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Have you ever felt bad about the way your nails looked at a particular time? You would not want to endure disappointed looks that bare all nasty comments such as ‘you are careless after all!’ Just like you put time aside for skin care and  getting the right hairstyle  you should spare time for nail care for your finger and even toe nails. Here are some ideas on appropriate nail care without going to the salon.

Home care for your nails; keep your nails in good shape

  • Eat right for your nails

Nail care can be done through eating the right foods. Of course, very few people will think of nail health when they plan what to eat. But just like the skin, our nails will quickly respond to negative choices in our feeding. Vitamins A, D and B12 are said to be essential in the growth of nails.  Luckily these are found in commonly consumed foods like liver, kidney, fish and chicken. Proteins from legumes and dairy products are also recommended, so they should be included in your diet to care for your nails as well as other things. It is also important to incorporate beetroot into our diet for its iron and calcium content which our nails need for proper growth. In case, you are missing some of these essential nutrients from your diet then talk to your primary health care physician about using some supplements to cover the nutrient gap.

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  • How to clean and treat your nails

As mentioned earlier, it is very hard to keep nails from public view. So, one reason to keep your nails clean is about your public image. Nails have a way of collecting dirt from the surfaces that we touch and if you do not watch what you touch, it is really possible to have dirt collect beneath our nails. An effective way to clean nails is to use lemon juice. Use lemon with water at room temperature and clean for about two minutes. Dry your hands and apply a hand moisturizing gel afterwards.

Hand moisturizing gel

Your nails just do not need cleaning but a good treatment from time to time will get them looking adorable. Get two spoons of custard oil or olive oil and some warm water. Immerse your nails for like ten minutes and clean with water at room temperature afterwards. This treatment will not only help to soften your hands, but it will also, clear your nails, thus fetching two birds with one stone.

Olive oil

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If you happen to have a problem of extra tender nails which break; use two table spoons of olive oil in half a liter of warm water. Dip your nails for a little longer which should last about twenty minutes.

  • Shaping our nails

Healthy nails will easily grow to a visible length in a period of two weeks or even one week for the super-fast growing ones. Therefore we face the issue to often have to shape our nails. Any nail shape, with the appropriate art, can look beautiful on your hand. There are five major nail shapes, and all others are variations of these few. These are: oval, square, squoval, round, and pointed or almond. Let’s talk more about each:

Square: This shape is the strongest. A few people would desist from it on account of the seemingly blunt and heavy look. It may bend to the hand, but it becomes very attractive to those who wear their nails long.

Square nail shape

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Squoval: As the word sounds, this shape is the meeting point between the square and the oval shape. Definitely, it gives you a good deal.  You will get the strength of the square shape and the feminine look of the oval. Longer nails in this shape can really look elegant.

Squoval nail shape

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Almond/Pointed: This is one shape you should try once in a while. It gives that sophisticated, delicate look that many would admire. I would wear it more often if it was not for its double disadvantage: Being the extreme version of the oval shape, the edges are weak and the tip is very delicate. Often, I have had to reshape the tips because they keep tearing or getting chipped.

Round: This shape is often dismissed as outdated but  it is very durable and handy. When I am to do a lot of house work, this is the way to go. It serves well both in long and short nails. It is also good from those with weak nails.

Round and Oval nail shape

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Oval: In order to get this shape, a bit of the side of the nail is filled away. This looks good on both long and short nails and it lends a delicate feminine appearance to the hands. Besides, this shape is effective in taming wide nails. However, the fact that it weakens the edges cannot be denied and that’s why it works best for those with thick nails.


  • Trimming your nails

Trimming nails is an easy task that shouldn’t send you looking for a salon. All you need is a good filer, a dirt scraper and, only in special cases, a clipper.

Nail care tool kit

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More and more people are doing away with the practice of  having to clip their nails because of its effect on weak nails. When you get involved in the process of cutting a nail using a clipper; it requires bending the nail upward- an unnatural direction which can cause adverse effects on the nails. What is now recommended is to file away at the nail until one gets the desired shape and size. However, when the nails are longer, it can take plenty of time for one to trim them using a file. What should be done is to clip away some chunk of the nail before filling.

A few precautions need to be considered while trimming nails and they involve; cleaning the required tools, washing and drying your hands before trimming, you have to be gentle and  make sure you file in one direction.

How to Apply Nail Polish at home

  • Make sure your nails are dry before you can apply anything to them. If there is need to remove old nail polish; use a quality remover and then give your nails time to dry. Having them dry before any application will prevent them from chipping after they have been polished.
  • Put a clear base coat and ensure that it dries completely. While applying start with the center and proceed to the two sides while making sure that you get it done in just three swipes.
  • Apply nail polish with your desired color. Use lighter colors for longer nails and darker colors shorter nails.
  • Add the top coat next and make sure it also dries totally.
  • Dip your nails in cold water to help you harden the nail polish and keep your nails neat.


Nail polish

Tips for general Nail Care

  • Keep your as nails delicate as they are. Avoid scraping off nail polish. Always use polish remover.
  • Remember not make your nails work as tools to break hard substances or to scratch hard surfaces.
  • Avoid biting your nails, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Be careful and enduring with in-grow nails to cut them only when they are out.
  • Avoid tight fitting shoes by wearing your right size for shoes to avoid damaging your nails
  • Apply some hand moisturizing gel to your hand and of course nails to keep them appearing magnificent.





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