spa.
  • Fungus stop; just like the name suggests, this will provide total elimination of all the fungus that might be infested in your feet including under the nails. It contains natural ingredients that are herbal and this is just what you need for all those infections.


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