Conair Hm14 Touch N Tone Massager Review


Conair Hm14 Touch N Tone Massager Includes 5 Attachments


Conair HM14 touch n tone massager that includes 5 attachments is a high quality body massager built with all the best attachments for a pain relieving and relaxing massage on the scalp, the face and the body as a whole. The massager has an ergonomic handle which easily adapts to all contours on your body and two speed settings for you to choose that particular speed that best suits your needs. If you are in for the more relaxed and simple massage then you use the slow speed setting and if you want a more vigorous setting you can use the faster speed setting. Its extended line cord makes it convenient to use the massage in whichever room you wish, there is no doubt you will love using this massager.


It has very many attachments: with over five attachments the massager offers five different massage modes so you have a wide variety of massage types to choose from depending on the kind of pain you have.

It is very easy to use: with very easy controls, light weight and ergonomic handle the massage is very easy to use on which ever part of the body you may feel like massaging. Its weight allows you to use it for a long time period without getting worked out.


  • Easy grip handle: the Conair HM14 touch and tone features a really sleek and smooth handle that perfectly fits in your hands to make holding the massager very comfortable. With this type of handle you do not have to worry about the massager slipping through your hands in the middle of the massage session.
  • Five massage modes: offering five attachments; the massager is designed to offer five different massage modes to give you the massage of your choice depending on the type of relief you want to have.
  • Two speed settings: it has a slow and fast speed setting which enables you to choose which one you want most. If you want your massage smooth you can use the slow speed setting and if you want it fast then go in for the faster speed setting that is more vigorous.
  • Limited one year warranty: if by any chance the massager does not perform to your expectations you can always take it back within a period of one year.
  • Massager for different parts of the body: it is designed not for a particular body part but for many different body parts namely, the scalp, face and whole body in general.

Product quality:

  • It is a lightweight device: massaging any part of the body is very simple because this massager from Conair is built with a lightweight so it does not feel heavy in your hands.
  • Can be used on many parts if the body: instead of buying a different massager for each and every body part you can just purchase this one massager that can be used on different body parts.
  • Very convenient and easy to use: the combination of its easy to grip handle and clear control makes the devise very easy to use by anyone.


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