How to Choose the Best Hot tub Spa Filter

In case of hot tub spa filters, they should never be ignored at all because that is the beginning of water safety in a spa for not just you but your children and every other user. I mean who wouldn’t want clean water! They do not get to be changed daily but they need to be changed as often depending on the type of spa you have and also on the type of filter purchased. Some really original filters can be changed after over 2 years because you will only remove them for cleaning then place them back while others only last for less than a month or slightly over. The filters are used to clean and clear water from all sorts of residues and also help solve on the drainage system in your hot tub. Some of the best hot spa companies provide additional filters usually two of them that are typically good enough for their products so when you run out you can buy another one like theirs which is not a bad option by the way if it had worked well for you. There are some ways in which you can get to know that your filter needs change like when the filter is cracked, when it changes original color sometimes even after cleaning. Now here’s how to choose the best hot tub spa filters.


  • Filter core; filters usually have the core part on them which is very important in order for them to work perfectly for what they were designed for. They should be able to allow free flow in them therefore a well-organized filtration process will be able to go on and in the long run saving you a lot of energy that is being used by the whole spa. The flow of the water level should be fast through the cores in the filter every time of use. Make sure to ask the person you are purchasing from the filter about that important aspect.
  • Adapter; each filter comes with its own adapter that is attached to it at the base that is important in its effective operation. It should be able to provide easy to use formula to the user especially when attaching or removing it from the spa when the time comes to make changes. Also be sure to ask whether it is safe enough to the user so you do not obtain accidents during the installation process. Make sure the adapter that you choose is also sound free because some of them produce a lot of sound during working time.
  • Certified filters; what works for a particular brand might not work for the next. That is why most companies will provide you with additional filters for the mean time that you can use when you run out of them. Another thing that is also helpful for choosing the next filter because then you will know what brand and where to purchase from. This is because they have been certified as the best filter for that product after some research. Plus these certified filters will fit perfectly in the drainage space and will clean it all well whenever necessary.
  • Filter media; this is usually made of polyester material that is of high quality used in most filters to ensure that the water is efficiently well cleaned at all times. It is important because it will hold all the dirt from the water and also provide a more durable time span for the filter. It is one of the safest ways to remove all the residues from your spa. It is constructed with very well fined fibers that will efficiently not only hold out all of the rubbish but the oil too obtained from the bodies. Oil is bad too for the spa because when not removed then it forms layers that block the drainage and can also cause accidents due to the slippery surfaces.
  • Filter band; this band is located in the middle part of the filter and it is meant to keep the pleats separately from the water. This will ensure that the water easily flows through the filter properly without anything holding it back in. You should also ensure to look out for some of the filters with the strongest bands that will be able to be apart even when they have been placed under the toughest conditions especially weight so that you have the best filter package in the market.
  • Design; the design of the filter should be able to properly fit in most of the spas and  in particular your spa in question. The design should be able to contain a great flow of water in the hot tub so there is a good performance and also limit on the rubbish getting in. The design should also be able to rule out roughness on the inside of the spa through scratches especially on the heater and pump. Also note that the design should be able to hold onto those residues for long so that you do not constantly get to change them which can be very expensive
  • End caps; easy to ignore when choosing a filter but very essential. The best caps on the filter market should be antimicrobial because this will make it a much healthier environment to have fun with all the time. Some end caps also come with some odor that smells so well and very effective in killing all the bacteria in the spa. These caps will also provide support and durability to the whole filter such that even when something heavy has been placed it on, it will still remain strong and standing.
  • Low energy usage; for constant clean water means that the filters should always been turned on when the spa is also on. That is why you need to go for those filters that are really low on consuming energy when in use otherwise your energy bills might be too high for you. With the finest manufactures in the market you will be able to obtain that sort of information.
  • Budget; depending on where you decide to shop from the filters range in different prices so make sure you get the best buy at a good cost. Be careful because these filters need to be changed often and if you buy them very expensively then you will be spending more. So endeavor to check all those online stores with genuine filters and at good prices so you don’t spend a lot constantly.
  • OEM specifications; this specification is made to ensure that all the best hot tub spa filters being produced are very safe to be used on the market. When the filter has been approved by this company then you know it’s of a high quality and also reliable for use with most of the spas that use direct electricity or batteries. The specifications will not only protect you but the general environment too.






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