How to Choose the Best Hot tub Spa Chemicals

Everyone knows how dangerous chemicals usually are especially when you pick you the wrong ones. Hot tubs spas also need chemicals for so many reasons like cleaning the water and killing all the organisms that should not be there. The new blow up spa made out of polythene or leather might easily burn out if you place on then any chemical. So knowing the right chemicals to place in your spa can most times be so stressing that is why we are here to provide you with some knowledge about the best hot tub spa chemicals. Usually the most common and used chemicals in the spas are bromine and chlorine sanitizers and they usually come in different formulas like in stick foams, tablets and granular of course. This is because those two chemicals usually work no matter the water temperature in the spa. However, there are also some really great chemicals that can be added like testing kits, balancing chemicals, natural sanitizers and so on. Check out below on how to choose the best hot tub chemicals:

How to choose the best hot tub chemicals

  • Ease to use; chemicals can be tricky most times so endeavor to research and choose on the ones that are so easy to use not involving a lot of steps while mixing with water. Some chemicals involve first mixing with water before the spa moments while others are just thrown in the water and they work great. Easy to use chemicals should not be able to affect the acidic level in the water and work well with the other chemicals that are already in the water.
  • Fast action; there is no point in buying a chemical that is so slow at work, this will not help you when you need to use the spa quickly and also when you need to kill all those unwanted organisms. The chemical should be able to mix in the water quickly and yet have a lasting effect in the water. Chlorine and bromine will be the right sanitizer choice for you because they are known to mix instantly and effectively in the water.
  • Safety; is extremely important otherwise you might end up with the most harmful chemicals. The chemicals you choose should be able to be very user friendly and also friendly on the spa too. Get to know the side effects that might be related to the chemical so there are no allergies or any other damages. In this case some of the best sanitary chemicals will include the ones of the testing kits, balancing chemicals and natural sanitizers because they are known to have no negative effects.
  • Storage system; this is especially important when you have children around. So make sure to pick those chemicals that are packaged well that even if you are not using them at the moment, they are safe from the little ones. Also make sure that they do not easily be exposed to those conditions that will make them go bad very fast. Test strips are the best here because they come well packaged with multiple strips in that you can keep throwing in your spa pool.
  • Oxidizer; some chemicals will only remove or kill bacteria and any other germs but oxidants are very essential because they come in to remove what those chemicals cant like the dead skins, oils especially obtained from body lotions and any other. The most popular and oxidants are the shock chemicals and they do a great job in the spas. In the end the water will be very crystal clear and clean for use.
  • Odor; scent is very important when choosing a hot tub chemical. If the chemical smells good or does not have any scent at all then that is good but if the chemical has a bad odor then that will be a problem. Usually some chemicals start to smell bad especially when mixed with a different type of chemicals in the spa. So make sure to first consult so that you get to enjoy your spa.
  • Tests: you need to be able to know the amount of chemicals that you have in your hot water at all times. Too much of anything is always not good. That is when you will need the test strips because they will help you test just that amount for you especially the ph level, some calcium amounts, bromine, alkalinity and chlorine. This way your water will be balanced properly and the body healthy because the water will be so safe and clean for usage.
  • Water and spa hygiene; make this a priority and no one using your spa including you will ever have to worry about any sort of sickness. When the water is properly cleaned then you will enjoy maximum fun in the spa. So while choosing a chemical endeavor to buy the sanitizers that come in very types, these sanitizers are very helpful because they will eliminate totally any germs that might be in the water and the whole spa in general making it very healthy for use.
  • Purifiers; these purifiers are usually of mineral materials and very significant in a hot tub spa. It almost has the same usage as the sanitizers but there is a difference. And that is the purifiers will help you limit on the amount of chemicals especially chlorine and bromine that you always add on the water. You will have to place one in your spa and leave it in for as long as a few months so it can help you reduce those chemicals every time you add them in your hot tub before use.
  • Clarifiers; some residues if not removed quickly can make the water and spa look so dirty and unhealthy to spend time in and some of these include algae, dirt, metals or any other dirty substances. Clarifiers do not only remove residue but also reduce on the amount of bubbles that are formed in the spa sometimes. With this chemical, all the residues will be clumped so they are easily filtered away from blocking the drainage.

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