Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Review

Bestway Lay-z-spa is one of the world’s top best selling spas because it is simply the best of them all! It is an inflatable spa that whenever you feel the need to have a hot bath then you can just pull out your pump and blow it up. When inflating it make sure to use the additional pump that is provided at part of the set to help you blow it all up.   Get one of these and your home will definitely be the new hung out fun zone for you and your family and friends. Its portability is one of the reasons that makes it a must have product. This way you will decide to place it anywhere that you find appealing in or out door. It comes in a wide range of color options you can choose from which makes it different from other spas that come only in limited options of ones and twos. Remember this product was first tested to make sure it works well together and harmless before it was released out to the market for sell.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Review

Bestway Spa

Product quality:

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa is one product that is made using a tri- technology covered in laminated PVC with two layers. The polyester mesh will provide a softer touch to it. This quality will undeniably promise you toughness under all circumstances and at the same time provide potential that is hard to find in the other low quality products on the market. When we tell you how good the wall is, we mean the I-beam make that will be able to accommodate any amount of weight that can be subjected to it during use, so when your friends decide to relax on the walls, don’t worry about it breaking down or getting bowed. Buy this product online now and achieve the best spa product in the industry.


  • Cushioned base; There is no chance of accidents at all with this cushioned base plus it’s just redefined comfort while in the spa. It was created with an air padded floor cloth that will have you be very contented as you have the benefit of owing your own spa. At the same time the padded spa will protect the floor from harm. Plus finally your feet will have a resting place where they can sit with satisfaction especially have being in shoes for such a long day.
  • Massage system; we often need to release our bodies from the stress we go through in our daily errands. The massage launch unit is fashioned in a way that they have a healing factor when released to the water repeatedly.
  • Rapid heating system; when you have properly set this device up and place in water, be assured you won’t have to wait for long before it heats up to perfection. Once in the temperature will remain constant unless when you feel the urge to reduce or increase more through the easily reachable control panel.
  • Maintenance DVD; envision instantly becoming a technician of your own spa because it comes with a DVD that will teach you how to fix your spa in case of any complication in the long run. Keep away from hiring technicians as you become your own, get experience and save lots of dimes.
  • No extra tools required; when setting up the Lay-z-spa, you will not require any other tool to add on or to help you set it all because you will require is the additional pump that it comes with.
  • In/out door appropriate; you can place it inside your house and enjoy with a candle light romantic bond time with your partner or you can also go out and watch the stars with your partner for a moonlight dinner. No limitations at all!



  • Less bubbles, the bubbles may sometimes be few but that can be improved when you operate the control panel well by increasing on the bubbles and heat. That way the problem will easily be solved.


  • An exhaust valve; this valve when activated will definitely ensure to consume out all the water after use so you can put in more water or store well till the next use without having stagnant water inside the pool.
  • Fabric coated; the outer layer of this startling spa is covered with fine-looking material that acts as a guard to protect it from damages and also have an eye catching beautiful look so you can admire it every time.
  • A mosaic print inside sheet; these lights create a more visual romantic feel to the inside of the spa. That way you will be able to see the cute designs that the producers took time to mold so you never ever have to regret what you purchased.
  • Extra filter cartridge; this is one necessity that you will forever be gratified for. This is an important aspect as you need to change them as often plus also use the chemical floats provided so you can always have unsoiled safe water.
  • Hot-air balloon cover; this feature is very essential because it will make an effort to make certain that the water doesn’t easily loose out of heat while you get pleasure from your spa.
  • Control digital section; be in charge when you are having your hot spa moment by just pressing or turning on the digital command for any feature that you would love to pick up or trim down without any effort of moving out of the spa.


Who does it benefit?

Lay-Z-Spa will generally benefit people who are more into having plenty of fun at a more convenient place and time. In this case, it’s more like actually a private party, invite a few friends or your family members and bond as everyone enjoys effortless massage in a hot bath. Once you get home you won’t have to think about traffic to get to a leisure point because you have it a second away.

This will also benefit your children as they get to play from home where you can monitor them instead of sending them to other places to seek fun. This way you will not have to worry about the dangers that might be outside of your home.

What else do you need?

  • Leisure spa bright and clear; this is very helpful in the better performance of the filters so they can last longer and performs effectively at all times. It can work very well with all the other chemicals that you might need to add in the tub like chlorine.
  • Handi Spa Step; this easy to clean plastic step will assist you conveniently when you have to get in and out of the hot spa at any time you have to without being inconvenienced in any way.
  • Brominating leisure tablets; this product is essential in hot tub bathing because it provides active bromine that will ensure proper sanitation while in the spa. This is a very healthy ingredient in a spa.

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