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A weight-bench is among the work out tools which contribute significantly to enhancing your workout or fitness routine and in fact, it provides the best solution for working-out different parts of your body. It is a good practice to always use a weight-bench when your working-out because it drastically reduces the chances of developing injuries and even helps to keep your body in good-shape. A weight bench is also known as an abdominal-bench because it is designed for workout in the abdominal areas for example; ab exercises, back exercises and some chest exercises. A weight bench is a smart-investment and you will not regret after buying it. Weight benches come in different shapes and styles and you will be able to select or pick one depending on your needs or preferences and in this article there several of these adjustable weight benches but the Bow-flex-Select Tech Adjustable Weight Bench (Series 5) emerged as the best weight bench in 2017 on my list based on reviews on Amazon.



Bow-flex-Select Tech Adjustable Bench (Series 5)  – Best Adjustable Weight Bench


The Bowflex Select Tech free-weights and adjustable bench is  the best on my list and will make you get more out of your daily workout. This machine adjusts to 6-different positions when you are exercising hence offering maximum-workout versatility whereby if you adjust the bench to any of 6-positions, you will be able to add and experience a variety of new powerful exercises.

Bowflex-SelectTech Adjustable Bench(Series 5)


This machine provides the best way to transform your home-space into a personal fitness-center. This weight-bench is great for correcting posture and even helps to stabilize your positioning for a safer, muscle-building and free-weight workout. This tool was built-strong in order to last longer.


The Bowflex weight-bench is made from heavy-duty commercial-quality steel and durable-upholstery, this makes it very strong to hold almost anything and it will even be able to last for long.

It comes with a standard removable leg hold-down brace which provides added decline position-support when working out.

This machine is equipped with wheels hence this means that it can be moved away for easy storage and it also measures about 26 by 20 by 56-inches (W x H x L). However, after purchasing this tool, assembling is required.

The weight bench also adjusts to 6-different positions and offers a 17-degree decline to a 90-degree incline hence this implies that it provides you with several exercising positions.


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CAP Barbell Weight Bench – Affordable Weight Bench

Have you ever sat on a work bench and desired not to get up? Was it because you got in the most comfortable spot you wouldn’t dare give up? If you ever did then you know am talking about. The type of bench that got you all sorted out is just like the CAP weight bench. It is beautifully designed with a blend of easy colors to the eyes and slim to fit in any part without taking a large portion of space. CAP Barbell Weight Bench will without doubt support you well as you go about doing a variety of work out exercises that are recommended for the upper parts of the body like the shoulder presses, dumbbell presses, bicep curls, chest files and a lot other more; there is no failing with this bench ever.

CAP Barbell Weight Bench

CAP Barbell Weight Bench is one of the highest quality exercise bench on the market that is highly trending. It was constructively designed and then precisely made to ensure that it delivers its intended purpose and meeting all the expectations as the user. The steel frame used to make this product is of heavy gauge that will last a lifetime without breaking down. The foam padding on this equipment is entirely dense and its capacity to accommodate a person’s weight is maximally 300 lbs. It can be easily adjusted to any level and the whole bench gauge is up to 49.61l x 24.8w x 41h in inches.


  • Comfortable; this level of comfort will make you enjoy your work out sessions and hence spend more time. When you sit on it, your back will firmly be placed on it straight in the right way. Even when you decide you raise up your legs you will still be at ease from beginning to end the hand grips that are all covered with foam.
  • Heavy weight capacity; if you have measured you weight and you weigh 250 pounds or less then this is the right fitness bench for you. It will properly house your mass as you do your diverse fitness’s without breaking down. With this capacity means no danger to you like cases of accidents.
  • Sturdy foot placement; almost to the lower part is a study foot placement placed firmly on the weight bench to enable you have your feet at rest in the best way. This placement will allow you also do the feet work out easily without getting off the bench and increase on your agility while building strength on your body and the weight bench.
  • Easy instructions; it contains very effortless instructions to help you put the weight bench together after purchase. They are so easy to follow through and will also provide up with some easy exercises to start with in case you are new in the fitness routines.


  • It contains no head support; this means while you are busy working you will have to keep your head up firm as there is no particular area where you can rest it. This is because the back part is so short; however, it is great enough for the rest of the body and will support them entirely throughout the fitness routine.

Features overview;

  • Four adjustable positions; with all these positions that means you can be able to adjust to any position will you do your exercises. Even better is the settings that make is a lot easy with just a single touch. These settings include; incline, flat, decline and upright that allow you adjust the fitness bench. With all these options being utilized will make you never the same again as you become very healthy and fit.
  • Dumbbell holder; this characteristic is to only make life easy foe you with the fitness bench. This means you will have easy access to the options and also later on when you have finished the day’s work and need to store it. The holder is very easy on the hands as well. This way it will be organized somewhere in your house without you tripping over it always.
  • Foam covered hand grips; this foam covered grips are very important and specifically made to protect your device from being harmed throughout the workouts that might be rough now and then. It is like a covering meant to protect it as it is also very gentle on the user’s skin always.


Who will it benefit?

  • Will benefit the older people; this is because they get to sit while doing their fitness instead of them standing while doing their fitness which can be very tiresome to them most times. Another thing is this bench is really great for the back pain which is common with the older people. You will be able to properly work it out and say goodbye to back aches.

What else do you need?

  • One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Cast Iron; this is one easy dumbbells that small in size and very easy to put away in the house. It will be able to help you achieve the best body as you work out while lifting them up. It is made using the high quality of materials like iron and chrome ensuring durability. They are also kind to the palms as you light it up often.
  • Best Weightlifting Gloves for Cross Fit or Workout; this is the best way to protect your hands and palms in general from friction caused by lifting the work out gadgets while doing fitness. It is made with great quality to ensure it doesn’t easily wear of tear away. This way you palms with remain as smooth and delicate like for a baby regardless of your constant lifting efforts. The materials are also breathable so that the skin remains properly aired as you work out.


Universal 5-Position Weight Bench – Best Commercial Weight Bench


The Universal 5-Position weight bench is great new exercising equipment that provides the user with a wide range of exercising positions and several exercises in order to work out the entire core and upper-body areas.


Universal 5-Position Weight Bench


This machine has a contoured shape which makes it to feel very safe and comfortable during workouts and it even offers a stable base on any type of flooring. This simple and effective machine will provide you with a free-weight workout and will even help the body to build strength and muscle mass.


This adjustable weight bench provides the user with five-positions which include (-10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees) hence this implies that one can turn to any of these positions when having a workout and this even offers a dozen of exercises challenging your entire core and upper-body parts.

It has a contoured-shape with 5-inch foam rollers which ensure safety and comfortable while having a workout. With this weight bench, you wont feel any pain or discomfort when having your workouts.

The weight bench also has stabilizer-levelers which provide a stable base on almost every type of flooring and this means that this bench won’t shake or even slide on the floor when using it for workouts.

This machine  measures about 17 by 25 by 51-inches (W x H x D) provides up to 430pounds of maximum user-weight and lift-load.  This means that even the heaviest people will be able to use this weight-bench.


X Mark-Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench – Best Adjustable Weight Bench for Home


The X Mark Commercial Adjustable weight-Bench offers extreme comfort, durability and even provides the user with a guaranteed lifetime because it comes with an in-home warranty.

XMark-Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench


Starting from the decline to a military-press position you will achieve the best workout ever and this even makes the weight-bench the most sturdy and effective bench on the market today with a 1500lb. weight-capacity. With this weight bench, you will be able to train for longer and harder because of this comfort and that’s why you should try it out.


This weight bench offers a 7-position adjustable back-pad together with an ergonomically designed 3-position seat for maximum comfort while having the workouts.

It is built with an extra-thick (3-Duracraft padding) which is covered in a sweat and tear resistant Duraguard-Vinyl for maximum protection. This bench also has a foot hold-down bar which secures your feet or legs firmly when having a workout.

The X Mark Weight-Bench also has built-in transportation wheels for quick movement and storage. It has a commercial 11-gauge steel construction and also has  bolted-on, skid-resistant feet for extra safety when its on the floor.


Adidas Flat-Bench – Best Affordable Weight Bench


The new Adidas Flat weight-bench will help you to maximize your home fitness-routines because it can be used during abs and back exercises as well as with free-weights.

Adidas Flat-Bench


This bench is really nice and can be used by anyone regardless of their weight and height. You should go for this bench because it’s even backed by a 2-year limited-warranty.


The weight-bench has a low-profile design with a 2.5-inch high-density foam back pad together with a boxed upholstered-construction for extra durability.

This bench is made from high quality steel coupled with a large diameter steel-tubing and a powder-coated finish which protects this bench from getting any scratches or nicks when having workouts on it.

It also measures about 44” x 19” x 17-inches when it has been fully-assembled. This makes it wide and tall enough to resist any body weight.


Marcy Olympic 2-Piece Weight Bench – Best Weight Bench Set


The Marcy Olympic Weight-Bench is an extremely versatile bench because of its unique independent-utility bench and barbell crutches. With such features, the user has the option of moving the utility-bench out of the way allowing him/her to adjust the barbell-crutches to a higher position-setting.


Marcy Olympic 2-Piece Weight Bench



The bench is very sturdy, looks nice and it is very easy to put together. This bench is separate from the rack and this will help add flexibility to your exercise-routine.


This Marcy Olympic has an independent multi-function utility bench couples with a fully adjustable back-pad for easy incline, decline and even facilitates flat-chest  exercises.

It also has adjustable barbell-crutches which are separate from the bench. These will provide the user with a wide range of exercises.

The 2-piece design of this weight-bench allows for walk-in squat and lunge exercises.

The package also includes a total leg-developer, a preacher curl-bicep pad together with a removable bicep-curl bar for arm exercises.

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench – Best Weight Bench for Home Gym

Be a winner in every single aspect when it comes to fitness and the way your body looks and this Competitor Olympic Weight Bench will definitely help you achieve that. Now you can say goodbye to gyms and hello home privacy. This weight bench will require very little space so you don’t have to worry about your space. If you are looking for properly developed muscles that look so stunning then this is the machine for you as it comes with a variety of options that allow you work on these muscles like the legs, chest, back, shoulders and so on. As for the exact bench it is so flexible in a way that you can adjust it into different positions and comfortable rest on the padded materials comfortably. With this bench, you won’t even need a trainer as you work out your full body so go on and make and an order for it now.

Competitor Olympic Weight Bench


Product quality;

First the outer cover with perfectly coated with a durable power finish making it look great and blow the coating is another layer of steel that is also of heavy duty. Actually everything about this product is all about high density in regards to quality and the boxed upholstery was made using high density foam. It can sustain up to about 600 pounds weight inclusive of weight on barbells and will accept about weight bar size ranging to 7 feet. The leg developer that you can roll is all padded so you feel comfortable while your feet and placed on it.



  • Easy ensemble; so easy and user friendly as it will only take a few minutes of your time when you follow the instructions step by step that is provided with it in the package.
  • 90 degree back; this is perfect because it will allow you sit upright and concentrate on working on your back exercise and it also gives you the provision to easily do the shoulder presses relieving you of pain related to these areas.
  • Allows Olympic size weight plates; so if you have your weight plates separately that are of the Olympic type that you can fully use it along this bench without any restrictions because it was made in a way to be compatible enough with those plates.
  • Comfortable; this is made possible by the padded materials that are attached to the bench and also the adjustable crutches that allows you settle in a position that is best for you while you are doing your physicals.
  • Durable coat finish; this is powered coat finish and it was designed to allow keep perfect speed for the user regardless of whatever speed they are at or the type of physical that they are doing. It also keeps the machine looking great always.

Features overview;

  • Independent and adjustable crutches; this weight bench machine features these crutches that are adjustable so that when you are working out you can remove and adjust them on your preferred height and they are also independent of the other parts which makes it very easy to use on its own. The release knobs attached to them are so fast when you want to let your hands off it.
  • Multi position back pads; this back pads will be able to quickly adjust as you do your exercise like it can adjust to the four different positions like the military positions for exercise, decline press, incline press and finally the chest press as well. With such a variety of options be sure you will have total satisfaction in all areas.
  • Foam roller pads; these foam rollers are contoured beautifully and are so comfortable that when you place your feet on them, they will not be strained like when placed on direct metals. It will also reduce on chances of slipping off when sweaty.
  • Dual leg developer; this function is built to allow the user be able to curl and straighten their legs up to any direction while they do leg fitness’s. It will help you easily move or curl the legs to any direction without restricting them at any point. All you have to do is adjust the back part and lay back as you work your legs.

Who will it benefit?

  • Will benefit people that require full body workouts; sometimes you might have had a long day and feel all your muscles hurt so you can use this machine to help you tighten them all from the legs to the shoulders. Feel free to work out at any time since it’s in your own house like morning or even late nights.

What else do you need?

  • Dumbbell Exercise Cards by Strength Stack 52; this is the best exercise card ever. They are very many like up to 52 cards and each of them will show you a different fitness type that you can do. You should consider it like more of a game because you can actually invite your friends and play some of the games you have been given making it more fun using the fit poker provides with it. All the exercises on this game tackle all the different parts of the body which none left out and for each part there is a variety of different options so that you won’t get bored doing the same fitness most of the time.


Rep 1,000 lbs. Flat Weight Bench

Hope you are not thinking this is your everyday sitting bench because it’s not. It’s the strongest fitness bench you will come across at a great price. Its special and it will take you to a high level of work out. It has a firm body that is padded which you can lie or sit on properly without any discomfort. The width and length are long and wide enough to accommodate people of different builds without feeling like you are defying the machine. Rep 1,000 lb Flat Weight Bench is so strong that it will accommodate any weight that is either 1000 lbs. or below and has an attractive black color that never fades away leaving it beautifully like the day you first fell in love with it. It will come well packaged when you order for it and very easy to assemble in a short time. With this bench what you see and read is what you get…nothing less.

 Rep 1,000 lb Flat Weight Bench


Product quality;

It is a high quality bench that will light up to 1000 lbs. in weight and remain firm up because it was made using high quality materials of long lasting gauge 11 steel frames and vinyl with a strong and very thick padding that contains a grippe surface. The coating is just not the cheap ones but it’s of matte black powder that adds shine and beauty to this choice of the best weight benches year in and out.

It is very long and wide with the measurements ranging from 12in wide and 47in long which mean that almost everyone can be comfortable while using it. It reaches up to 17.5in tall to allow the users work along with it well without having to go so low. To conclude this product superiority, you should be well-versed that the bench was first tested to make certain that it can accommodate all the weight of 1000ibs so there are no breakdowns when you obey the limit weights.


  • Easy to clean; this is because it is made of a tough vinyl upholstery that is made with quality materials that will never fade when you decide to clean using water. It is also straight with no curves making cleaning so easy with just one or two rubs with the material you are using.
  • Lock design; this means that they are closely bolted together and this situation will save you lots of money during the shipping process because it will come in one package unless other brands that require bigger and separate boxes. You will be so glad for this design and once its home it’s so easy to set up within a few minutes of your time.
  • Super long; this amazing bench is super long in length stretching up to 47inches long. This means that you can be able to lie down flat on it and do other fitness that require lying flat and you will still be very comfortable on it.



  • It might occupy a large space in your house because it is really wide and somehow wide so you will lend some space where you can store it. However, when placed well you won’t even mind about the space plus you can also leave it outdoor if you don’t have enough room inside your house.

Features overview;

  • Heavy duty frame; the frames used to make the bench are of heavy duty making it last for a long period of time. It is of 11 gauges with 2 x 2 inches to allow it comfortable for the athlete use well without it breaking down or bringing complications. This heavy duty frame can allow the person using it place on it a heavy duty weight and be able to still stand firm up.
  • Average height; it has a bench height of 17.5in tall that will allow the user to have an appropriate positioning of their feet as they prepare or do their routines. Also they will be able to properly arch their backs while pushing up some serious weight in a proper manner. This is a very healthy method because it will not put a lot of strain to the user’s body.
  • Thick padding; the reason why the pads of this bench are made firm is because it allows the user to use them comfortably without slipping off or any other negative thing that are usually associated with the softer padded benches. Thick pads are also more durable because they won’t wear out easily.


Who will it benefit?

  • Will benefit people that are heavy in size; this is because no matter what you weigh provided its less than 1000 lbs. you will be able to sit or lay comfortable on this bench as you do your fitness without stressing about it breaking down. Even the width is wide enough to still accommodate you well. This will in fact make it easy for you to enjoy exercising of any nature.

What else do you need?

  • Power Rack Squat Dead-lift Cage with Bench Racks; it contains a wide walk in design that will allow you be flexible in regards to switching different fitness exercises like the presses, curls, shrugs, bench press and many more. In other words, no fitness is out limit for you while using this machine
  • Exercise, Resistance Loop Bands; these bands are multi-functional that you can use them in different fitness’s like the knees, thighs, legs and any other because they are so strong and will not break easily. While working out, they will stretch to great length but the elastic materials in it will never lose out. It is very important equipment if you are looking forward to losing weigh as it will help you out. The best part is they are very portable too when you need to travel, just pack them along so you don’t miss out on any routine while away.


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

People just don’t wake up one morning and win the Olympics but rather they go through the best training first and in the same case you just don’t wake up with the fitness body without working hard to achieve it. With this amazing product of Body Olympic Champ Weight Bench, be sure to obtain the end results you wish for in the next few days and have people guessing how you did it. All the different exercises will be possible now such as the military presses, leg lifts, chest presses and many more. It’s one machine that is not restricted to gender at all so be sure to enjoy it with your spouse. This machine knows no word like failure and comes with different settings that are adjustable to make it easy for you. A number of things make it different from the rest but in this case let’s point it its ability to have lock settings through the safety hooks.

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer


Product quality;

They say looks do lie but not with Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench; what you see it what you get and far beyond your expectations. The first product quality of this product is it’s made using heavy duty robust processor tubing to allow it last a very long period of time. It also comes with a variety of weight sets that are of Olympic sets to enable you have a set of options on which part of the body you want to concentrate on at the given moment.



  • Durable; this product is known for its ability to last the hardships of time allowing you enjoy it for so long even when constantly putting it to use because it is made using a mainframe that is of heavy duty to ensure that no matter what fitness you are doing; it will still be able to with stand any possible break downs if any.
  • Free standing upright; picture a work out machine that you can just walk into and begin your fitness right away with all the energy you had prepared for it. This pro makes it so easy to use and store immediately. Be able to just enjoy the walk in crouch capability in both directions.
  • Comfort; enjoy the comfort that this machine with offer through its ability to have inbuilt foam rollers and a deluxe cushion to allow you settle it properly. This comfort will allow you always go and extra mile while working out without any cause of uneasiness at all.


  • This bench is a little high; this means that if you are a short person then you will have to have some slight trouble while getting on to it or off. You could however, get a small step that will easily get on it and you will definitely not curse anymore.

Features overview;

  • Olympic weight sets; consider yourself lucky because you have a variety of benching sets that you can choose from such as chest presses plus the leg lifts as well as many others. With this option you know your whole body is fully catered for and you are about to obtain greatness.
  • Leg developer; you can choose to only work out your legs using the dual action that is specifically made for those legs. You will be able to concentrate on the legs providing them the most outstanding work out sessions ever. This will let your legs become shapely as you enjoy showing them off every time you walk.
  • Fully adjustable back rest; this will permit you venture through the different positions as you do your fitness. These adjustable back rest options include the inclined, decline, military and the flats ones to so that you are able to have your back rested in all these positions and you work your body thoroughly.
  • Locks; this is on the part of the hooks that allow them to provide enough safety through the locks as you do the fitness routine. With this machine safety measures are never taken for granted and also it contains a grip that is comfortable to the hands and will not pinch at all like in other fitness machines.

Who will it benefit?

  • Will benefit people that need a full body fitness; this is because it allows to user to work out the whole body through its different options like the dual setting for the legs and the military and chest presses that will have an effect on the whole body. This will save you from going to the public gyms and wasting money because you want to do different exercises and yet with this machine you will have got all those options in one package.

What else do you need?

  • CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Spring Clip Collars; these clips are made out of chrome and will provide the user with a very firm comfortable grip as they work out. You can easily remove of fasten the collars without it giving you are very hard time. You can add it to your Olympic bar and I promise it will settle in perfectly like they were bought together.
  • CAP Barbell Regular Grey 110-Pound Weight Set; this set contains solid cast iron bars that are also steel to ensure durability. They are perfect for the arm exercises and will also the other one with 5’ bar can be used for the entire body muscles because its huge at strengthening them.




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