Bow Flex Pr1000 Home Gym Review

Honestly speaking everyone would love to enjoy the convenience of having a home gym unfortunately not everyone earns enough to afford one. Working out at the gym is something we all love to do but because of the tight work schedules and too many responsibilities at home, you may not be able to get thee time to go the gym that is why investing in a home gym is one of the best choices anyone can ever make. It is frustrating to walk to the gym every single day and find the long queue of customers all waiting to use just one machine so you have all reasons to save some money for a home gym.

Bow Flex Pr1000 Home Gym Review

The bow flex home gym has all strength building equipment out together to help you live a really healthy life, even you have a small home you can have the home gym because it is made in a way that it saves a lot of space. If you are looking for an efficient home gym to buy for your home, the bow flex home gym is highly recommended.

Bowflex Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym




This outstanding home gym is very flexible which makes it very simple to store and move it from one place to another. Since you do not have to go the gym any more you will need something that has very many exercises and the bow flex home gym has got you covered with over 30 exercises that you can choose from. it also offers you a lot of variety so you do not have to be bored with just one exercise this way you are able to maximize your work out results since you doing many different exercises a day that engage your whole body.


Weight training on the bow flex PR1000 is limited to a maximum of 210lbs which makes the machine difficult to upgrade which is a big disadvantage for anyone who is so much into body building, this is not enough weight to get a really good work out. Another disadvantage of the home gym is that much as it comes with a manual that can help to assemble the machine it does not come with an instructional DVD which would be much easier to follow.


  • It has over 30 different strength exercises; now with such a versatile home gym there is absolutely no way you can get bored or fail to burn calories the way you want to because among all these 30 exercises you will find at least that you enjoy the most.
  • Horizontal bench press and lat pull down; for all those strength building and aerobic cardiovascular exercises the bow flex home gym is more than perfect.
  • Compact design; this design helps you to load all the work out equipment when you are done using them, such a design save you a lot of space and at the same time keeps your home very organized. The bench is fold-able to make storage of the home gym much easier since you just have to roll it away.
  • Well-padded roller cushions; these are includes to make leg exercises more comfortable and efficient.
  • Work out placard; this is to help you out with wall display and easy reference at any time you want to look at what you are doing.
  • Accommodates all sizes of people; the bow flex home gym can accommodate a maximum of 300 pound user weight and only requires a very small workout area.
  • Rowing machine rail; this home gym not only helps to build your muscles and body strength but also helps you to burn calories, now you know that owning this home gym will surely help you maintain a very healthy life style.



  • It is not that difficult to assemble; almost all the reviewers agreed to the fact that the gym is very easy to assemble although might take up some of your time you will not go through too much trouble to have it all set up. If you have never assembled something of the sort before all you have to do is follow the instructions provided in the manual and in just a few hours you will the bow flex gym all set up ready for you to use.
  • Great for women as well; with the bow flex you will not to have a separate home gym different from that of your husband because this one also works great for women. If you are one of those women that would love keep fit, lose some weight and gain some muscles, I am sure the bow flex home gym will have you covered as it has all the equipment that women can use for a great work out.
  • It is extremely durable; after going through a lot of the reviews you will realize that many of the people that won the bow flex home gym have been using it for not less than a year this simply means that all the equipment that come along with the home gym will last for a really long time. The gym is well packaged so that when you receive you do not have anything to complain so despite the fact that you will spend some good money on it, it will definitely be worth it since you can use the machine every single day without worrying about it getting spoiled.
  • Very strongly made and brings really good results; the home is engineered with all the best materials that is why is very sturdy, it cannot easily collapse. The quality used to construct the bow flex home gym surely does not disappoint, it is only after trying it out that you will witness how amazing it can really get. Because of the different exercises you can do with this home gym, there is no way you will not get results.
  • It comes with a manual; since not everyone has owned a home gym before it is just logical for the manufacturers to deliver the home gym with a manual that can help you in assembling it. The instructions are very clear so if you follow them with well you will even be able to get this assembled on your own.

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