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The skin cover on our lips is very thin and therefore  lip care would do better with more protection from harsh weather conditions. Both coldness and heat affect the lips negatively. Here are few lip care tips on how to keep your lips beautifully  healthy and soft all the time.

Ways to take care of your lips to keep them healthy and good looking

  • Keep a Vitamin-A and-E rich cream around you so that you can use it whenever you are facing harsh weather conditions

kiss me tonight

kiss me tonight


This product has an extra supply of cream in it. When you apply it as you go to bed, you will wake with a pleasant feeling of softness on your lips.

  • Always apply lip balm on your lips even when they do not fell as dry
  • Use lip stick only on top of lip balm. Some lipstick products have drying effects and should not have direct contact with your lips
  • Do not lick your lips even when they feel dry
  • In cases of extreme dryness, use honey for lip balm
  • Do not attempt to remove dry skin without going through proper methods of exfoliating
  • Use products which are not toxic if consumed
  • Remember no amount of colored lipstick will conceal the real texture of your lips. So, before you even think of coating your lips, make sure that they are clean (exfoliated) and soft. Thus there is no short cut for lip treatment. You just have to make it part of you.

Soothing lip balm

Soothing lip balm


  • Use 100% lanolin products to heal, soften and protect your lips. In fact, the product in the picture should be around you always. Although Burt’s Bees can feel uncomfortable on chapped lips, it goes a long way in healing them.

How to clean your lips

One would wonder if lips ever need cleaning. Yes, lips do need cleaning. The process is commonly known as exfoliating. It is not that our lips will actually have dirt, but since the body continuously produces new cells and gets rid of old ones, it is often helpful to speed up the process of shedding dead cells since they do not look very cute on our lips.  Keeping in mind the fact that the skin on our lips is so very delicate, one needs to take extra care with whatever materials one chooses to use, or else one may end up doing more harm than good. For instance, some people would go as far as brushing their lips with a tooth brush. I highly discourage this because it can be very risky. Here are a few tips on how you can clean your lip. Carefully clean your hands using water and ensure that you dry them after.

Put a few drops of water in the palm of your hand

  • Put in a  half of a tea spoon of sugar; use brown sugar if you can
  • Mix up with your fore-finger Use two fingers to massage your lips gently for about five minutes, or till you feel the excess on your fingers
  • Wash your lips with cool water
  • Carefully pat the lips dry
  • Then apply your favorite lip balm

Korres_Pomegranate Lip Butter

Korres_Pomegranate_Lip_Butter_Pomegranate lip butter contains Shea butter that melts on your lips and leaves a fresh silky look.

Food that is good for your lips

It is amazing how every part of our body responds to our diet. Most of us eat for our stomachs. It is interesting to know that we also need to eat for our lips. Our lips, as one of those parts of our bodies with the softest skin, need to keep beautiful looking and healthy. Here are some suggestions for you:

Fruits: Your lips, much like the rest of your skin, need a lot of vitamin B, C and E on a daily basis. Some of the foods which can give you more nutritional benefits in this case are: tangerines, guavas, avocado, watermelon and pine apples. If you miss out on those, please do not miss out on berries; strawberry, raspberries, blueberries and plums which have high antioxidant content very essential for the health of your lips.

Vegetables:  Vegetables like green cabbage, cauliflower, onions, spinach, broccoli and sprouts also contain a generous amount of Vitamin C and can improve the health of your lips tremendously.

 Lip care with natural foods

Not only are fruits and vegetables good as food, but you can also use them to produce jerry to treat your lips. Here are suggestions of natural masks you can use. Note that that before applying any mask, you should wash your lips and pat them dry.

Avocado mask

·         Get a ripe and soft avocado fruit

·         Cut off a ¼ piece and keep the rest for future use

·         Peel the skin off the desired piece

·         Mash this piece or whip it until if you get a very thick syrup

·         Pick some of this syrup with your fore-finger and use it to gently rub your lips about a minute

·         Wash this syrup off

·         Apply a thick layer of the same syrup and leave it on your lips for five minutes. If the syrup is thin, it will drip off your lips. In that case you can prepare thicker syrup from the rest of the unused fruit. Or, you may want to pop your face up for those minutes so the syrup does not drip off.

·         Wash the syrup off and apply your favorite lip balm

·         If the syrup remains, you are free to use it on the rest of your face. It will be beneficial.

·         Repeat this three times a week and you will be amazed with the results.


Tomato mask

Puree one medium size tomato
Add one tea spoon of olive oil
Mix until they are well blended
Put this mixture on your lips.

Ensure that it stays for not less than 15 minutes
Wash with warm water
Repeat this three times a week and you will surely enjoy soft healthy lips

Using honey to treat lips

Chapped lips would benefit immensely from the healing properties of honey.

Wash your lips thoroughly and carefully pat them dry
Apply a generous amount of honey and leave settle for about twenty minutes
Carefully rinse off the all honey
Apply lip balm

It is usually very rewarding to apply the honey when you are going to bed and leave it on for the night. Try this at home before you go to bed. In the morning your lips will feel wonderfully soft, and if previously chapped, they will be healed.

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