Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review – Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Coleman hot tub spa is one of the latest blow up or inflatable hot tub spas on the market now; yes, all you do is air it up till the shape is fully formed and hard then blast with all of your buddies. It comes in a stunning vegetable green color that will flawlessly match with your garden that’s if you choose to place it outside. The heart of this spa is snow white as an evidence of cleanliness so that you can easily notice any unwanted debris. Invite someone else to enjoy the fun with filling in the water to slightly over 250 gallons each time of being used. Talk of plenty! The silver color handle on either mid sides of the Coleman spa is evidently used to transport from one place to the next; it comes in handy and soft to your palm with little weight. If you are finding difficulty in inflating or any other function, then please do insert the complimentary DVD in your player or decoder and follow the prompts. When you have this, you won’t even have to be bothered about how you can spend your days anymore. With this spa you will have some requirements that are important for inflatable spas in hand like the glue, in case it develops holes, a gauge that will increase on the pressure levels so the massage is intact, additional cartridges for filtration and a lot more provisions. Get this ultimate hot tub spa and fun will be unlimited.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Review – Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

 Coleman Inflatable Hot tub spa

Product quality:

Coleman Lay-Z Spa hot tub is molded using some of the healthy equipment that will provide you with ultimate total satisfaction every usage hour. This equipment includes the I-beam technology (used to maintain stability so it doesn’t fold when sat on), a massaging bubbly vibration system, and a control press/turn panel that is located in the mid hot spa making it easily reachable. High class leather material properly sewed to make a gorgeous design that is hard to crack through easily.


  • Cushion spa liner; with this provision you don’t have to be bothered about sitting in a very uncomfortable spa and hence developing the need for purchasing cushions. So comfortable you might sleep off the stress while enjoying the most awesome spa money could ever buy.
  • Rapid heating; instantaneously without you having to wait forever for it to heat. Once you set this up then you can just wait for the shortest time ever before you obtain the ideal amount of heat that your body desires.
  • Integral filtration water system; this system was created in connection with the valve that is meant to help in the appropriate water drainage system after use. This way you won’t have to be troubled about the spa flooding or getting blocked with residues.
  • Affordable; you don’t have to sell out all your commodities just so you can be cool enough and afford this traditional portable hot tub spa rather you can have this movable blow up spa with so little you won’t have to think twice about it.
  • Million bubbles; by a million bubbles we mean that this spa does produce lots of beautiful bubbles for the soothing effect on your body that you will lose count.
  • It was inspected and approved by ETL as a genuine product that is harmless for use in the short and long run respectively. This is a very good factor because safety is important too.
  • No batteries; you won’t have to agonize about changing and buying new batteries often because this gorgeous inflatable hot tub spa does not operate on batteries. No battery melting issues too.


  • Fragile hot spa; anything that is made using this material can easily get damaged if you don’t handle it with care. Ensure to always protect your spa from very sharp objects like nails and this way it will be able to last for very many years in time.


Features overview:

  • Leather surface; leather for this equipment is more like gold, expensive and classy! This is a buy one get a free special. The leather surface that comes with this hot tub spa makes it very durable and hard to scratch. Anyone can sit on the sides and be comfortable enough not to worry about it crashing immediately.
  • Beam construction; placed in the middle part of the walls of the spa so that the spa does not fold when some amount of pressure is placed on it. It will remain standing upright even when the pressure on it lasts for a longer time.
  • Air pad floor; above the first layer of the base is air padded floor that was designed to ensure comfort in the spa not only for your feet but your but as sit down directly on it.
  • Pool line designed with mosaic print; this one comes with a very suitable drainage option that will completely eliminate the entire water after the spa or when you feel the need to change the water and refill again.
  • Aluminum cover; this cover is made using aluminum material that is very thick to help prevent all efforts of the heat trying to make an escape. Great way to go because you will have your heat properly reserved in for long.
  • Bolt clips; this is one of the best ways in which you can protect your hot spa from all sorts of danger or unwanted users. Use the bolt clips to keep unwanted things off when not in use by locking it away.

Who does it benefit?

Family members that need to spend some valuable fun activities together because it is big enough to accommodate approximately four people. Parents can get to bond with their children so well at these times and share all their activities that happened during the day. No interruptions as you all receive massage amounts to the best bubble massage of a lifetime.

What else do you need?

  • Scum bag oil absorber sponge; this marvelous sponge will assist you get rid of all those oils that might be in the spa coming from body fats or just the cosmetics that you were covered in while in the hot spa. Instead of the oil forming a layer on the top inner side of the spa, it will be instantly erased off.
  • Bromine test strip; drop one of these test strips into the water so that the water is softened and made cleaner from any unnecessary debris and bacterial components that might be accommodated in the water.
  • Pure spa cup holder; sipping on a drink just got even simpler with this amazing feature of a cup holder. No stretching further or pulling out of the spa to have a drink because the cup holder is placed right on top of this inflatable hot tub spa so you just sip in within interference of whatsoever.

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