Comfort Products 60-2907p08 10 – Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat Review

The sitting and lying experience at home has just been advanced with this Comfort motor massage plush mat with heat. Designed with 10 vibration massage motors, the mat is meant to specifically get rid of sore muscles and tension that causes a lot of discomfort. In order to attain the best massage to fit your desires perfectly well, the mat features three intensity levels, five massage modes and four massage zones. For a much more customized massage, the user has freedom to use all the four massage zones on both the upper and lower back, the calves and thighs or better yet you can choose to use just one of the zones if you prefer a more direct and focused massage. On top of the soothing heat treatment, this mat is made of a very soft and expedient fabric that provides maximum comfort as the heat melts away all that fatigue and stress from a long day. It is designed with just the right length to be used anywhere you wish; on the couch, the bed and even the floor.

 Comfort Products 60-2907p08 10 – Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat Review

 Comfort Products 60-2907P08 10-Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat, Beige

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  • Ten massage motors and heat: The 60-2907p08 10-motor massage plush mat is engineered with 10 really strong massage motors that associate with four independent massage zones plus five massage modes. It also comes with an optional heat function that for those that prefer a more relaxed massage.
  • Hard-wearing construction: It is built with a polyester cover that is extremely comfortable on your body during the massage, very durable and also super easy to clean.
  • LED remote: The Relax Zen mat is exceedingly easy to use thanks to its handheld LED remote that is very easy to read and allows you to choose the required massage zone and intensity level as you lay back and relax.

Product quality:

  • It is super convenient: The plush mate has the right length to be used anywhere you whether it is on your bed while you relax, on the couch as you watch a movie, on the recliner and even on the floor.
  • Easy to access and store: More to the mat’s fold-able design that makes it easy to put away is the side pouch. This makes the mat very easy to access when you need to use it and easy to store as well.
  • Very comfortable: It has a polyester material that feels really soft on your skin during the relaxing time yet it is very easy to clean.


The mat offers customizable massage setting and caters for all body sizes: since we all have different sizes, this mat is designed to cater for everyone since it easily adjusts its width so that each particular body type is suited. In addition to that, this mat from Comfort products allows customizing the massage for your needs as it allows having either a generalized massage for many parts of the body at once or a more focused massage that focuses on just a specific part.


It is not good enough for a deep tissue massage: if you are looking out for a deep penetrating or hard pounding massage then you better look elsewhere because this massage product mat is only perfect for soft massage.


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