Bow-Flex-Select Tech Adjustable Weight Bench (Series 5) Review

For people who are into free weight training I am certain that you have come across the Bow Flex Select Tech Adjustable Bench because of its popularity and extremely outstanding features to correct posture and give you a free weight muscle building work outs. Its bright and well-furnished appearance makes the weigh t bench very attractive with a top in red and rest of the bench in black and silver.

The fact the select tech adjustable bench is from bow flex alone is enough reason for to try it out since bow flex has continuously produced quality exercise equipment. The weight lifting bench can be used at six different positions and these involve a 17 degree removable leg hold-down for decline and 90 degree incline. The bench is large enough for difference weight lifting exercises and made very strong to provide continuous support throughout your work out; there is surely no way you will regret ever trying the bow flex select tech adjustable bench.


Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench



It is constructed with great quality and is longer than most benches, this is not the first bench from bow flex and may be you have come across many other adjustable benches from other makers but they have not been this long. The bow flex select tech adjustable bench has more than enough space for you to have a very comfortable and efficient work out. not because it backed by a big brand but due to the fact that all the customers that have tried this bench out appreciated how sturdy and long lasting the bench therefore you can confidently try it out without having to worry about its quality.


It is quite heavy and its colors wear out easily, moving the bench from one place to another is somehow difficult because of its weight especially if you have a small gym where you have to re-arrange the equipment every now and then. The other problem about the bow flex select tech adjustable bench looks very attractive at first because of its brilliant colors but the color starts to fade after a short period of time.



  • It is adjustable; the bow flex select flex tech bench adjusts to six positions from 17 degree decline to 90 degree incline which means that you can do many different exercises on the bench unlike many other benches including the series 3.
  • Removable leg hold-down brace; this actually proves how innovative bow flex have become with their benches. This leg hold down brace that is removable is very good for those who concentrate more on abdominal exercises as it offers more support when in decline position.
  • Dimensions and weight; the Bow Flex Select Tech Adjustable Bench 5 measures 56 by 20 by 26 inches which is more than enough space for you to work out and weighs about 63 pounds.
  • Solid construction; it has the ability to hold up to an upper user weight of 300 pounds which is about 136 kilos and a load limit of 480 pounds which is 218 kilos; only a solidly constructed bench can be able to hold up to this much.
  • Warranty; this bench from bow flex comes with a 30 year warranty on the frame and a one year warranty on the upholstery therefore you do not have to worry when buying the Bow Flex Bench since you can be compensated for any damages that may happen.


  • Very sturdy construction; the Bow Flex Series 5 is made with heavy duty steel and greatly constructed that is why it has the ability to hold heavy weights. You can use the bench every day and for long hours which means that the bench is extremely durable, spending some extra money on such a great item would definitely not hurt.
  • It is easy to assemble; many of the people that have purchased the Bow Flex Series 5 praised it for its really simple assembly; as soon as you get it from the box you will only take a few minutes for you to get the bench upright. Instead of spending more money to get someone to assemble the bench for you, you can just follow the instructions in the manual and have it assembled.
  • It is very flexible; this is not because of the size or its weight but because of the wheels that allow to easy movement of the bench from one place to another. In case you want to move from the gym and work out while watching TV you can do it with great simplicity.
  • Offers many exercise choices; the bow flex adjustable bench 5 can provide over 30 exercises that will help you to build your muscles. You do not have to do the same weight lifting exercise over and over because it can get too monotonous and boring.
  • Its securely locks into different positions; switching the bench from incline to decline is very simple and very fast. Many of the customers reviewed that the bench securely locks into position keeping you safe from any likely accidents. The removable leg brace also keeps the bench upright for as long as your work out takes.
  • It is very comfortable; it is well cushioned and there is enough space between the cushion to ensure that your back stays comfortable. This way you will not have to complain about things such as back ache after your work out.
  • Great warranty; whenever you do not feel satisfied with the bench in the specified time period you are free to hand in your complaint and have the bench replaced; this surely shows how confident the company is about their products.


  • The seat angle of Bow Flex Adjustable Bench Series 5 is more adjustable compared to the series 3; this offers more flexibility during all work outs that is why you will find the series 5 at a higher price.
  • Because both benches are adjustable they provide more comfort compared to other benches on the market that are not adjustable. In terms of providing support these two offer the same great support during workouts.



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