Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd Cc4 Wet & Dry Shaver

The Braun series 7 799CC-6WD CC4 wet & dry Shaver is the latest and most advanced shaver from the 7790CC so it has come to simply give you the most enjoyable shaving experience. It allows you to have either a wet or dry shave depending on what your needs are and with the help of its 10.000 micro vibrations; the shaver captures more hair in each pass. It delivers 3 personalization modes for that really personalized shave as the active lift captures even flat lying hairs in the most hard to reach areas. If a close shave is what you are looking for then look no further than this Braun series 7-7799CC wet and dry shaver.


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  • It is very comfortable and easy to use as it perfectly fits into your palm enabling you to nicely reach all areas that you want to shave.
  • It delivers both a wet and dry shave so if you have a very sensitive skin use the wet shave and when you just want to enjoy the convenience of a dry shave it is still gives you that; there is absolutely no need to change brands when you have the Braun series 7 7799cc-6WD CC4.
  • It is extremely gentle on skin and it glides over smoothly without tugging and pulling hair hence reducing chances of you getting irritations
  • It comes very close to skin yet leaves you with no irritation.
  • It saves your time and effort with its cleaning system that automatically cleans the shaver when you are through with your shave.


It is very pricey, much as it performs excellently not everyone can get the chance to try out and enjoy the amazing features of this gorgeous machine due to its extremely high price.



  • Wet & dry pulsonic technology: Sometimes you feel like having a wet shave while other times you simply want the dry shave but if you have the Braun 7-799cc you can have whichever type of shave you feel like since it is offers both the dry and wet shave.
  • 3 personalization modes: Depending on what your shaving needs are, this shaver delivers three 3 individualized modes to allow you have your shave just the way you want to.
  • Fully flexible shaving system: This system offers maximum adaptability to all facial contours therefore shaving problematic areas like the neck has been made much easier.
  • Active lift: The Braun 7-799CC-6 shaver is engineered to capture more hair in each pass without even leaving behind those flat lying hairs in the hardest to reach areas.
  • Opt foil: Everyone loves to enjoy a smooth shave for some days which is why this Braun shaver is built with optifoil that enables to come as close as possible to skin and remove every single hair strand.
  • Cleaning system: There is nothing like cleaning for you to do because it has an automatic cleaning system which does the entire blade cleaning, lubricating and sharpening for you.

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Product quality:

Excellent maneuverability: The shaver is designed with a much smaller head that allows you to get into all areas while easily spotting any left behind hairs for the most perfect shave you have ever had.

Very gentle on skin: This comes in close contact with the skin to get rid of all hair but because of extremely smooth foil blades that glide nicely over the skin leaving your skin with no damage at all.

BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver


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