How to Choose the Best Hot tub Spa Cover

There are some techniques that you will have to follow before you purchase a hot tub cover otherwise you might fail if you don’t. Whether you have the traditional hot spa or the new inflatable hot tub spas, you will still find it necessary to have a hot tub spa cover. These hot tub covers are very essential when you have a spa because they help maintain the heat and prevent unwanted users and dirt. That is why you have to choose one with all those qualities and yet durable enough to last over time. Make sure to go in for the latest designs  on the market because they have been improved from the past covers for better performance. Please note that most covers that are thicker are much better than the lighter ones in terms of heat maintenance. Here are some of the steps to follow when choosing the best hot tub spa;

How to Choose the Best Hot tub Spa Cover

  • Energy preservation; make sure to look for those covers that contain hinge heat seal on them. This is because that seal was specifically made to control all sorts of heat loss from the spa when it is covered up. The hinge is placed throughout the cover so that every single corner is protected from temperature loss. This way you will have chosen the best hot spa cover on the market and it will save you from a lot of bills in the long run.
  • Triple stitched cover; yes this means they took the time to sow it well so the stitches do not easily give way when faced with tougher circumstances. The hot spa covers that are tripled stitched will definitely last for so long you will thank yourself for having bought it. This way even if the first stitch gives way, the other two will still be intact as you look for ways to sort out the first stitch. The type of threads also used for stitching should be of high quality so they don’t easily tear off. The best hot tubs in the market usually all have this quality on their tub coverings.
  • Undercover material; the inner material of the cover should be made of scrim because this will act as a protective foam center from moisture that can easily be created. Make sure that is not just cheap scrim but high quality scrim that is water repellant so that the goals are achieved for the better hot spa situation.
  • Lock straps; these straps have to be strong enough so they cannot easily be broken in by any unwanted user. Make sure you also choose the lock straps are simple to operate. Another thing is that these straps should be able to match with the ones on the spa tub so that you don’t have to constantly search for where it should be attached to every time you need to lock it up.
  • Cover protection; yes even your spa cover will need some protective gear cap, thermal cover or any other thing that can shield it from chemicals that might be harmful if placed directly on the cover spa. Another thing that the cover should be able to sustain is heavy luggage placed on it, this is because some of these outdoor spa tend to experience tension on like in form of natural and artificial things.
  • Quality colors; this might seem funny but it is a very important option because not all colors can be durable enough on a hot cover especially when faces to terms with some conditions. For example, when choosing an outdoor spa then you need to go for covers that are coated with sunbrella marine materials because these ones do not get affected when exposed to direct sunlight. Marine vinyl 30 oz group and also UV treated because they are great and come in a variety of different other shades you can pick from.
  • Size and shape; if you already have a spa that you need a cover for then you should consider the shape especially around the corners of your spa and also the size so you don’t buy the cover that won’t fit perfectly well. When you find the perfect match then your spa will be perfect too for you.
  • Market; there are very many market places both online and in the shops where hot spa covers are being sold but not all of them sell the best products. So you need to be careful where you buy from your spa, rather first do great research in the companies that will provide you with the best deals and at a good price.
  • Safety; first you should make sure it has been approved by ETL or any other safety company that it is good enough for human/environmental use. This way you will not feel endangered by your cover even when your children are enjoying it with their friends while you are busy on some other schedule elsewhere.
  • Bubble cores; this is more like the middle area of the spa cover. They are actually very important in a way that they ensure insulation and power to the spa. Even when the spa cover is exposed to a high level of bubbles, this core will be able to protect it from overflowing or widening the cover.
  • Tapered covers; this is very important because you get to know the exact inches on the cover that you are about to purchase. You can also first measure the hot spa so you know exactly what to purchase. With this you will have the best deal of the hot spa covering on the market.
  • Lifters; each cover you pick out as the best should be able to have lifter handles on them. These handles will make it very easy for you to open the spa whenever need be. Plus it will also assist you to know where exactly you can open from the spa without causing any stains on it or hurting yourself in the process.
  • Type of waterfall; some hot spas have waterfalls that are raised up while others have lower waterfalls. So if your spa has the kind of raised waterfall on it then the cover you choose should also be raised and able to perfectly fit without damaging the waterfall. So when you go to buy a hot tub cover make sure that you specify the type of waterfall your spa has.
  • Warranty; most people usually ignore this factor but a warranty is very important when purchasing a hot tub cover. This is because usually products will a wider range of warranty means they are very durable and if the warranty only lasts a few weeks that means it is very likely that the cover will only last a few days only.
  • Maintenance; some hot tub covers will need a lot of maintenance like regular removal and cleaning involving the use of costly cleaning materials so make sure to chose the spa that does not need constant cleaning. But when it does, it should be easy and very economical both in the short and long run.


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